In the dilapidated Skylark room, Fu Ji, Yun Na and the others looked at each other, the scene was extremely embarrassing.

This kind of embarrassment as if Ah Zhai pressed the belt of the transforming device and shouted "Masked Superman Transformation" but nothing happened, filled the whole room. At this moment, even if the IQ and temper are like elementary school students, Fallen Ji must have understood that the belt she wanted to recall has been wiped out by the group of chicken thieves and ghost hunters.

Seeing Fallen Ji's stunned look, Yun Nai didn't hesitate for a few seconds, and decided to act immediately while she was still in a poisoned state. So she pointed at Fallen Ji with the curry stick in her hand.

"Step on the Lego spell!"

"Ah, what is this?"

Fallen Ji was staggered by the pain of stepping on Lego. At this moment, Yun Nai took the lead and quickly attacked, brandishing a curry stick and banging Fuji on the head.

At the same time, Tan Shanzhu also attacked. Kamen Nidouzi jumped out of the box, wearing a destructive bracelet on her wrist that could increase her attack by 50%, and tore it against Fallen Ji.

The system keeps popping up prompts, like a ruthless counting machine: Fallen Ji (LV101) HP-3321, Fallen Ji (LV101) HP-1659, Fallen Ji (LV101) HP-2973...

In this way, she was frantically beaten around Fallen Ji for two or three minutes, and Fallen Ji's life value abruptly fell below 3000. Seeing that the situation was just right, Yun Na took a deep breath and launched the final blow to Fallen Ji.

"The Breath of Water·Type Two·Waterwheel!"

The invisible blade of the curry stick rolls up the blue wave like a knife in the waves. Then, the wave hit Fallen Ji's neck violently, chopping her neck in two.

The system ruthlessly reminded Yun Nao to hit a knowing blow, Falling Ji HP-9999.

The moment her head fell, Fallen Ji opened her eyes wide in astonishment, as if she couldn't believe that she had failed.

"I... I was actually cut off by you guy... and their ugly monsters...?"

Fallen Ji's head muttered to himself, but Tanjirou and others stopped the knife and stared at her engraved sixth eyes.

"The sixth episode of the first episode...we have won?" Tanjirou murmured to himself.

"No, it's definitely not so fast!" Yun Nai quickly interrupted his words-until then, other people suddenly realized that just when they stopped the knife because Fallen Ji's head fell, Yun Na still held his hand. The curry stick slashed against Fallen Ji's body quickly, as if a butcher was chopping meat.

"Eh, what, what's the matter?"

Yun Nai had long expected her friends to have this question, and cut and said: "Fu Ji will use a belt to split her strength and hide one hand, and she may hide the second and third hands. She might have other splits. The method of strength, or the blood ghost technique that can make her be chopped off by the Sunwheel Knife without dying, or the second-stage transformation and the third-stage transformation..."

"And even if the ghost's head is really cut off, it can actually kill the ghost. Before the ghost's body completely disappears, it may counterattack before death and must make up the knife."

With Yun Na's attitude of facing a major enemy, Tanshan Zhudou continued to rush forward, slashing around Falling Ji. As time went by, everyone soon discovered that it was wrong.

Yun Nai's judgment is correct. Although Fallen Ji's head had fallen off, there was still no trace of her body dissipating. She stared at the crowd fiercely, cursing loudly.

"You ugly monsters dare to bully me... My brother won't let you go!"


At this moment, Yun Na suddenly noticed an astonishing evil radiating from Fallen Ji's body. At the same time, the "Blessing of Sagiri Mountain" on her wrist suddenly became violently hot.

When approaching Fallen Ji, the bracelet was not particularly hot. But at this moment the popularity of the bracelet has risen suddenly, more than twice as much as before.

Something is going to come out of Fallen Ji's body—and the horror of that thing is truly at the same level as the first episode 3 that I have seen before!

With the appearance of that thing, Fallen Ji's aura quickly climbed-originally after his head was cut off, LV101's Fallen Ji's HP was only 1 left. But now Fallen Ji's HP is quickly recovering, and her level is rising rapidly. LV102, LV103, LV104... In the end, Fallen Ji's level stayed at LV107, and his HP had recovered to about 100,000.

The system marked her current level and HP on the head of Fallen Ji.

