Yun Na made up her mind that for her future plans, she would also learn Lei's breath. But now... After all, Yusui Tianyuan is also a busy pillar, rarely free. So let's follow Yu Sui Tianyuan to practice sound breathing first.

So in the next week, Yun Na had to learn the breath of sound with Yu Sui Tianyuan Yang Pang Pang as before. However, when Yu Sui Tian Yuan taught, he did his best, and for this reason, he specially called all his three wives to help correct Yun Na's posture. Although the experience value is not as much as that of the five-column combat training, it is still quite impressive.

He brushed Yinzhi's breath to LV4 in one breath, Yusui Tianyuan once again refused Yun Na's retention and left to do the task. Presumably, when the professional level reaches a certain level, the master will leave for various reasons. Realizing that this is the system setting, Yun Nai is no longer as unwilling as last time, but accepts the result, and then saves a file.

Then she remembered that she hadn't cared about the fish cake trio during this time, and the Yuan One Zero Style hadn't returned to her room for a long time to rest (since Yun Nai piled up the synthetic materials that day, the Yuan One Zero Style seemed to be I found a second home and haven't come back much). Yun Na didn't know how they were training, so he raised his leg and went straight to the training ground of several people.

As he walked through the maze-like roads of the ghost killing team's headquarters and approached the training ground-that is, a piece of wood, Yun Na unexpectedly heard cheers and laughter not far away. She couldn't help being taken aback, and quickly stepped lightly, approached quietly, and peeked from behind the tree.

I saw a bonfire lit in the center of the clearing in the woods. At the side of the bonfire, Tanjiro, my wife Zenith, Zuihei Inosuke, and Unseikawa Genya (probably came to them after the training on the rock pillar) were in front of the campfire. Form a circle to prepare dinner. Yuan One Zero also sits by the fire, but sits a little farther because it is a combat doll. Several people were grilling rice **** and fish while cutting pickles. They were still discussing the details of the training just now, and they seemed to be full of enthusiasm. Even Yuan Yi Zero, who has always had a steady expression, showed a slight smile on his face.

It feels like they have formed a deeper friendship through this period of training, and at the same time their personalities have become more the absence of her stone-killer.

During this period of time, she was constantly being beaten by the stalwarts by the stone-killers, and completely left these people behind.

"..." Yun Na lay behind the tree like a strange uncle peeping at a little boy, silently watching the laughing teenagers and fighting dolls. Recall carefully, although she did not take the initiative to look for them, they did not come to look for them...what happened, was she forgotten?

After hesitating, Yun Na still tried to get out from behind the tree.

After walking a few steps in the direction of the bonfire, Tanjiro Chiamon suddenly stopped cutting pickles and sniffed lightly.

"This smell... is Yun Nai!" the boy said loudly, and immediately raised his head and looked around. After seeing Yun Nai, Tanjirou, the kitchen door, hurriedly called out, "Yun Nai is here!"

"Wow, I haven't seen it for a long time!" My wife Shanyi jumped up quickly, but was hit by a pig's head halfway, and later caught up.

"What are you doing?" Zhutou looked up and down at Yun Na, his nose sprayed rough, "We have become a lot stronger during this period of time! Don't be lazy!"

Look, it seems that everyone has not forgotten her! Yun Na was very moved for a while: Everyone is still a good boy who cares about feelings...

Facing the problem of the pig's head, Yun Na raised his neck proudly: "Hmph, I am not lazy. I am already a LV91 brave now!"

After fighting with Yusui Tianyuan, she rose to a level from the stone murderer, changing from LV90 to LV91.

However, after listening to Yun Na's words, Zhutou asked with a puzzled look: "What LV91?"

Yes, Yun Na once again realized that except for her, no one else understood the meaning of LV, HP, MP...

But soon, Tsuihiro Inosuke suddenly drew out two sun-wheel knives from behind, waved it, and said majesticly: "But you mean you also secretly concealed our training! Humph, in that case, just let it go. Fight against the king of the mountain! You still owe me a duel!"

"Are you still thinking about this?" Yun Na was a little surprised, but did not refuse. But before she agreed, she quickly opened the list of partners and opened the pages of Tan Shanzhu three people to check.

