Yun Na opened the system and took a look, and found that Tomioka Yoshiyong's favorability was more than 400. This favorability is higher than that of Sadomon Nidouzi. Since Sadomen Nidouzi can see her, it is no surprise that Tomioka Yoshiyori can see her.

I remembered that I just peeled the oranges of Yoshiyong Tomioka with a grin, and stuffed the orange peels back into the basket, and then rolled around in the room, sleeping on the spot, Yun Nai's scalp was numb for a while, and he looked at him cautiously. At a glance.

Haori is missing from this silly body. He is now only wearing a black ghost killing team uniform. He is still sitting at the table and reading a book. The expressionless face looks a little mysterious and a little silly. Yun Na doesn't know what he is thinking...

Yoshiyuki Tomioka didn’t do anything, Yun Nao had to stack up the Haori covering her body (because of the influence of Tanjiro at the door, she also carefully sniffed the smell of Haori because of being covered by her for too long. , Then she remembered that she had been hiding in Yoshiyong Tomioka's closet. To get the smell, she might have all the clothes on, so she gave up directly).

Cautiously placed the folded Haori next to Tomioka Yoshiyuki, Yun Na hesitated for a moment, but tentatively said, "Brother Yoshiyuki, Haori gave it back to you."

"Yeah." Tomioka Yiyong raised his head and glanced at her, then put down the book and silently picked up Haori.

——Sure enough, she can see her!

Yun Na watched Tomioka Yoshiyuki put on Yuori again, thinking in his heart whether he should say goodbye politely and go to hide in other places. Suddenly Tomioka Yoshiyong spoke.

"Ihei and Beimingyu were looking for you just now. They don't seem to be friendly." He asked in a puzzled manner, "What are they looking for?"

-Here comes, this fatal problem.

Tomioka Yoshiyuki himself is also a water column, and his respect for Yoya Shiki is no less than other columns. If you tell the truth, will Tomioka Yoshiyuki who knows the real situation also join the pair of XXXL and XS as the M number, and then the three of them will chase and kill her?

Thinking about that situation, Yun Na felt a headache. You must know that Yoshiyuki Tomioka can see her wearing a jersey, and Tian Yushiro's Mu Yinfu seal cannot be used.

But Yoshiyuki Tomioka has a high degree of affection for her. After thinking about it again, Yun Na felt that his favorability was so high, he wouldn't be able to do it right after he didn't agree with him?

After thinking about it, Yun Na still decided to avoid the importance and tell Tomioka Yiyong what had happened. So she held back for a while, and said: "In order to defeat Guiwu Tsujimura, I had to harvest the head of the lord's hair and put him on a golden wig..."


Tomioka Yoshiyuki's expression changed from dull to shocked in an instant. He opened his eyes slightly and looked at Yun Na in disbelief. Yun Na was uncomfortable when he saw him, and he could not help avoiding his gaze, silently looking at the tatami on the ground.

Disgusting, what she did is obviously the right thing! Anyway, the head-sama's hair will grow out, but the props that can make Ghost Mai Tsuji unscrupulous until now she has only discovered this kind of thing. Which one is more important should be obvious!

But for some reason, when Yoshiyuki Tomioka looked at it with condemnation, no matter what, the stone murderer always felt like he did something wrong...

The silence lasted for a long time. Just as Yun Na's heart became more and more bottomless, Tomioka Yiyong suddenly breathed out slowly and spoke.

"I understand."


Yun Na raised his head in shock, and said to his heart that once you understand what you will understand? At this time, Tomioka Yiyong stood up with his hands on his knees.

"You, do you want to hand me over to Snake Pillar and Rock Pillar?" Yun Na was taken aback and asked quickly, making up her mind that if Tomioka Yiyong really did this, she broke the window and fled immediately.

"No, I won't hand you over to them." Tomioka shook his head, "You are my junior, and I have a responsibility to take care of you."

