God of Fishing

Chapter 2919

Han Fei couldn't help but feel a little sad and sad, one hundred thousand years, what a long wait?

Ximen Linglan did not appear in Guixu, which meant that she had not achieved immortality.

This point, in fact, is justifiable, don't look at Zhang Daqian's avatar reaching the pinnacle of dominance very quickly. But Zhang Daqian is the incarnation of Han Fei, and Han Fei is already an immortal powerhouse, and his perception is synchronized. Coupled with the special environment of Guixu, the cooperation of the big brothers, and the particularity of the way of Nirvana, it is only possible to achieve the pinnacle of dominance in a short time.

Just like that, it took Zhang Daqian 100,000 years to step into immortality.

Therefore, even a normal person, even in the sea of ​​great avenues, a mere hundred thousand years is not enough to cross over to the peak of dominance. Otherwise, how many hundred thousand years are there in one era? How many powerful people will be born?

Although I have forgotten the time, these hundred thousand years have clearly passed by bit by bit. I don't need to feel it, but someone is waiting, suffering, and looking forward to my return.

Therefore, Han Fei knew that it was time to fuse Han Song's avatar and Zhang Daqian's avatar.

Han Fei looked in the direction of the battlefield, and after a moment of silence, he finally said slowly: "Three things, it's time to return to one."

As soon as this statement came out, everyone was refreshed.

Over the years, everyone has been looking forward to the Land of Return. Because, Han Fei's path was a path that no one had ever traveled.

They are waiting, waiting for Zhang Daqian to become immortal. And this day, they finally arrived, and unprecedented hope was ignited in everyone's heart.

You know, once this way is feasible, once Han Fei reaches immortality with this method, Han Fei will not be the only one who will be born later.

Moreover, after everyone's discussion and speculation, they felt that the probability of Han Fei's success was not low. Because energy is conserved after all, it is impossible to generate endless energy for nothing.

It is impossible for Han Feiruo to have three bodies in one, and his physical body in the Immortal Realm cannot remain unchanged. Change will definitely change, and what everyone can't guess is how it will change. Will it appear that all the forces converge into one body, which can only be suppressed, but cannot be broken through.

All of this requires a pioneer to try and go.


On the city wall of Guixu, 43 people got up one after another. In the battlefield, some people frequently looked at Han Fei.

When the immortal strongman in the battlefield saw that everyone on the city wall had already stood up, he realized something in his heart, and they all began to approach each other vaguely. They were ready to break through to Han Fei and escort him convoy.

"Little brother, if you want to start, I will escort you for my brother."

The big brother stood up, and now the big brother is obviously different. He has embarked on his own path, pursued his own way, and found his own heart. All these make the big brother gradually warm and make people feel close.

Li Daoyi also said: "I have known about your existence for a long time, and I think you can also understand my past. It is a pity that we have never met in the chaotic star sea. Today, if you want to fight, I will accompany you to the end of the star sea. The beginning of nothingness."

Someone said: "Fellow Daoist Han Fei, since we have returned to the ruins, we are like a family. Don't care about success or failure. Don't worry about success. Let's kill him once. Even the three thousand demon gods will tremble."

Someone laughed: "My blood is already boiling."

Han Fei turned his head, looked at everyone present, and smiled slightly. Immediately, he looked in the direction of the gate of Guixu Palace, and said softly, "Wait for me, come back."


The next moment, I saw that Han Fei's whole temperament changed, and his murderous intent enveloped the battlefields of the heavens.


When Han Fei stepped out of the city wall with one foot, that foot, like a lotus flower blooming in the void, burst out with a halo of boundless law.


Han Fei walked on the road, only to see the divine vine from the demon refining pot appear between his brows, but Han Fei only stretched out two fingers. With a click, a leaf was plucked from the vine.

That leaf, in Han Fei's hands, began to melt into a knife, blooming bright light, illuminating the sky, illuminating nothingness, illuminating the darkness, and igniting Han Fei's invincible will.

Han Fei didn't stop, he walked in nothingness, in the darkness, and started the strongest impact in his life in those dreamy battlefields.

Han Song is on the left and Zhang Daqian is on the right. The three of them are full of invincible will, as if forming one body, turning into a sharp knife, rushing straight into the battlefield and killing the altar.

Behind Han Fei, on the city wall of Guixu, 43 people, no matter whether their injuries are better or not, are all dead at this moment, and they are following.

On the battlefield, bloody figures burst out from the dreamlike shattered battlefield, opening the way for Han Fei.

Han Fei's speed was getting faster and faster, the three bodies reflected each other, and a terrifying aura spread. The leaf in his hand trembled, revealing a fierce killing intent. Han Fei's blood flowed from his fingertips and stained the leaves, covering his whole body with golden light in an instant.


Among the three thousand demon gods, some immortal demon gods tried to step forward to block them, but most of them were blown away by the pathbreakers in front of Han Fei before they even reached Han Fei.

Occasionally, Immortal Demon Gods would cross the pathbreaker, but when they touched Han Fei's blade, they were also chopped off. Originally, Han Fei was now enough to shake sixty or seventy immortal demon gods alone. Although he couldn't kill them, he could indeed shake them.