After the battle practice of Heyuan One Zero style, all three of them have upgraded to LV70 or higher, and their speed can be said to have improved by leaps and bounds. But this is still inferior to a stone murderer who is flattened by five columnists at the same time in order to quickly learn skills and upgrade.

After a quick glance at the property panel, Yun Nai shut down the system. After confirming that everyone is not strong on her own, she agreed to the challenge request of Inosuke.

"Hey, are you really going to challenge Yun Nai?" Undying Chuan Xuan Mi couldn't help but stop the pig, "Is it no good? If you fail, you will be beaten by Yun Nai. If you succeed, my elder brother may Come back to beat you..."

"Huh? I don't care about that kind of thing!" Dutou said arrogantly, "Don't interrupt if you don't even learn the breathing method!"

Undying Chuan Xuan Mi suddenly became angry and roared loudly that you were waiting. I fought with you first, and then was caught by Tanjirou and my wife Zenizu. The pig head ignored the commotion behind him, and the wild boar headgear showed a grin (Yun Na yelled in his heart that the headgear was his body!).

"Come on then! Look at the great King Benshan!"

Hearing this, Tanjirou, my wife Zenyi, who had been sitting quietly in the same place, and Tanjirou, the stove gate of Xuanya Immortal, moved back automatically, giving the clearing to Yun Nai and Zhutou.

System reminder: [Confident pig essence (LV71) has challenged you]


five minutes later.

System reminder: [Defeat the confident pig essence (LV71), experience value 2330]

[Obtain acorn×20, HP1 after use]

[Obtain the loincloth of pig essence×1, defense 30 after equipment]

The pig's head was pressed to the ground by Yun Na and struggling hard. Even if he is already quite fast in leveling up, what are the stone murderers who have experienced the "Battle of the Five Armies" now afraid of?

However, after the victory, Yun Nai looked at the system prompts and stayed silent for a long while.

Why is it that after a long time (Chapter 80) and more than fifty levels, the items dropped after defeating the current pig head are still acorns and loincloths, and even the attributes of the items have not changed...

After loosening the pig's head, he immediately got up and put the acorn and loincloth back into his pants.

"Damn it, how did you become so strong?" The pig head who lost again was very confused, "Is it that I am too weak? Impossible!"

Yun Na put the pig's head on the spot and muttered to himself, and came to the campfire to sit down with everyone. After inquiring about the Fate One Zero, she learned that he had recently slept in the same room with Tanjirou and the others, and the training process went smoothly.

"The Kagura dance'Fire God Kagura' that Tanjirou learned from his father is actually the breath of the sun. It's just that after a hundred years of inheritance, certain movements will have a little deviation," said Enichiroshi. "Help Tan After Jirou corrects these deviations, he will be able to correctly exert half of the power of the breath of the day. To continue to increase his power, long-term diligent training is required. Both physical fitness and familiarity with the breath of the day must be refueled That's fine."

"I'll do my best!" Tanjiro, who was on the side, heard the words of Fate One Zero and quickly expressed his determination.

Unsang glanced at Tanjirou’s attribute column, and found that his main profession had become "Breath of the Sun (God of Fire) Swordsman LV6", and the original "Breath of Water Swordsman LV9" had Switched to the deputy occupation.

It seems that Tanjiro Kaomon recently used Sun Breath at a much higher frequency than Water Breath. The Breath of the Sun should be able to pass on smoothly. In this way, the wish of Fate One Zero Style and Ji Guo Fate One can also realize one of them.

For a while, Yun Na couldn't help feeling a little bit emotional. Then she remembered her purpose of coming here, so she asked my wife Shanyi: "Shanyi, where does your master live? Does he still accept apprentices?"

"Are you talking about Grandpa? Grandpa lives in Taoyuan in Taoshan..." My wife Shanyi replied without hesitation. After talking halfway through, she suddenly reacted, "Wait, if you ask Grandpa if he still accepts apprentices, shouldn't he? Yes……"

"Yeah..." Yun Na nodded without concealment, "I also want to learn Thunder Breath."


My wife Shanyi was taken aback, and everyone else's eyes widened: "Why does Yun Na want to learn the breath of thunder?"

"Because Thunder Breath can increase speed..."