"then you……"

"I will go and apologize to the master, and take responsibility for you." Tomioka said, as if a hen who was physically and mentally exhausted and at a loss in order to take care of the naughty chicks, "If the master does not need me to apologize. , Then I will cut off my hair as a wig and give it to the master..."

"Don't, don't you! The master also agreed to use his hair to make a blade without weakness!"

Yun Na was taken aback. She felt that the scene was so beautiful that she couldn't imagine it, and maybe the wig made of his cut hair would become a curse that exudes resentment even more terrifying than the Weak Blade without Misery. Props, so he quickly grabbed Tomioka Yoshiyuki's leg. Tomioka Yiyong still stubbornly wanted to continue walking, Yun Na had to hang his whole body on his lap like a bear kid, one hand still holding the small table firmly.

"Believe me, it's also very gratifying to be the Lord Master!" Yun Na said loudly, while making a fist and hammering Tomioka's thigh, trying to stop his pace. "He said that after he recovered, he has been working hard to learn sword skills to help everyone. But for a while, he will not reach the level of being able to kill ghosts. Now that his Mao can come in handy, he is also very pleased!"

To put it bluntly, plus the use of all bear children's tricks, Yun Nai finally stopped Fugang Yiyong's plan of apologizing.

There are still almost two hours before the time limit for the hunt is over. Yun Na had to live like years in a corner of the room, sitting on pins and felt the gaze cast by Tomioka's Yiyong from time to time. After the chase time limit ended, she immediately found an excuse to slip away.

It wasn't until he returned to his room that Yun Na felt relieved. It was dark at the moment, and Yin's members brought dinner. After she finished the exquisite meal in two or two bites, she wiped her mouth and took out a large number of birthing houses from her backpack.

The following night, Yun Na frantically used the maternity house furnishings to synthesize props in the room, synthesizing herself and the commonly used weapons and armor of Yuanyi Zero Style, and strengthened the kitchen knife "Nothing" that was synthesized for the first time. With the attributes of "a weak blade", he even used a handful of maternity furs to make a maternity furry like a felt doll, and carefully put it in the inner pocket of his clothes to make sure he went wherever he went. The ghost dance Tsuji would not be miserable. Where is it soft?

I don't know how fast Yoya Shiki's hair grows. Yun Na quickly calculated in her heart. Now she is like an old farmer who is eagerly looking forward to a good harvest. She feels that if another wave of production houses can make a big harvest, she might be able to put a lot of money, including her friends and nine pillars. The swordsmen were armed with the delivery room Shimao.

Of course, the snake pillars and rock pillars that chased her were among them. Yun Na decided to forgive them magnanimously and surreptitiously synthesize. After all, the question of Oniwu Tsujimura is more urgent.

While Yun Nai was sitting in the room, nibbling on the durian, while watching the pile of non-failure props made in front of him, making plans for the future, there was a sudden sound of footsteps outside the door.

After seeing the person with the words [Undead Chuan Shimi (LV85)) on their heads across the door, Yun Nai chewed on the durian and was about to open the door. As a result, Immortal Chuan Shimi opened the door from outside as if it was his own home. Just walked in.

Yun Na was shocked for a while, thinking he was too out of sight, right? But at this time, the immortal Kawasumi was already standing in front of him, looking at her condescendingly, with very subtle eyes.

"You..." He seemed to spit out these words very hard, "What did you do to the master?"

"..." Why did both of them ask about this?

Yun Na peeped at the door of the room, and confirmed that no matter which direction he ran towards the door, he would be blocked by Undead Kawamiya. In desperation, she had no choice but to finish talking about the causes and consequences-of course, emphasizing that the delivery house Shiki Yoshiya also agreed with this matter, and then showed the synthesized "non-tragic and weak props" to Mikakawa Undead.

Immortal Kawamiya frowned the more he heard it, and in the end he almost showed the constipation expression of POP smelling lemon. Yun Na looked at him nervously, for fear that he would be unable to do some strange things like Tomioka Yoshiyuki again, but Immortal Chuan Shiya was held back somehow.

