First Player

First Player


1118 Chapters Ongoing Status


“When you see this line of words, the world game has begun.”

“This is the [Live Action Global Live Game] to redeem Zhai Xing.”

“Here, all players travel through the world together. You can become hope in the crisis-ridden apocalypse, witness reincarnation in the future controlled by androids, and fight for the camp in villages where werewolves and gods confront each other…”

“I’m Su Ming’an, and I have the only death rollback skill.”

“The eliminated players became viewers. In the hundreds of millions of live broadcast rooms, they said that I was the strongest [number one player], and that I was the one who existed forever.”

“Some people say that I am a traitor sent by the organizer, an incompetent leader.”

“…but it doesn’t matter.”

“Those who hold wages for everyone should not freeze to death in the wind and snow. Those who open the way for freedom should not make them suffer from thorns.”

“—I will bring [Brilliant Future] to all those who have looked at me.”

“…whether they were well-meaning or malicious.”

Labels: original world, heaven, infinite flow, human nature flow, long-term foreshadowing, reverse plot, HE, BE, TE and more short endings.

[Fake Game Begins: Prologue, Real Game Begins: Chapter 14]

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