After Yun Nai told everyone about his speed considerations, everyone showed a suddenly realized expression. At this time, Undying Chuan Xuan Mi couldn't help asking: "So before you came to Master Beimingyu and wanted to be his stepson, did you also use different breathing genres to strengthen your strength?"

"Yes." Yun Na nodded. Thinking of Yanzhi's Breath, she couldn't help feeling a little regretful. Looking at the huge brother body of the rock pillar, the breath of the rock should be the breath that can increase the strength.

"Really, it's a pity that Master Meimingyu didn't accept you."

Undying Chuan Xuanya also looked a little regretful. And Yun Nai thought for a while, and said relaxedly: "But it doesn’t matter, Shui Zhu, Yan Zhu, Lian Zhu, Xia Zhu, Chong Zhu have all accepted me as a stepson. Although Yin Zhu did not accept it, he also taught me the breath of sound. ."

"Wh, what? You actually became the stepson of so many pillars at the same time?"

Undead Chuan Xuan Mi was taken aback. She didn't know what she thought of, and immediately covered her mouth, with worry flashing in her eyes: "But you are not my elder brother..."

"But the ghost killing team's team rules don't prohibit a swordsman from becoming a stepson of multiple pillars at the same time, so it doesn't matter?" Yun Na couldn't help asking, "Do you think your big brother will be angry?"

"...I'm not sure." Undying Chuan Xuanya thought for a while, and finally hesitated. Thinking of what Yun Na said just now, the cockscomb head rolled his eyes: "In addition, the ghost killing team regulations did not prohibit this behavior, because no one has ever done such a thing in the past!"


Undying Chuan Xuanmi's phrase "I can't tell" made Yun Na feel a little nervous. But after another thought, she is now LV91, with a lot of skills in hand, who is afraid of who?

So Yun Nao proudly said, "It's okay! Don't worry about your eldest brother's affairs!"

Zhutou immediately started booing "If he comes to trouble, please take him to the iron fist of King Benshan", and then his brother Immortal Chuan Xuanya immediately rushed over and smashed the pig's head. Tanjirou hurriedly persuaded him to fight, and my wife Zenyi was afraid. The world is snickering around without chaos.

Looking at the chaos, Yun Na felt a little speechless, moved away subconsciously, and sat next to Yuan Yi Zero Form.

She was staring at the bonfire in a daze (slowly increasing Yan's breathing level), and suddenly the Yuanyizhi style on the side opened her mouth: "Next, are you planning to go to Taoshan to find Shanyi's master?"

"Yeah." Yun Na nodded, "I plan to let Shanyi take me over."

"Really." The six arms of the Yuanyi Zero Style were neatly placed on the knees, and he raised his head and said, "Then I will go with you."

Although I had expected that Yuanyi Zero Style would follow her as always, but when he really heard him say this, Yun Na was still a little touched and a little worried: "But aren't you going to teach Tanjirou Rizhi breathe? You just said he Currently it can only exert 50% of its power..."

Yuan Yi Zero was silent for two seconds, and still said: "But I was repaired by your own hands, and I was awakened because of you. I should follow you."

"...But I also hope that Tanjirou will raise the level of Hinoki's breathing soon."

Considering that the breath of the day is the breath that once cut the ghost dance Tsujimo to the crying father and mother, and currently Tanjirou is the only person who is suitable for learning the breath of the day, Yun Na still reluctantly analyzes this way: "Tanjirou The more proficient Hizhi Breath is, the greater the threat it poses to Wuxian. In addition, I am already a priest, and Momoyama is also a safety map. It’s okay to spend the night there."

After talking about Chase, I finally dispelled the plan to follow the Yuanyizhi style. The final result of the discussion is that the Fate One Zero Style continues to stay in the headquarters of the ghost killing team to teach Tanjirou Niichi's breath. And early the next morning, Yun Na and my wife Shanyi went to Momoyama, the residence of Lei's Breathing Trainer.

咚咚咚咚ding 咚咚~ (sound effect of full attribute recovery)

At the dawn of the next day, Yun Na and my wife Shan Yi said goodbye to the reluctant fate 10 style (although his expression is not rich, Yun Na can feel the atmosphere) and Charcoal Bean Pig, and they embarked on the road to Taoshan. .