【Fallen Ji (LV107)】【Part 6】

【HP: 97355/392300】

【Poisoning state】【vomiting state】

When it was said that it was too late, then Yun Na shouted loudly: "You Douzi, burn Fallen Ji's body!"


Stove Gate Nidouzi cut his hand without saying a word, and launched the blood ghost technique "Blood Blast". Just hearing a "boom", Fallen Ji's body began to burn.

"Ah ah ah ah ah!"

System reminder: [Zhaomen Nidouzi (LV45) activated the blood ghost technique on Fallen Ji (LV107), Fallen Ji (LV107) fell into a burning state, HP-450 per second]

However, this is not the end. With the burning, Fallen Ji's abdomen suddenly made a dull sound, and something suddenly exploded inside her body.

The Fallen Ji couldn't even make a scream.

"What is this?" Tanjirou asked in surprise during his busy schedule.

"Master Yusui's explosives!" Yun Yan replied, "In addition to wisteria flower toxins, what I hid in the doll also has a little explosives. When Fallen Ji swallowed my doll, she also used explosives. Swallowed it in. Just now when the blood of your bean was burning, it ignited it."


Tanji Lang was deeply shocked, I am afraid he has never seen such a despicable act of cruelty. This kind of thing can't be done for any swordsman of the ghost killing team. But Yun Na was unmoved, taking advantage of the ghost's illness to kill the ghost, the curry stick in his hand was swung vigorously, and the attack was even more ruthless.

Even so, everyone slashed around the body of Fallen Ji who was burned by the blood of the stove door Nidouzi, and the contents of Fallen Ji's body finally got out-that was a man with a rickety back and deformed waist, with a black and green head. The mixed hair, the skin with deep and shallow spots and traces of explosive wounds. His face was furious, obviously because he had been chopped all the way and was blown up to the extreme.

When the guy crawled out of Fallen Ji's back, the breath that was especially winding suddenly enveloped everyone. At the moment it appeared, a white light flashed. Hearing a crisp sound of the blade breaking, Tan Shanzhu's three sun-wheel knives were cut off by something in an instant. The only thing that didn't break was the curry stick in Yun Nai's hand that was rich in Olihagang and had been strengthened several times.

The system prompts teammates to lose their weapons and lose two to three thousand blood respectively.

"The Nikita is broken...!?"

As if perceiving a dangerous animal, Tanjirou Chiamon stopped their movements, instinctively retreated in shock, and distanced themselves from the enemy.

"Huh, are you guys bullying my sister? You guys who are not even Zhu..."

The deformed man with his back blocked the Fallen Ji who was unable to move because of the explosion. He slanted his eyes and scanned everyone present, and sneered: "Ah, oh, don’t you still want to kill our brothers and sisters? How come the sun blade is broken. Huh? Don't you think that the weak blade in your hand can really kill the winding?"

Facing the swordsman with a broken knife, the man was particularly proud. But at this moment, Yun Na put his hand into his backpack and took out four knives.

"Don't you think that if you break the knife in our hand, everything will be fine?" Yun Na put the knife into the bewildered little friends, "I still have a spare knife."

"Then I'll break it for you again..."

"I still have spare knives."

"Then I..."

The prostitute Taro narrowed his eyes and wanted to continue speaking, but Yun Na interrupted him first.

"There is a spare spare spare."

"There is a spare spare, a spare spare..."

Yun Nai, who used synthesis skills to make a large number of Sun-Ring Sabers in the Ghost Squad Headquarters, was not afraid at the moment. Although the Japanese sword made of hair is not comparable to the sword forged by the swordsman according to the characteristics of the swordsman, it can still achieve a certain degree of fit with the hair owner. Otherwise, Shitowuichiro wouldn't go along with the Sunwheel that she had synthesized...

Yun Na's cautious backup strategy seemed to make the ghost feel speechless. The deformed ghost stared at her dumbfounded for a while, and finally changed the subject.

"In the past hundred years, the people who bullied my sister, who caused my sister's pain, have been paid back by my prostitute Taro with a tooth for a tooth, a hundred times!"


Although the ghost who claimed to be the prostitute Taro spoke cruel words like Naoki Hansawa, Unna did not speak, but looked at the top of his head-there, with [Prostitute Taro (LV107)] and [上 Xianzhi 6] Standing side by side is a kind reminder from the system: [Poisoning state] [Vomiting state] [Burning state]...

