Chapter 965 Destiny

“The first person in the ancient star world? The most powerful among the supreme?”

Li Ming thought for a moment: "Is it Supreme Li?"

According to what Creation Miaoya, Yongyao and others said, excluding the Eternal One, the first person in the ancient star realm was Creation Li who was transcending.

 “Do you know Wushangli!?”

 Wanfagui was a little surprised.

“I got a lot of information about the ancient star world when I came here.”

Li Mi can only explain it in a way that they can understand.

 Wanfagui obviously recognized his statement.

For an ace like Mu Yunsheng, the information from the Supreme God's Cang Palace will naturally spare no effort to support him.


 He responded with great accuracy: "It's not Wushangli, but another Wushangli."

Speaking of this, he added: "Many people want to check his information, but none of them have found it... After all, our world of Shenzang belongs to the world recognized by the Wuji Supreme. Although the Supreme is strong, he can't be compared. It’s still nothing to the Supreme, the gap between them and the Supreme is much wider than the difference between the God Emperor and the Supreme.”

 Li Mi nodded.

 He also knows something about the Supreme Beings from the ancient star realm era.

 As of now, he is at best equivalent to a monarch.


 It can be called the number one in the starry sky world...

 “Is it him?”

 Li Ma made a guess in her mind.


 It is the Eternal One! ?

If you can really see him, or the Eternal One...

Even indirect observation through the world of Shen Zang, through the cognition of the master of the most powerful Shen Zang world, will be of great help to him in understanding such existences.

“The mysterious supreme being will appear one month after reincarnation begins. Perhaps you will know it when you see him.”

Wan Fagui said with a pause: "In addition, do not interfere easily with the mysterious and supreme behavior, because his identity as the most powerful person in the starry sky and the most powerful person in the universe cannot be recognized by the Lord of the Divine Treasure. Knowing the truth, he is invincible.”

After saying that, he seemed to have thought of something: "The Supreme in ancient times... even now, it must be on the same level as the Supreme. It is indeed invincible. It is not just a little bit more powerful than the so-called saints like us?" "

Li Ma thinks of the Emperor of Nothingness in the world of Gods of Nothingness...

“Except for the Great Emperor of Nothingness, the strongest person in the Void Divine Treasure is only a demigod at the peak. This supreme divine treasure has actually crossed over to the supreme stage...the span is huge.”

“This is also the reason why the most powerful divine treasure is called the first divine treasure.”

Wanfagui smiled bitterly and said: "The power system is too high, so high that we pioneers can't even see it."

 Li Ma nodded understandingly.

But the question of whether they, the pioneers, have seen enough...

 He reserved his opinion.

 After all, there is a difference between a pioneer and a forerunner.

“Since the mysterious Supreme One wants to teach the Supreme Master the skills, he must be observing him secretly.”

Li Ma asked: "Where is Wuji Supreme now?"

Wan Fagui hesitated for a while, but answered truthfully: "At this time, he should be doing morning exercises in the park. Since he encountered a lot of things that day and faced a breakthrough in his realm, reincarnation started at this time... again In other words, the mysterious and supreme one came to this planet at this time."

After saying that, he immediately added: "Don't interfere with any of the actions of the Supreme Being. Countless people have tried it. The mysterious Supreme One who has arrived will use various coincidences to eliminate anything that affects his purpose of spreading the law. As for the target, anyone who has hostility beyond what Wuji Supreme can deal with in his childhood will be sent away by him, and those with evil intentions will be directly killed, unless your strength level happens to be comparable enough to serve as a stepping stone for Wuji Supreme."

“Has no one ever thought about replacing Wuji Supreme, entering into the eyes of the mysterious Supreme Being, and accepting his teachings?”

 Li Midao.

“It has happened, but this is the world recognized by Wuji Supreme. Not to mention whether it can succeed, even if someone does succeed, it will cause the Shenzang World to not operate smoothly and restart.”

 Wan Dharma returned and replied.

Li Mi didn’t ask any more questions.

If this mysterious supreme person is really one of the two people he guessed...

 When he sees him, the truth will naturally be revealed.

"Even...theoretically, he should have disappeared from the memory of Wuji Supreme. It is impossible to form a Shenzang world. His existence in the Shenzang world itself represents something."

With this idea in mind, Li Mi walked step by step to the park Wan Fagui mentioned.

  When Li Mu came to the park, she could see a young man doing morning exercises in the distance.

 “That is the Supreme Being.”

Wan Fagui said: "Counting the time, an aircraft will malfunction and crash into this park."

 Speaking of this, he seemed to have thought of something and quickly sent a piece of information.

"The plot will probably be like this. Since we have seen it many times, we have reproduced it in other ways."

 The pioneer introduced.

 Li Mi looked at the video he sent.