"Bang bang bang~"

Immortal demon gods were swung away by this shocking knife, and were blown away. Pieces of the battlefield in front of him were torn apart by this knife, and nothingness was also cut.

At this time, the three thousand demon gods no longer attacked, because they knew that in the face of this kind of strong attack, this kind of charge, the method of chaotic warfare would no longer work, and they could only block it.

I saw that the immortal demon gods began to bloom with immeasurable light, reflecting each other and turning into a wall of demon gods.

No one has ever crossed this wall, and someone was shocked: "Not good! His body has absorbed too much power, and he can't hold it."

Someone was terrified: "Damn it, can't this work? There is no way, no way, what is no way?"

"Are you going to fall?"

The ancient unicorn is roaring, he is unwilling! After finally seeing a little hope, why is this wall of gods and demons unbreakable? Why can't it be achieved without Dao?

At this moment, someone was shocked: "Look, he is absorbing the original avenue."

From the palace of Guixu, and even the back, where originally belonged to the sea of ​​avenues, endless waves came from the back of Guixu, pouring into Han Fei's body frantically.

Someone also exclaimed: "Look, the avenue runes on the bodies of the three thousand demon gods are being absorbed."

Someone's face was ugly: "Some kind of change must have taken place, but this change is beyond Han Fei's tolerance. Damn, it's just one step away, and there is hope to achieve the realm of no way."

Han Fei is also struggling, he is pressing hard, and the infinite seal is manifesting around his body, trying to suppress this rapidly expanding power. His body can no longer bear it.

Too many ways, too many dharmas, beyond the boundary, but nowhere to proclaim, made his body swell and explode his desire.

Han Fei was also very anxious, and the time he was given to think was too short. Why is this fusion exaggerated to such an extent that even the sea of ​​avenues is being pulled by me.

The infinite Taoism seems to be forcibly infusing his body.

"No way? It's really appropriate!"

Han Fei is like a river, but the power to break through is like the sea. The sea pours into the river, and the river is not allowed to open up. Isn't there no way out?

The endless primordial Taoism was pouring in, and Han Fei knew that if he didn't vent, he would eventually explode.

"Tao is born of being, being is born of nothing, without Tao, there is no way...No way, no way..."

Han Fei roared, what should he do if he has no way out?

Just listen to him yelling: "With the existence of Dao Dharma, this road will not work."

He was warning and reminding others, because Han Fei had a hunch that in the next moment, he might explode and bloom into a prosperous haze in this nothingness.

However, as soon as this reminder came out of his mouth, Han Fei suddenly seemed to understand something. If there is a way, the road will not work.

He suddenly realized that Taoism is a shackle, a bondage, and letting the infinite primordial avenues be poured into him is actually just binding himself with layers of shackles.

Only by giving up, only by detachment, pouring out these so-called initial avenues of oneself, pouring out yourself, can there be a turning point. There is no way to be detached, to be detached from the restrictions of Tao and law, there is no way, that is, all are ways. Since he chose this path, even if he is about to fall, he still wants to see the scenery beyond immortality.

At this moment, Han Fei's body was overwhelmed and swelled to the limit.

He yelled violently: "Elder brother, I want to see all sentient beings."

Han Fei was going to gamble everything. He still had one chance of Nirvana, and he had to combine the three bodies several times, but he only used the Nirvana Way eight times.

When the elder brother heard the words, his body shook, and his voice rumbled across the battlefield: "Okay, hold on."


At that moment, the elder brother didn't hesitate, but he saw that the elder brother took a step ahead of Han Fei, burst into bloom, split open, turned into countless pieces of void, turned into a surging wave of void, and suddenly slapped on the wall of gods and demons.

At that moment, the three thousand demon gods were all angry, roaring one after another, like the sound of ancient magic, penetrating the heavens of all worlds, sweeping across the past, present and future, murderous and violent.


The wall of gods and demons began to bloom with infinite light, and all those who opened the way for Han Fei were forced to retreat.

At the same time, Han Fei's body exploded, like a sea breaking a dike, the primordial avenue was pouring down, endless energy was collapsing, and the soaring Qi and blood swept through all the nothingness visible to the naked eye.


The power of the explosion shook everyone back and also destroyed the wall of gods and demons. However, among the three thousand demon gods, none of them fell, they were just pushed back. On the Guixu side, except for the big brother and Han Fei, almost everyone suffered backlash. Half of the Immortals were coughing up blood, and their bodies suffered from varying degrees of persistent trauma.

At this moment, it is clear that there are endless primordial avenues in the battlefield, but these avenues are all disordered and no longer usable.

Finally, this time's breakthrough is over.

The wall of gods and demons collapsed, but a gap appeared between the three thousand demon gods and the powerhouses of the seven realms. It was an ocean of light, an ocean of energy and blood, and a sea of ​​avenues that separated the two sides.

This gap cannot be crossed, and everyone's eyes are solemn, looking at the sea with a sad expression.

The ancient unicorn was weeping and roaring: "Isn't it okay? One person and three immortals, will they fall after all?"

There is a giant beast creature, tears dripping down: "I am unwilling! I am unwilling..."

Cang Tian's complexion was serious, full of anger, he wanted to ask why? What did the strongest man of chaos leave behind? What is the difference between them and the last step?

Even if (end of this chapter)

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