Sure enough, just like the Trinity Numa Ghost at the beginning, the prostitute Taro and his younger sister Suaki shared a negative state.

"Brother, kill them! Kill them to vent my anger!" Fallen Ji was still aside cheering her brother like a primary school chicken.

"It's quite remarkable that the little devil who is not even a pillar can come here. But all of your lives will be buried here." The prostitute Taro said gloomily, raising the strangely shaped sharp sickle in his hand. , "To blame, blame you for challenging me and my sister without even carrying a pillar!"

"That's not necessarily."

Yun Na looked at them calmly. At this moment, there was a loud noise from the roof, the ceiling above his head collapsed in an instant, and a figure wielding two huge heliostats fell from the sky and landed firmly in front of Yun Na and the others.

"Who said there is no pillar?"

Yu Sui Tianyuan steadily held the Sunwheel Sword in his hand, and the blade shone with cold light. He said arrogantly: "And even if there are really no pillars, these excellent children will definitely defeat you!"


The prostitute Taro's expression became more and more bitter. The sharp sickle in his hand was aimed at Yu Sui Tianyuan, and his eyes were looking up and down at him like a cold snake.

"Ah, the person I hate the most has appeared..."

He said in a weird tone of yin and yang: "He is handsome, tall, someone likes it, and a face of a winner in life, here to teach people... can you please die..."

However, before the prostitute Taro finished speaking, Yun Na pointed at him with a curry stick.

"Step on the Lego spell!"

Taking advantage of the prostitute Taro staggering, Yun Na immediately rushed up, the curry stick banged on his head, and at the same time said in disbelief and heartbroken loudly: "Why are you standing there and listening to him! He is obviously delaying time waiting for the debuff." The time is over! Don’t hit him as soon as he is poisoned and his sister is injured and has not recovered the ability to move!"

When Yun Na said this, everyone immediately reacted and rushed forward to beat the prostitute Taro. The prostitute Taro waved his sickle and flew around in resentment. The winding power is very strong, and the sickle still hits someone from time to time, causing four-digit damage and poisoning effects. It seems that this guy is also quite a chicken thief, just like Yun Na, who has poisoned his weapon.

But how could Yun Nai, who is accustomed to doing despicable things, be unprepared? As soon as she saw who was poisoned, she threw an antidote on him. The antidote bottle hit the poisoned person's head and broke with a "bang". The potion was poured down and the poison was immediately released.

—Of course, the antidote is a systemic powerful antidote that I touched on the table of Ninja Butterfly, and it can restore HP.

Just like this, he frantically beat the prostitute Taro, and didn't forget to beat the Fallen Ji who was recovering on the side. With the debuff effect, Yun Na could see the HP of the two ghosts steadily and slowly drop. In the middle of the way, sister Fu Ji had a third eye on her forehead, but when she was besieged, her third eye was useless.

The two of them seem to have no new moves, but to be cautious, Yun Na still didn't take out her strongest weapon Yuan One Zero, or Gundam, but repeated the boring process of cutting and avoiding attacks.

Several times during the period, everyone cut off the head of one of the siblings, but they immediately connected it. The witty Yusui Tianyuan suggested that maybe two people's heads should be cut off at the same time to kill them. After hearing this, the faces of the brothers and sisters turned green, and they struggled harder.

It seems that cutting off their heads at the same time is the solution to them! Noting the ugly faces of the prostitute Taro and Fallen Ji, Yun Nao's curry stick swung harder. But the prostitute Taro and Fallen Ji must have been prepared for this situation a long time ago. The two started fighting one after the other, using Fallen Ji's belt for a long-range attack, and when they got closer, the prostitute Taro's sickle came onto the field. Everyone tried several times, but they couldn't cut off the heads of both people at the right time.

As time passed by minute by minute, everyone's stamina dropped, and the debuff on the ghost was gradually weakening. This is not a solution. Is it still necessary to take out the Fate One Zero or Gundam to help out?

But Yun Na didn't want to come up with the fate one zero style now. The result of the divination in the crystal ball was kept in her heart by her, and the skin of the hand that poke her belly with the tip of her nail was smooth and clean.

Although both men are male, the back of the prostitute Taro's hand is dissatisfied with the scars of different shades caused by skin diseases.