As early as when I went to the Tower of the Sage, Yun Nai heard that the Sage mentioned my wife Shanyi's master, and realized that Taoshan might need her to run at least once on a map. The two trekking all the way, the morning train tied their legs, and finally arrived at Taoshan at noon.

From a distance, I saw the hills covered with peach trees. But my wife Shanyi talked noisily all the way, but now she came to Taoshan, but she talked a little bit less.

"Because something happened suddenly, I couldn't tell my grandfather that I'm back..." Little Jin Mao'er was a little emotional, "I haven't seen grandpa for a while. I don't know if his old man is doing well...but at least grandpa hasn't. Cut the belly like the sage said. Grandpa and I have been communicating regularly, and grandpa promised me to discuss with me if something major happens."

Having said this, my wife Shanyi showed a puzzled expression: "I don't know what is going on with Guanyue now. I haven't seen him for a while...


Scenes flashed through Yun Na’s mind. Some were cases where she was holding a crystal ball as if looking for a perverted murderer, some were cases where she lifted Lake Toya and struggling to beat him, and some were rudely rude to her half-dead. In the case of dragging back to the Fuji’s house, some of them were tied to a wooden board for Undying Chuan Xuanya to practice marksmanship...

It seems that Undying Chuan Xuan Mi did not exchange information with my wife Shan Yi, and neither of them knew the specific situation of Guanyue. So Yun Na pretended that he didn't hear clearly, and began to admire the peaches on the side of the road.

But my wife Shanyi did not worry for too long, but directly fulfilled the task of the host, and enthusiastically came over: "Yun Naijiang, you don't know where grandpa lives, right? Come, let me take you up the mountain."

Winding through the path in the middle of the peach forest, all the nose can smell is the aroma of ripe peaches. My wife Shanyi took Yun Nai around east and west, and finally stopped in front of a Japanese-style dojo with a large courtyard.

"Grandpa and his disciples live here! I will recommend you to Grandpa later, he will definitely accept you as an apprentice!" My wife Shanyi opened the door and let go of her voice and shouted, "Grandpa ,I am back!"

The high-frequency sound that is rare in ordinary people penetrated the dojo, but after a long time no one came. Yun Yu was wondering, my wife Shanyi ran in "Humhhhhhhhhh", and ran out "hhhhhhhhhh" after a short time.

"Grandpa seems to have gone out." He said to Yun Na, "I will be back later. I will help you clean up the room first!"


Yun Yan responded blankly, and then saw my wife Shanyi running in again-this time he didn't come out.

The surroundings are empty, there is no one. Yun Nao stood there hesitated for a moment, and said to his heart that this meant being able to move freely? So she tentatively walked into the dojo.

Yun Nai equipped Toya Lake and smashed some clay pots and barrels along the corridor of the dojo. From it, he got the power seed × 1 (Yun Nai immediately ate it and attacked 100), and the money × 3000. After going around to the back of the dojo, Yun Na saw the wide courtyard and the room where people lived at the end of the courtyard.

There are about seven or eight rooms. Yun Na ran directly into the room on the far left and began to dig through the cabinets. He got a few Chinese herbal medicines from the cabinet and found several correspondences on the shelf. The signatures were all unknown people, but several of them It was sent by my wife Zenitsu.

This is probably "Grandpa"'s room. Yun Na didn't move, and continued to search for it, and then walked out after confirming that there was nothing else in the room to search.

After that, several consecutive rooms were empty rooms. It seems that there is currently no apprentice who is learning Thunder's Breath. In one of the rooms, my wife Shanyi was busy taking the quilt out of the closet to dry. After seeing him, Yun Na couldn't help but go over and ask him when "Grandpa" will come back.

"Ah, I'm not sure about this." My wife Shan Yi scratched her head. "Grandpa may have gone to a nearby town to do errands."

No results were obtained, Yun Nai was a little disappointed. Yu Guang saw a vase with small flowers in the room, she walked past it, and the vase broke with a wave of Lake Toya.

There is nothing in the vase. Yun Na was accustomed to scanning the room and found that there was nothing to search. Just after he was about to go out and explore other places, he suddenly found that my wife Shanyi was staring at the vase on the ground.