"...Forget it, since the master said that." Undead Kawamiya said, although his face was full of expressions that he couldn't even convince him, "Ihei and Beimingyu still have a feeling for you. Many ideas. But I will help you settle."

"Really, really?" Yun Na was taken aback, suddenly overjoyed, "You are such a good person!"


For some reason, Shiya Immortal, who heard these words, did not show any happy expressions. He nodded slightly and stared at Yun Nai for a while. It seemed that he had something to say, but he could not say it.

Perceiving the hesitation of Immortal Chuan Shiya, Yun Nao tentatively asked, "Anything you want to tell me?"

"Ah." Undying Chuan Shiya replied, raised his hand and grabbed his hair, then looked at his palm, and finally asked: "The crocodile I saw and the person it mentioned What's the matter with fish scales?"

"Oh, that..."

Yun Na recalled the look of Undead Chuan Shiya looking back three times when he left the Mermaid Forest, wondering if he was concerned about the mermaid scales at the time? She replied: "That is for forming a relationship, two people can eat the same scale to form an eternal relationship. The effect of the relationship seems to be irremovable, unless one of the people who formed the relationship dies... You need that ?"

Undying Chuan Shimi asked, "Do you have one?"

Yun Na was taken aback for a moment, but he didn't expect that he would really want it. But thinking that Immortal Chuan Shiya took care of her a lot, it was temporarily useless to smash 11 mermaid scales in his hand, and it was okay to give him one.

Although he didn't know what immortal Chuan Shimi was going to do with the mermaid scale, Yun Na still reached into his small backpack and fumbled for it, then pulled out a mermaid scale and handed it to him.

The slap-sized mermaid's scales lay in Yun Na's hands, and the thin scales glowed with a burst of pearly light like water waves. Undying Chuan Shiya's sharp eyes stayed on the mermaid scale, as if thinking about something, then he took the mermaid scale over.

The system prompts that Yun Nai has lost a piece of mermaid scale, and at the same time pops out the favorability prompt: [Fudie Chuan Shiya favorability 30]

A piece of mermaid scale earned 30 favorability points, and Yun Na felt that it was a big loss when compared with the mermaid bone. She was thinking that Undead Chuan Shiya would put the mermaid scales away, but she did not expect that he put the mermaid scales to the tip of his nose and sniffed, and suddenly snapped the scales "Kara" in front of her.


What is he doing? Break and play with rare materials! ?

Yun Na was taken aback by the sudden behavior of Undead Chuan Shimi, and for a while, his distress was overwhelming: "Why did you break it?"

"Ah? Have an opinion?" Undying Kawamiya raised his eyes and said in a low voice.

Yun Na remembered that she had given the mermaid scales to the immortal Chuan Shiya, although she felt distressed, she didn't say anything. But unexpectedly, the immortal Kawamiya suddenly raised half of the merman fish scale in his hand to her.

"Eat it." He whispered to Yun Nai, his bloodshot eyes staring at her for an instant.

"Huh?" Yun Na was stunned, "Why?"

"...If you ask you to eat, you can eat it, which is so much nonsense!" Undead Kawasaki was silent for a moment, as if suddenly angered, his voice increased a few degrees, "I'll swallow it all!"

"No, why are you suddenly so brutal!"

Yun Na was so frightened that he ran to the corner of the room, standing there watching the immortal Kawa Minya in a vigilant manner, with his hands crossed on his chest, showing a posture of rejection. Undead Kawamiya took a deep breath and finally suppressed his temper.

"Didn't you say that this thing can become a relationship?" He lowered his voice and tried to say in a gentle tone, "You are my stepson, but you always go to dangerous places. The same is true during the Huajie mission. At least you eat it. After this thing, I can be more at ease, otherwise I can only use Zhu's authority."

Fujikawa Shiya's authority to use the column... Is it to prohibit her from taking part of the task? This can't be done. As a brave, she has her own main strategy plan!

But why does it have to be a bond?

Yun Na looked at Shimi Kawan without death, and then at the half of the mermaid scale still flowing with pearly light in his hand. For a while, a strange thought even appeared in her heart: Could it be that what the cockscomb said at the beginning was true, and the immortal Kawasaki really treated her...