The video is of an aircraft crashing, and a figure running out of the aircraft vomiting blood.

However, after running out, this man not only did not find a place to treat his injuries immediately, but instead rushed directly towards the young form of Wuji Supreme.

"This man who fell from the he considered a fugitive from this civilization? As a fugitive, he didn't hide himself immediately, but he actually pursued and killed the Wuji Supreme in an open and honest manner?"

Li Ming asked.

"We have also discovered this. In fact, not only this fugitive, but the Supreme Supreme will also encounter dangers along the way. After our research, we have come to a conclusion. This should be the mysterious Supreme Supreme who created it for the postgraduate entrance examination. A series of coincidences."

 All things return to their true path.


 Li Ming listened and looked at the video of Wuji Supreme running away from being chased by a "wanted criminal": "Interesting."

As the video played, just as Wan Fagui said, Wuji Supreme finally escaped from the "wanted criminal" when he was a child. Not long after, he encountered another group of robbers. The robbers also did not evacuate quickly after discovering him, but drew their swords and attacked.

 As a result, Wuji Supreme, who was still a mortal, had to flee for his life again.

“Once can be said to be an accident, but twice is definitely a coincidence.”

 Li Midao.

“Yes, this is why we guess that the mysterious supreme being has arrived on this planet at this time and is observing him in secret.”

Wan Fagui said, glancing at the Wuji Supreme on the screen who was running frantically for his life: "Because everything in front of me... really looks like a game, full of deliberate meaning."

“So, the mysterious supreme being has really arrived on this planet at this time.”


Wanfagui nodded: "Unfortunately, it is very difficult for us to find him. We can only wait a month. After all, the other party is Supreme. He is hidden intentionally and no one can find him."

 A very reasonable guess.

Li Ming did not speak, but instead stimulated his perception.

The powerful power of perception spread with him as the center, sweeping out in all directions in an instant, covering the entire city in the blink of an eye. Every move of the city's tens of millions of people was reflected in his perception.

But just when he was about to expand his perception to the entire planet, he seemed to suddenly feel something.

Immediately afterwards, his perception quickly converged and focused on the park where they saw Wuji Supreme when they first arrived.

  To be precise, it was a man sitting on a bench in the park.

 When Li Ma's perception fell on him, the man was also aware of his existence.

 Although there is still a lot of space between the two of them, at this moment...

  The eyes of the two people met silently.

 The moment the two people's eyes met, a ripple seemed to ripple deep in Li Ma's heart.

Obviously this person's face looked very strange, and he could firmly believe that it was the first time he met him, but for some reason, when he looked at him, he felt familiar.

This sense of familiarity prompted him to almost blurt out the name of this person.

 “Li Qiuxian!”

   is not a question, but an affirmative sentence.

The mysterious Supreme Being did not answer, obviously he had "seen" Li Mu.

Even Li Ming was sure that his eyes had indeed met with his just now, but he still looked as if he was unaware of it.

“The first person my mind scans is you. This is chance, or luck, so it’s you.”

 He is not talking to himself, he should be thinking in his mind.

 But he did not hide his inner thoughts.

 Psychic fluctuations are so obvious that anyone...

Well, even Zhou Guang, who has cultivated into a true spirit, cannot capture a supreme inner thought.

 But Li Min is not Zhou Guang.

 He has become transcendent and aspires to be the master of creation.

In this case, all the thoughts flowing in the man's heart were clearly presented in front of him. He even ignored Li Mu who was observing him and continued to do his own thing.

 This scene puzzled Li Ma.


 He should "see" himself.

“Is it because this is only the world known to the Supreme Being?”

 Li Ma’s thoughts flow.

 But in just a moment he had put this idea behind him.

At this moment, a flash of lightning seemed to flash deep in his soul.

His abnormality...

 There is only one possibility!

Although he "saw" him,...

 But it cannot be shown at all.


 “‘He’ is looking at him!”

Li Ma’s eyes shrank sharply.

There is another person who is also "looking" at him.

that person…

In an instant, Li Mizhi felt an unspeakable sense of horror emerging from all over his body.

It is like dancing on a tightrope. If there is even the slightest mistake, the future will be completely changed, and everything will be overturned, such as great terror and great destruction.


 The Eternal One!

At this thought, Li Ma immediately stopped. The two of them were separated by a park, one at this end and the other at the other end...

 Looking at each other.


He kept talking, planning, and scheming...

 The whole process lasted for a full hour.

 After arranging everything properly, he finally raised his head, his eyes...

 It seems to have fallen on Wuji Supreme, who is still a child in front of him, or maybe...

Through this young Wuji Supreme, I cast my eyes on him for the first time. With a flick of my hand, I said something that seemed to be addressed to Li Ma, but also seemed to be talking to herself.

 “Then, the wheel of fate...rolls...”

 (End of this chapter)

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