Genshin Impact: Popularizing elves starts from Fengdanting

Genshin Impact: Popularizing elves starts from Fengdanting


108 Chapters Ongoing Status


When he woke up, Bai Ze came to Teyvat and obtained the elf popularization system.

Since then, the fate of the Teyvat continent has begun a 360-degree spiral.

Funina: Humph! The winner of the Pokémon Contest must be me. I want to become the world's top Pokémon coordinator and trainer!

Dadalia: Since Pokémon can have dragon-types, why can't they have duck-types? I want to speak for duck attributes!

Navelle: Elves are no less beautiful creatures than Meluxin. I will not allow anyone to hurt them, otherwise they will be judged! Besides, I'm not a daughter-in-law, it's just that Larulus needs my care!

Traveler: 50 million Mora for one elf! ! ! Can I exchange for Paimon?

Navia: Boss Baize saved Baisong Town and Fengdanting. He is my benefactor. The Thorn Rose Club still lacks a male master. I don’t know what Boss Baize wants!


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