That was obviously not the hand of Taro whore. The owner of the hand is someone else. Until more information is confirmed, Yun Nai does not intend to sacrifice his final hole card.

Just like this, Yun Na waved the curry stick while rolling his eyes, thinking sneakily about small ideas. After a while, she suddenly had a trick.

"Eat my kick and step on the Lego curse!" She once again resorted to the ultimate trick to the prostitute Taro.

The prostitute Taro had been stepped on the Lego curse several times in a row, and immediately cursed and avoided. But the despicable Yun Nai was just a vain move. As soon as the **** Taro flashed, she took advantage of the gap and rushed to the fallen girl behind.

"Ahhhhhhhhh! Brother! She is coming at me!" Fallen Ji, who had suffered a lot from Yun Nai's place, screamed in shock, "This little bitch's target is me!"


The prostitute Taro was taken aback, and it was too late to turn around. Yun Na yelled, "Yes, I want to kill you first", and rushed towards Falli Ji, cutting off Falli Ji's neck with a single knife.

"Damn it! Damn it!" Fallen Ji's head screamed, "Brother, help me block them! I want to put my head back!"

But how could Yun Nai give her a chance to pretend? I saw that Yun Na, like a goalkeeper in the World Cup, pounced on Fallen Ji's head with a sliding shovel, and immediately grabbed her head.

"Ah, what are you going to do!"

Fallen Ji shrieked in panic, almost piercing people's eardrums. Yun Na didn't care about three seven twenty one, licking his lips, he threw Fallen Ji's head into his backpack.

The world was quiet for a moment. System reminder: [Get the head of Fallen Ji×1]

—It's really good! In this way, the state of Falling Ji beheaded is maintained, and then he can attack the prostitute Taro again!

The body of Fallen Ji, who had lost her head, turned around like a headless fly. The prostitute Taro was lost and exclaimed: "Mei!"

"Damn you too despicable! Am I the villain or you are the villain! Are you guys in the ghost killing team so despicable!"

The prostitute Taro yelled at Yun Nai and wanted to rush to beat her. But where would Yu Sui Tianyuan and others let him succeed? I saw a few people rushing up and beating the prostitute Taro violently, causing his blood bar to drop by a large amount again.

In this way, everyone punched me around, and finally cut off the prostitute Taro's head, and the two gleaming blood troughs finally returned to zero. At the same time, the system jumped out of the victory prompt.

[Defeat the **** Taro (LV107) and Fallen Hime (LV107), experience value 179999]

【Obtain Ghost Blood×1】

【Get Money×123000000】

[Obtained combat leather jacket×1, equipped with defense 975, speed 777, charm increased]

[Obtain a giant blood scythe×2, attack 2111 when equipped, speed -339, and add poisoning state with a certain probability]

[The progress of the main task is 9%. The current main task progress is 56%]

A lot of money fell out of the dissipating bodies of Taro and Touji. At the same time, the sound effect of the system upgrade sounded. The Yun Nai of LV76 has been upgraded to LV78, and the level of the three people of Tanshan Zhu has risen to around LV65. At the same time, Yusui Tianyuan has risen by one level, which is currently LV84.

Listening to the constantly sounding upgraded sound effects and the flashing "LEVELUP" gold characters, Yun Na couldn't help but feel a little stunned.

-Won. The process went smoother than expected. Even in the end, the Fate One Zero and Gundam were not dispatched.

And in the end, the ghost described by Butterfly Ninja still did not appear. The picture presented in the crystal ball also did not happen. Under her cautious and despicable Yun Nai, the Huajie mission ushered in a happy ending with no deaths.

Yun Na looked at the devastated room after the war, and couldn't help sighing—if she knew this was the case, then she wouldn't need to spend so much time to take on this task, right?

Thinking of this, Yun Na was both proud and a little disgusted looking at the holy light radiating from his body. Then she patted the dust on her body, ran over and picked up the money.

After defeating the Sixth First String, Fallen Ji's head automatically popped out of the backpack. Perhaps it is because the stronger the ghost's strength, the slower the dissipation speed, Yun Na pouted his **** and picked up the money for a long time, but the two had not completely disappeared.

"Hey you…"

While picking up the money, Yun Na suddenly heard the voice of the prostitute Taro.

She straightened her back and looked back, and found that the prostitute Taro's head was looking at her with anger.

—Although the system has declared victory, let's make up for it. Thinking of this, Yun Nao walked over with the Sunwheel Sword in his hand.

