After the system prompt appeared, the state of the whole ghost of the diseased leaf was completely different from before. This guy's originally bluish-white skin gradually took on a gray tone, his eyes were straight, the corners of his mouth were slanted, and the saliva leaking out of his mouth.

"Brain, I want to eat a **** brain—" he yelled as he walked towards the two of them—of course, rather slowly.

[System reminder: The drooling mentally handicapped ghost (LV43) challenged you]

Is this the consequence of reducing IQ to 0? The person (ghost) who has lost the IQ is no longer the original person (ghost), even the name is lost, at best, it is just a mentally retarded person stamped by the system. Yun Na couldn't help being afraid for a while. If she was poisoned by this guy here, maybe she would close her eyes and see Shikutenon, the gracious priest's delivery room, with a smile on her face.

But the diseased leaves of the current poisoning became much easier in an instant. After confirming that this guy has only one-half of his blood tank and no intelligence capable of unleashing blood ghosts, Yun Nai resolutely pushed away the immortal Kawasami in order to gain the experience points to defeat him, and said righteously: " Thanks to you just now, now you are resting by the side, this guy will be defeated by me!"

"Hey, this guy is the third of the last string." Immortal Kawamiya raised her eyebrows unexpectedly, "Are you sure you want to come by yourself?"

"It's okay, look at me!" Yun Nao greeted him with three steps and two steps. At the same time, she announced loudly to the drooling mentally retarded ghost: "Just let my old lady solve you!"

That's what I said, but the cautious Yun Na still didn't do it directly. She spotted the trajectory of the mentally retarded ghost and reached into her backpack.

"Trap (LV9)!"

[The trap A01 you set has captured the mentally handicapped ghost (LV43) who is drooling, please check it out as soon as possible. 】

Seeing that the diseased leaf fell into the trap with a "normal" sound, he was waving his limbs like a tortoise with its back armor on the ground and all four feet upside down. Yun Nai made frequent moves and threw the diseased leaf in the trap and stored it in his backpack. The wisteria flower in the past drew out the curry stick and slashed at him.

"Oh my breath of water!"

[Your wisteria flower successfully fell into the trap. Due to ingestion of wisteria flowers, the drooling mentally handicapped ghost (LV47) fell into a poisoned state, HP -200 every five seconds]

[You launched a normal attack on the drooling mentally handicapped ghost (LV43), the drooling mentally handicapped ghost (LV47) HP-435]

[You launched a normal attack on the drooling mentally handicapped ghost (LV43), the drooling mentally handicapped ghost (LV47) HP-457]

[You made a knowing blow to the drooling mentally handicapped ghost (LV43), the drooling mentally handicapped ghost (LV47) HP-935]

In this way, Yun Nai mercilessly beat the mentally retarded ghost who was unable to fight back in a place out of the reach of the drooling mentally retarded ghost.

The mentally retarded ghost was chopped and barked loudly, reaching out from the trap pit to catch Yun Nai. But because his IQ was too low, he couldn't reach Yun Nai at all, and he didn't think that he should climb up to get out of the trap.

Three or four minutes later, the mentally retarded ghost screamed, and the whole ghost disappeared into ashes.

[Defeat the drooling mentally retarded ghost (LV47), experience value 17500]

After the system jumped out of the prompt of victory in the battle, there was a loud "dingdong" bang, which made Yun Na feel a little dizzy.

A firework exploded on the system panel, and then the main task frame began to flash golden light. Yun Nai clicked and found that the main task process, which had been slowly growing like a snail in the past, jumped to 5%.

Obviously after passing the final selection of the ghost killing team, the main task process is only 1% at best. Could it be possible to quickly advance the task process by solving one last string?

Yun Na was in a daze watching the progress of the main mission, and the system began to count the spoils again.

[Items obtained: Gas mask×2, 100% chance of immunity to gas, can be used 3 times]

【Items Obtained: Ghost Blood×1】

【Items Obtained: Money×3150000】

[Due to the completion of the task together, the bond between you and the Undead Kawamiya (LV76) is strengthened, and the Undead Kawamiya (LV76) has a favorable impression of 30]

A series of item reminders jumped out. Yun Na thought that this was over, but he didn't expect the system to pop up another prompt next.

[Your team member level has been upgraded to your own level, please keep working hard! 】

Perhaps because the mentally retarded ghost (Yun Na has forgotten the ghost's real name, only his drooling demented appearance remains in his heart) is the end, this time the added experience value is quite large. Yun Nao has directly risen to a level. He is currently a LV46 stone murderer, and his attributes have also been greatly improved. She stood in place, posing in a classic posture of Shawshank's redemption, feeling the increase in strength.