But the idea in her heart hadn't formed yet, so Immortal Kawamiya approached a few steps and blocked her in the corner.

"In Huajie, what you did made me very angry, Yun Na." He whispered, "At that time, I thought, am I being too gentle to you... But as long as you eat this half of the mermaid scales, The previous thing was wiped out."


Undying Chuan Shiya leaned too close, his open chest facing Yun Nai's eyes. There were scarred pectoral and abdominal muscles in front of him. Yun Na felt that he was going to faint his muscles, so he had to avoid his eyes as much as possible and didn't look at his chest...

It seems that he won't change his mind, do you want to fight?

However, the implication of Undying Chuan Shiya was that as long as she ate the mermaid scales, she would not pursue the previous matter... Yun Na thought for a while, and felt that she had eaten the mermaid scales, so he fooled the matter over. It is a solution.

The mermaid scales seem to have no other effect besides forming a relationship. The immortal Kawamiya doesn't run into her dreams like Guiwu Tsuji Mumai to pinch her neck, nor does it want to beat her like Ihei Xiaobanai and Miming Yuxingmei . Asking her to eat merman fish scales was just because she was worried about her.

And she has been forcibly formed by Oni Mai Tsuji Tsuji, as the saying goes, she has more debts without worrying about it. What if the fate formed with Mitsuya Undead could replace the misfortune of Oniwu Tsuji, wouldn't it be just right? She would rather face a hundred immortal Kawasiya than a ghost dance Tsuji Mime.

But before deciding, Yun Nao cautiously asked: "What if I really don't want to eat?"

As soon as she said this, she could clearly perceive that Immortal Kawa Minya's mood dropped a lot. The man suddenly bent down slightly, staring at her, and whispered: "Then we have to settle the accounts at Huajie. In Yang's house that day, you refused to receive me, right?"

"...I eat, I just eat!"

I estimated my winning rate in the battle with Undead Kawasami. Although I think it’s not impossible to win him by taking drugs, considering that the snake pillars and rock pillars that will attract the eye of the fight, it is very likely that it will eventually become impossible. Although Yun Na was not convinced by the one-on-three situation, he still had to give in.

After hearing this, Mikawa Mimi's expression loosened slightly. Yun Nai quickly took the opportunity to raise his hand to keep a distance from him, looking for an opportunity to "stab" and slip past the armpits of Immortal Kawasami.

Undying Chuan Shiya looked back at her, did not say anything, but handed her the mermaid scale in his hand again.

Yun Na had to take half of the mermaid scales, and bit his scalp and stuffed it into his mouth under the gaze of Undead Kawasami. The beautiful-looking mermaid scales are crispy in the mouth, and taste a bit like potato chips. But thinking that the mermaid scales might be something that the crocodile pulled from an unknown place when it was tickling, Yun Na still didn't taste too much, and swallowed the mermaid scales in his mouth.

"Okay, I'll eat it!" For fear that Immortal Chuan Shimi would not admit it, Yun Nai immediately said loudly as soon as he swallowed the mermaid scales.

Fujikawa Shiya stared at her for a while, then put the remaining half of the mermaid scale on the tip of his tongue. He bit the mermaid's scales with his snow-white teeth, but kept his eyes on Yun Na's body, making her very uncomfortable.

In the end, the immortal Kawamiya swallowed the mermaid scales. The bonding should be completed, but Yun Na didn't feel any changes in his body, nor did the attribute panel change. It seems that forming a relationship should belong to the same hidden attribute as the charm value, growth value, and luck value.

"Anyway, I'll do it like this." Yun Nao curled his lips and asked if he died. Undead Kawasumi didn't look like a person who didn't keep his promise, nodded, and was about to leave.

But when he walked to the door, Yun Na suddenly remembered something, and hurriedly shouted, "Wait a moment!"

"What's the matter?" Undead Kawasumi stopped and looked back at her.