Fallen Ji's head seemed to have disappeared first. And the prostitute Taro's head is still half. Yun Na walked in front of him, and was about to solve him completely, when he suddenly heard the prostitute Taro sneer and speak.

"Don't think that if you kill us, everything is over." He said gloomily, "Master Tong Mo who awarded us blood will definitely investigate after we are dead. I am only the sixth of the first series, and he is the second of the first series. You guys. Will die in his hands."

Yun Na was startled when he heard the words: "The Second Winding?"

Isn’t that stronger than the Yiwo seat in the third part of the first series?

"Yes. That's an extremely terrifying existence." The **** Taro said in revenge, "Especially a woman like you, even if you are used to seeing my sister's beautiful face, I have to say that when I look at you, there will still be something in front of you. Bright and amazing. Master Tong Mo will definitely like it very much. I can’t wait to eat you in my stomach."


At that moment, Yun Na suddenly remembered the enemy's characteristics written on Butterfly Ninja's note. One of them is "women who like to eat beautiful."

"The child mill you are talking about, isn't it a guy with a pair of colorful Mary Su with big eyeballs, white oak hair, and a smirk on his head like being splashed with dog blood?" She Asked quickly before the prostitute Taro disappeared completely.

"Huh, how do you know?"

The remaining half of the prostitute Taro's face was shocked.

"Well, I see, thank you. I'm fine with you next time. Go to sleep."

Yun Na nodded gratefully, and then raised the Sunken Knife solemnly.

"Knock Li Ma..."

The prostitute Taro spit out the last sentence angrily, and then burped under Yun Na's curry stick.

After the **** Taro and Fallen Ji disappeared completely, Yun Nai finished picking up the last dropped items.

The dropped weapon and armor were quite good. The **** scythe is the weapon of the prostitute Taro. Yun Na picked up the giant sickle and waved it with his hand. He felt that he felt very good in his hand. The blade of the scythe turned and looked very scary.

Although this thing cannot be used to kill ghosts at present, it is still well equipped. Yun Na put the sickle into his backpack. The other piece of armor dropped was Fallen Ji's equipment. Although the attributes were good, it looked like it could only cover key parts. Although he felt ashamed to fight like this, Yun Na put the clothes in his backpack to be cautious.

After tidying up the dropped props, just like playing the first three yin wo zi, the friends finally moved again. Usui Tianyuan intends to send orders to the crow to send a good news. Tanjirou at the door began to discuss with my wife Zenyi, Inosuke Zuihei and others how to move back the wandering girls who were stunned and carried away by them to apologize.

Yun Na was thinking about what to do next, when Yu Sui Tianyuan suddenly came over excitedly: "Oh, you are the hero of the sixth chapter of the eradication of this time, do you want to also write a letter to the master?"

Huh? Yun Nai was a little surprised when Tanjirou, the stove door, suddenly ran over.

"I have to move Hibari House and the other Youkuo houses back...Will Yun Na also come and help?"

[Who do you want to act with next? 】

[Together with Yu Sui Tianyuan to write a victory for the master]

[Move together with Tanjiro, Kamen Nidou, my wife Zenizu, and Inosuke Zuihei]

[Stay alone]

Yun Na hesitated, and finally chose to act with Tanshan Zhudou. The system prompts that the favorability of Tanshan pig beans is 10 each, and the favorability of Yusui Tianyuan and Yoya Shiki has no change.

"Okay, then you guys should be busy. I'll go to help after I finish writing the good news."

People are refreshed at happy events, and Yu Sui Tianyuan happily wrote a victory report. Yun Na followed Tanjirou and the others to move people. But as I walked, when I passed a family tour, the system suddenly jumped out a reminder.

[There is a familiar aura lingering in Youkuo, which makes you a little concerned. 】

At the same time, the "My Sword" section of the system began to flicker, and Yun Na could perceive that the swords he had collected were shaking slightly because of some resonance.

There is a sword that can be collected in the Yuko room called Kaedufukiya next to it! And the existence of the sword means that she has new skills to start with Yun Nai!

"Tanjilang, Douzha, Shanyi, Pig! You go move first, I'll take a look at the house!" Before he could explain, Yun Nai gave a quick voice like a tongue twister, and then turned to Yuguo. The direction flew all the way.

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