After that is the time to recover the spoils. Yun Na bent down, like a hardworking bee, picking up all the money on the ground and stuffing it into his backpack. Later, she picked up the "ghost blood" that was routinely dropped when playing bosses, but unexpectedly discovered that the amount of ghost blood dropped this time was much more than the previous two.

When defeating the hand ghost and marsh ghost, only a small drop or two of ghost blood was dropped. But the ghost blood obtained this time covered the bottom of the bottle.

Yun Na stared at the monster's blood for a while, guessing that it had something to do with the intensity of the ghost. Faintly felt that ghost blood would be an important item, so she carefully stuffed the ghost blood into the backpack.

In addition, after defeating the poisoned mentally retarded ghost, two gas masks were dropped. Could this mentally retarded ghost carry a gas mask with him, just to put it on when he puts on a large amount of poison, so as not to inhale the gas?

The more Yun Na thought about it, the more he felt that this was the case. She picked up the gas mask on the ground and thought with some regret, if only one could get a gas mask in the store at first...

Carrying the gas mask, Yun Na later noticed the gaze coming from a side. Turning her head, she saw Shiya Undying leaning against the pillar of the stone torii gate, lay his hands leisurely in the open front, staring at her.

Are you looking at the gas mask in her hand? Yun Na thought with uncertainty, although the only items that need to be shared equally with his teammates are the items dropped by playing small monsters, and they are not used when playing bosses, but the immortality Kawasiya played a key role...

She took the gas mask and walked in front of Undead Kawasumi, and handed him one of the masks: "This one is for you. It can be used to prevent the inhalation of poisonous gas. One can be used three times."

"Give it to me?" Undying Chuan Shiya pointed to his nose, then took the mask, his expression seemed a little surprised and a little happy, "Then I will accept it."

[Fudie Chuan Shiya Favorable Degree 30]

Yun Na didn't expect to be able to gain such a high degree of favorability with a single item. She was a little puzzled, and then asked a little hesitantly: "Do you want a gas mask most now?"

"What are you talking about?" Undying Chuan Shiya accepted the gas mask, but his tone was a little puzzled, "You ask me what I want most now?"

"Um..." Yun Na explained, "that is, if I want to give you a gift..."

"You want to give me a gift?" Undead Kawasami's eyes changed, and then suddenly turned away.

what's going on? Yun Na suddenly became nervous. Did this sentence upset him? Or do you think you should check the gift-giving assistant directly, don't ask him the best...?

When she lifted up her back heel in an uneasy tone, trying to distance herself from Immortal Kawamiya, Immortal Kawamiya suddenly spoke.

"If you want to deliver it, Ogi cake-that one will do."


[Fudie Chuan Shiya Favorable Degree 15]

Isn't it normal to just say it? And looking at the system prompts, he is actually quite happy? Yun Na who was thinking this way looked up, but found that Undead Kawasumi's ears were a little red.

A wonderful thought popped up from the bottom of Yun Na's heart: Could this vicious man be shy because others want to give him a gift?

Once this kind of thought appears, it is out of control. She said that the undead Kawasumi may have confiscated any gifts before, so if someone treats him better, his favorability skyrocketed?

Yun Na remembers that before leaving, Rin Taki Zakon told her about the life experience of each column. Among them, the immortal Kawamiya did not have a trainer like most swordsmen, but used the blood and mixed methods to fight alone since childhood. . In the process of killing ghosts, he met Kano Kano, a swordsman of the ghost killing team, and formed a close friend with Kano Kano. This was how he learned breathing from Kano Kano to join the team.

It's a pity that soon after Undead Kawasaki joined the team, Konno Kamakin died... Maybe he closed his heart because of this incident.

However, Yun Na thought again that it is possible that Undying Chuan Shiya could not receive the gift just because his expression had been too ferocious, which caused everyone to be reluctant to contact him, not realizing that he was actually a good person...

After silently sending a good person card to Undead Chuan Shimi in his heart, Yun Na took him back to the village.

Soon after defeating the mentally handicapped ghost whose name had been forgotten, the sky came up. Yun Na hurriedly picked up the Yetu umbrella. After returning to the village, she found that the living corpse she had knocked down had changed back to a normal person, and the "corpse" state on the top of her head had disappeared, and only 1 point of HP had been restored. Men, women and children stood blankly in the street, looking at each other.

"Why am I on the street?"

"do not know…"

Looking at the confused villagers, Yun Na cleared his throat, planning to tell them the truth. After all, she is the savior of this village, and she always feels unhappy without showing off. It would be even better if you could receive some thanks for this. However, just before she was about to speak, suddenly a villager called out.