"Yun, Yun Nai sauce, why do you want to break the vase?" My wife Shanyi asked her in disbelief, "I just picked these little flowers for you, and then I washed the vase..."

System reminder: [My wife Shanyi favorability degree -5]

What, what? This was actually put up by my wife Shanyi herself?

Unexpectedly, Yun Nao was embarrassed for a while, picked up the flowers quickly, and said embarrassedly: "Yes... I'm sorry, I don't know this is what you prepared... The flowers are really beautiful, I am very beautiful. like!"

Little Jin Mao'er raised her crying face, stared at Yun Na for a few seconds, and suddenly changed her face quickly, revealing a smirk.

"This, this is no way. I know, because I have encountered the fifth of the first string hidden in a jar before, so Yun Nai sauce is a bit psychologically shadowed..."

It turns out that my wife Shanyi understood Yun Nai's behavior of hitting wherever he went as a psychological shadow after encountering canned fish? Yun Na thought for a while, but did not refute him. But soon, my wife Zenyi twisted and moved towards him like a noodle man.

"Don't worry, it's safe here." He said with a smile, "and grandpa didn't accept other disciples, which means that besides grandpa, the only two of us who will live here are Yun Nai sauce! Nasty, Please~ a lot~ guide~ teach~ la~"

Feeling that there was something wrong with this little golden retriever's excitement, Yun Na made a few decisive perfunctory sentences before turning to leave.

After leaving the courtyard, there is a large peach forest outside. The aroma of juicy peaches is getting stronger and stronger. Yun Na shuttled through the forest, looking for the trace of the treasure chest, and suddenly found a ripe peach under the tree in front of him.

After picking up the peach, Yun Na instinctively activated the system identification function on the peach.

【Juicy Peach: A delicious fruit. HP30 after use, endurance 1%]

Can the peaches here return their attributes? Yun Na immediately chuckled the peach down like a villain in Dongsen, then wiped his mouth.

Soft peach, taste quite good. I don't know if there are crisp peaches. After eating the peaches, the stamina consumed by walking all the way to Taoshan really recovered. Upon seeing this, Yun Na's eyes lit up, and he hugged the peach tree trunk in front of him and shook it.

Hearing a sound of "puff and puff, peaches on the tree fell like rain, and the ground was full of pink peaches." Yun Na hurriedly bent over to pick it up, and then stuffed the peaches into his backpack.

This Momoyama... is a huge supply yard!

For a long time to come, Yun Na repeated the actions of shaking the peach tree, picking up peaches, and eating a few peaches to replenish endurance. There are more and more peaches in the backpack: 10, 20, 30...99, 999...

All the way through the peach trees, Yun Na didn't know how many peaches he had emptied from the trees. He only felt that this behavior made her a little addicted. However, just as she was swaying a certain peach tree, an old but angry shout suddenly came from behind her.

"Stop, you peach thief!"

Yun Na, who was obsessed with collecting peaches, came back to his senses at this time, and was shocked. The satisfaction of hoarding supplies made her forget her defense, so that no one approached her behind her!

Yun Na immediately stopped shaking the tree, turned his head vigilantly, and saw a small old man wearing a triangle pattern black and brown haori staring at her aggressively.

The old man has a wooden leg with a cane in his hand and a vegetable basket in his other hand. There is a scar under his left eye. Seeing that scar, Yun Na couldn't help but exclaimed: "Old, old Luffy?"

In the next second, the system marked the red name on the head of the angry old man, which represents the desire to attack, reminding her that this is not an old Luffy: [Sangdao Ciwu Yin (LV64)]

Yun Na felt that the name was very familiar for a while, and recalled that he suddenly reacted-isn't this the name of my wife Shanyi's "grandfather" and the owner of this peach forest?

Isn't this peach a supply prepared by the system? For a while, Yun Nai was a little self-doubt, but he still quickly explained: "Don't get excited! Listen to me first! I'm not here to steal peaches, I'm here to learn the breath of thunder!"

"Huh, the old man doesn't believe your nonsense!"

The old man didn't care about three or seven and twenty-one, as if the bald head met the bear and the big bear, he rushed straight forward without any explanation.

The system promptly popped up: [The little old man with beard and stare (LV64) challenged you]

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