What did Shouwa-kun do with GW last year?

The day before GW.

Rin came to my house as usual and asked me such a thing. [M]

I stop studying and remember who I was a year ago.

If you are a student who is chanting about school life, there may be a lot of events that will immerse you in memories.

It seems that there will also be happy events that will make you smile...

But in my case,

"I was smiling before my part-time job." I had a short-term part-time job, and it was a good time to make some money. ”

"... by the way, that's how Shouwa-kun lived, right?"

"Because GW's G was a golden G for me. If you think about it now, I think you've done a good job over there."

Shrugging her shoulders, Rin smiled bitterly and sat down next to me.

You must be trying to console me.

She gently strokes her head.

... is she being treated like a child?

"I'm strangely embarrassed..."

All right, all right, cheer up, please.

"It tickles me..."

"Fufu. If you don't hate me, I won't stop." It was hard work for Shouwa-kun. Well done! "

"I mean, I was working hard... I was just before I met Rin, and I was making money for myself to escape reality."


"At that time, it was rough at home, and the more I worked, the more I forgot about what I hated."... well... it's different now. "

I'm here now!

"... well..."

When I say that on a stick, Rin follows me like a cat.

She leaned against her shoulder and said, "Eheheh," with a sloppy voice.

The expression is so cute that I can't help but laugh.

Speaking of which, what did Rin do at this time of GW?

Is that me?

"Yeah. I never heard of it, so I was worried. Were you studying as usual or playing with Fuji-san?"

"Um... it might not be a very fun story to talk about."


I tilted my neck at the sharpness of my teeth.

It's unusual for Rin to adopt such an attitude.

Usually, "Please ask me anything! 'Even though it's an attitude.

If it's hard to say, maybe something went wrong?

"It's hard to imagine Rin failing..."

Well, if I had, I would've worked too hard.

But I don't know if GW is trying too hard.

When I thought about it, Rin sighed and began to talk sinisterly.

"What do you think Shouwa-kun has to do with his first long day off in first grade?"

"What, a feeling of liberation from the tensions of school life?"

"No, it's not! It's just a relationship."

"Hmm? Maybe it's a met chef?? You can ask for contact information without worrying about it."

"There's a thorn in the way I say it... but it's like that..."

"Ah, I see. Then maybe Rin was confessing and responding to the law...?"

"Ahahah... that's how it is."

When I first see Rin after enrolling in school, everyone will want to see her once.

In any case... there must have been a lot of people thinking about it.

Looks like there were a lot of classmates and people who went to see Rin.

Didn't you have a choice?

"It takes a lot of courage to tell you how I feel." I dealt with what I was told in good faith. I refused to exchange the contact information, but it was really difficult in the first month. Sometimes I suddenly got in touch with you through another child..... "

"It would be hard if it was popular..."

"Ahaha... that's why I can't say I enjoyed last year's GW."

I guess it was a situation I wanted to ignore, but Rin couldn't because she was serious.

Thinking about it, I guess it was a tough time in a different situation than mine.

There will be persistent people, and if you deal with such a person, you may not be able to enjoy the rest.

It's hard to say no, and you'll get tired of the rhetoric.

If that continues, GW's memories will only be bitter...

Okay. So...

Well, where's GW going?

Rin's expression lightens up in my proposal.

And then, my face came up to me quickly.

"Is it okay!?!?"

Oh, oh, I'll call the store manager and cut down on part-time work.

"I'm so happy ~ I did it ~! Then Shouwa-kun." Where would you like to travel? ”

"Yeah...? Are you sure you're traveling? I think this time is expensive everywhere..."

"Leave it to me! I'll take care of it!" I thought you were on a big boat, so please hold on tight. "

"... how can I help you..."

Well, my eyes are shining and I'm full of confidence, and I think there's something wrong with it.

I think it's going to be a big deal if I leave it to you... but in the sense of keeping your reason...

Well, that sounds like fun, okay?

“It's GW, let's have fun! I'm looking forward to my love date ~"

Rin arranges travel magazines with a wiggle-eyed appearance.

Looking at her as innocent as a child,

Why are you bringing it!?

My question quickly disappeared out of my mind.

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