"Oh, how come my money is gone!"

One stone stirred up waves, and the villagers checked their pockets one after another, and then made calls one after another.

"me too!"

"My pocket is completely empty!"

"I lost more than money, even my pipe!"

A woman screamed: "Why is my breast pad missing! This tells me how to meet people! Aaaaaaaaa..."

Upon seeing this, Yun Na quickly swallowed the words he was about to say into his stomach again, pretending that he didn't know anything.

Fortunately, after a brief riot, the village resumed its daily operations. Yun Na brought the immortal Chuan Shimi to the dim sum room in the village, and put his face directly on the glass cabinet, observing the dim sum in the cabinet.

In addition to buying Ogi-mochi, which Shiya Undead likes, I also have to buy Kibi meatballs to be given to Hotaru Tsukazuka. However, other types of snacks may be used in the future. Just buy everything just like in the system's equipment shop and item shop...

The lady proprietor of the dim sum room was busy with her back to the cupboard just now, and when she looked back, she saw Yun Na's face that was flattened by the glass on the cupboard, and she was shocked: "Yeah!"

"Madame, I want to pack all the dim sum here!" Yun Na raised his face and reverted to the appearance of a beautiful girl, and said boldly, "But Ogi cake and Kibi **** must be packaged separately."

"Oh...oh, thank you for your patronage..."

The system prompts Yun Nai to get a lot of snacks. She stuffed all the other snacks into her backpack, and then handed the Ogi rice cakes to Undying Chuan Minya: "These are all for you."

Undying Chuan Shimi lowered his head and stared at the snack in Yun Nai's hand, silently speechless. After a while, he suddenly laughed silently.

Yun Na was a little surprised. The immortal Kawamiya she had seen kept a ferocious expression, like a beast that scared others all the time. Does this person still laugh like this? The expression looks very soft, and the hideous scars seem to have lost their sense of existence...

Soon, Immortal Kawamiya took the snack and put it away.

[Fudo Chuan Shiya Favorable Degree 50]

The system prompt interrupted Yun Nai's thoughts. She quickly opened the system panel and took a look at the favorability of Undead Kawasami.

The last time I checked his favorability was when I got the Sunwheel Knife from Mount Sagiri. At that time, Immortal Kawasumi's favor was already 93. Later, when I met at the headquarters of the Ghost Killing Squad, because of the mermaid bones, I met several times halfway through, and they gradually gained some good impressions. Now Shiya Immortal Kawamura's favorability for her Stone Murderer has exceeded 300. In the favorability system, she rides the dust and leads the second place Tanjirou by more than 100.

Yun Nai was in a daze looking at the favorability system, and suddenly heard Undying Kawamiya ask: "By the way, what are you using the Kibi **** for?"

Yun Na was still thinking about the issue of favorability, and he answered without thinking: "It's for Iron Tsukayagi."

Then, she watched Undead Kawasami's favorability rating "Bhaw" fell back to less than 300.

—Okay, even if the favorability is quite high now, it may not fall back in the future. Yun Nai suddenly lost his thoughts on favorability and closed the system panel.

The ghosts in this village have been eliminated, and it is time to leave. During this period of time, simply take on a few more tasks and raise the level of the team members to B in one breath.

After walking out of the dim sum shop, Yun Nai asked Undead Kawasami: "Next, I plan to continue my mission. Will you go with me?"

She originally thought that Undead Kawamiya would agree, but he did not expect that he glanced at her sideways and said, "No. I have to go back to the headquarters. There are still affairs that must be handled by Zhu himself."

Yun Na couldn't figure out for a while whether he was really ill, or because he was irritating because of his bad feelings just now, so he had to agree, and waited for the reminder of Undead Kawasumi to leave the team. Unexpectedly, he did not leave the team, but stared at Yun Nai, seeming to hesitate.

Yun Na waited for a while, feeling a little impatient, and simply took the initiative to speak, "Do you have anything you want to say to me?"

Undying Chuan Shiya let out a breath, and suddenly asked, "Are you willing to be Lao Tzu's stepson?"

[Undead Kawasami (LV76) invited you to be his stepson, do you want to accept it? Y/N】

[After becoming the stepson of the immortal Kawamiya (LV76), you can learn the breath of the wind, and the swordsman's level will increase according to the learning situation]

Hearing this, Yun Na couldn't help being stunned. Of course she knew what stepson meant. This does not mean you call my son and I call your father in the literal sense. It means "pro-disciple".