Yun Sun hesitated and asked, "When I met Xuan Mi before, I heard him say that you beat him... Why?"

Undying Chuan Xuanmi's tall figure appeared in his mind, but he shrank in front of his brother, Yun Na couldn't help but care a little.


Undying Chuan Shiya didn't seem to expect Yun Na to ask this, and couldn't help being stunned.

He was silent for a moment, and finally whispered: "You don't know what that kid did. He has no talent for killing ghosts. If this continues, he will die."

Hey, it turns out that Undead Kawasumi wanted to drive his brother out of the ghost killing team, not because his brother had hurt his heart, but because he was worried that his brother would die?

It seems that Undying Chuan Xuan Mi misunderstood his elder brother. Thinking about it this way, Yun Na became more and more sure that even this kind of thing would be wrong. Undying Chuan Xuanya must have misunderstood his elder brother's thoughts on her as a stone murderer. Immortal Kawamiya can't mean that to her...

However, Yun Na quickly turned his mind back and asked curiously: "I think Xuan Mi is already a D-level swordsman now, and his upgrade speed is very fast. Why do you think he has no talent? What does he do? What's the matter?"

"...The kid couldn't learn the breathing method, he couldn't change the color of his Sun Wheel Knife, but he awakened another skill."

Speaking of this, Shiya Undead's expression became gloomy: "He ate the ghost, using the ghost's flesh and blood to temporarily demonize it to achieve the ability to greatly enhance his physical fitness."

Yun Na was stunned. When she reacted, she wanted to slap her thigh frantically, but she held it back abruptly.

The immortal Chuan Xuan Mi, who blushed when she saw the girl, was in stark contrast with the tall one. He was actually a ruthless man who eats ghosts! What is this, "They are the prey and we are the hunters"? (The famous OP lyrics of the attacking 〇 people)

After hesitating for a while, she tentatively asked: "Are you not letting him continue to stay in the ghost killing team in this way because he will eat ghosts and worry that his life will be in danger?"

"Huh?" Undying Chuan Shimi immediately put on an unbelievable expression and stared at Yun Nai, before saying for a while, "It's not just this... he will become a ghost! That's the target of the ghost killing team! Yes! Don’t you always hang up with that ghost girl so you don’t realize how unacceptable this is?"

Undead was asked by Undead Kawasumi at once, and he heard Undead Kawasami continue to say: "Almost everyone who can enter the ghost killing team has blood and blood feuds with ghosts, like Usui Tianyuan did not have much enemies with ghosts. There are not many people joining. Do you know how unacceptable it is for these people that their loved ones get involved with ghosts again, or even become ghosts?"

"As a member of the ghost killing team, my duty is to kill all the evil spirits." Undead Kawasumi said this, his voice lowered, "If Xuanya can't control himself when the ghost turns, he can't retain human consciousness. So, I am lost on the ghost's side, and I have to kill my only brother with my own hands."


Yun Na didn't know how to answer. But at this moment, an idea came to her heart.

He has been targeted by Oniwu Tsujimura, and the guy also proposed to transform her into the same kind of thought when he was in Infinite City.

If she was transformed into a ghost by Oniwu Tsujimura, would Immortal Kawamiya talk about her younger brother like she is now talking about killing her?

Thinking that the immortal Kawamiya might be an enemy of her, the stone murderer always feels panicked.

"If... I mean what if," Yun Nai swallowed subconsciously, and said, "If I was temporarily demonized like Xuan Mi, or simply transformed into a ghost because of accident or other reasons... "

She saw the pupils of Undead Kawasami shrank suddenly because of her words, but she continued: "Will you want to cut off my neck with your hands?"

After Yun Nao asked, the silence lasted for a long time.

"...No." Undead Kawa Minami suddenly said.

"You won't kill me with your own hands?" Yun Na was taken aback and couldn't help asking, "Will others do it?"

"No," Undead Kawamiya glanced at her, then looked away, "I won't let the hypothesis you mentioned happen. Whether it's Xuanya or you, unless I die."

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