A swordsman who performed well in the Ghost Slayer team would have a greater chance of being selected by Zhu as his stepson, and thus would receive Zhu's personal guidance, and his strength would also increase quickly. But under normal circumstances, Zhu will choose swordsmen whose breathing genre is the same as or derived from each other as his stepson. The immortal Kawasami who uses the breath of wind invites her stone murderer who uses the breath of water to become a stepson. It feels a bit strange...

However, in this battle with the mentally retarded ghost, Yun Nai has already discovered the magical effect of mastering multiple breathing methods. A ghost that is hard to fight for a certain breathing technique swordsman may be just a paper tiger for another breathing technique swordsman. So she decisively chose Yes.

learned! If there is a chance, she also thinks it's best to learn all the breathing methods again!

"I am willing!" Yun Na said loudly.

As soon as the voice fell, Shiya Immortal Kawa's favorability increased rapidly, breaking the 300 mark again.

"Come to me between tasks, I will teach you the breath of the wind." He suddenly laughed, but he regained his usual expression as if he was worrying about something, "Before that, give Lao Tzu alive."

"That's of course." Yun Naxun thought has archived, even if she wants to die, she can't die, she will only return to a certain archive point...or as long as she wants, no one can die, she just needs to read the file back When that person dies, just stop his death.


[System prompt: Immortal Kawamiya has left the team]

Undying Chuan Shiya went back to the headquarters, but Yun Na was worried that going back just after leaving for a day would make the Zhus continue to lose their favor, so he didn't plan to go back for the time being. She returned to the hotel and began to count the things she had gotten in this village of Ipo.

In addition to the items dropped after fighting the boss, she had defeated about two hundred living corpses before that, earning a total of 18 million dollars. Otherwise, how can I say that this is a village where money is spent...

In addition, when he was beating the living corpse, Yun Nao still did not forget to search the villagers in the village. Along the way, she found a lot of supplies, especially Yugang. The 20 ordinary jade steel required for the second upgrade of the Yetu Umbrella now has 15 pieces, and another 5 pieces of jade steel can be used to send the Umbrella to the upgrade again.

After finishing the backpack, Yun Na called the crocodile, ready to see what task he had. After a fierce jab at the crocodile, the crocodile vomited two pieces of paper this time.

One of them must be a task list, but what is the other one? Yun Na opened it suspiciously, and saw the familiar handwriting of Tanjirou at Zaomen.

【Yun Nai:

are you fine? Are you still a guest at the Ghost Squad Headquarters? You didn't take the initiative to write to me after the last correspondence, so I sent a letter again.

Speaking of us, the rest at Fuji's House is over. After the body healed, following the guidance of the birdcrow, I, Nidouzi, Zeni and Inosuke went to Tokyo. It is said that there are traces of ghosts there.

But unexpectedly, what we encountered there was not a vicious ghost. A total of two ghosts were discovered. One of them was a beautiful woman whose age was mysterious, named Zhushi, and the other, who looked younger, was named Yushiro. Although they are ghosts, they have overcome their desire for human flesh, relying on donated blood to ensure their food, and they are all the ghosts who killed my family-the enemy of the ghost king Guimai Tsuji.

In order to defeat the ghost dance Tsuji Mime, Miss Zhu Shi has been collecting blood from the ghost body for research. After learning that we were ghost hunters, she asked us to help her collect ghost blood. When listening to her say this, I remembered that when you defeated the hand ghost and the marsh ghost, Yun Na seemed to have collected their blood?

It would be great if I could give the blood to Miss Zhu Shi for research. -Although it is said that, it depends on your opinion. Yun Na, are you willing to hand over the ghost blood to Miss Zhu Shi?

It would be great if you can. If you can't come to Tokyo, let the crocodile bring the ghost blood.

Anyway, thank you so much. Looking forward to the day I can meet you again.

Chiamon Tanjiro]

It turns out that Kamen Tanjiro and the others have already gone to Tokyo... It is said that there are ghosts who want to defeat the ghost king. Can such things really be done by ghosts?

Yun Na hesitated, thinking that ghost blood must be a rare item that can be used to great use, so she wouldn't be relieved if it was given to the "Zhu Shi" of unknown origin. But if "Zhu Shi" really has the ability to work out a way to defeat the ghost king, helping her a little bit might speed up the clearance process...

Thinking of this, Yun Na absently opened another task list and found that in addition to the completed task 3, task 1 and task 2 were still on the list and had not been refreshed.

Mission 1 is to investigate the secret of the sound of the Temari ball late at night, and the mission location happens to be in Tokyo. Unsang thought for a while, and decided to simply take Mission 1, go to Tokyo to meet Tanjirou and others, to further improve his swordsman level, by the way, see what kind of ghosts "Jushi" and "Yushiro" are. …

Of course, it would be best if you could get another five pieces of ordinary jade steel there.

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