Female Queen Quick Time Travel: The Wife is a Husband Lover

Chapter 1097: Bamboo horses surround green plum trees

 Instead of letting them chatter behind the screen, why not sit down together and have a cup of tea and feel happy.

Ordinarily, men are not allowed to be employed by ordinary people, but the General's Mansion has always been informal. In addition, the foreign girls present have grown up with Mu Jinyan and the others, and they are like sisters. There is no need to avoid anything.

 When several people heard what Master Mu said, they walked out openly.

The matchmaker just took a sip of tea when the young men in front of him opened their mouths in surprise. It seems that he will have a lot of work in the future!

How can such a handsome and dignified young master from an aristocratic family be driven crazy?

Seeing the wolf-like expression on the matchmaker's face, Su Qiruo coughed lightly and said, "Xiao Ling, come and sit here."

Mu Jinqi, who was sitting next to Su Qiruo, quickly stood up to make way for Si Qianling, and also gave him a new cup of tea with her own hands.

  Everybody has long been accustomed to Su Qiruo's blatant favor.

Mu Jinqi gave up her seat to Su Qiruo, and naturally had to find a chair to sit on again. Mu Jinyan pushed Li Xiaomao, and Li Xiaomao sat down next to Mu Jinqi with a blushing face.

Mu Jinqi's body suddenly stiffened as she sat down. Thinking of her father's previous words, when she looked at Li Xiaomao again, she couldn't help but want to blush.

Lord Mu ordered the banquet, and General Mu warmly talked to Rong Yun and others. Only Su Qiruo and Si Qianling sat there like outsiders.

“Sister Rongyun is dressed like this, but she looks a bit similar to you.”

Si Qianling picked up a piece of loquat fruit and put it into his mouth, his eyes moving on Rong Yun and Su Quruo.

“After all, they are cousins. My father and my aunt look very much alike.”

Si Qianling nodded: "If sister Aruo also wears such festive clothes, she will definitely look better than her."

Rong Yun has a cool temperament, with a bit of fairy spirit.

Su Qiruo has a noble temperament and a kingly aura.

 Outside, the two of them are colder than the other. Only those who grew up together can feel the tenderness of the two sisters.

“Then when your birthday is next year, how about I also wear this bright red and go to the prime minister’s office to recruit you?”

Si Qianling will be fifteen next year. It will be just right to decide on the marriage first and wait until the year after tomorrow to get married.

Si Qianling’s ears turned red and he pursed his lips shyly.

Then he said in a very soft voice: "Father said that sister Aruo is the future crown prince. If she wants to marry you, she must enter the palace and participate in the draft."

Si Qianling felt uncomfortable thinking about the draft.

Father once asked him that if he really chooses His Highness, he must be prepared to share her with others.

 He doesn’t want her to be with other men, and he doesn’t want her to be as doting on others as she is on him.

They have obviously grown up together since childhood, and no one can compare to the friendship between them.

This is Sister Aruo, whom he has loved since childhood. Why should those people come and take her away?

He didn't want her to have another husband, but his father said that if he couldn't accept it, he would have no choice but to leave her and marry someone else.

Thinking about His Highness's love for him, as long as he really didn't want to, she would not be willing to force him.

 But he couldn't bear to leave her.

Such a good sister Aruo, how could he just give it to someone else after waiting for so many years?

 He is not willing to give in!

Seeing that the smile and shyness on Si Qianling's face suddenly disappeared, and his tight lips concealed the bitterness on his face, Su Qiruo hurriedly held his hand secretly through her wide sleeves.

“There is no draft for entering the palace, only the marriage is being done by a matchmaker. My decision to marry you is a matter between you and me, and it has nothing to do with status.”

Although this was not the first time that Su Qiruo had told him that she wanted to marry him, it was the first time that she had made such a promise.

Si Qianling raised his eyes and looked at her, with disbelief written in his eyes.

 But she will be the emperor in the future, how can she not participate in the draft? Even if she was willing, the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty would not be able to agree.

Not to mention others, his mother had to be the first to stand up and object.

Si Qianling opened his mouth, trying to persuade her that he didn't mean it, but he couldn't.

"I know your concerns. From the time you and I met, I have never thought about marrying anyone else."

  Although it was just a love between children when I was young, it couldn't be more innocent.

 But these ten years have passed, and the relationship between them has long been different.

“This year, the imperial grandmother will give me a foreign assignment. When I return, the imperial edict of canonizing the imperial grandson will be announced to the world. At that time, I will talk to her about our affairs.”

"Xiao Ling, I said I would always protect you, and that has never changed."

Su Qiruo's words made Si Qianling feel as if he was in a dream. He still didn't wake up until he returned to his yard. Her heartfelt words were all that lingered in his ears.

Yes, he firmly believed that what his sister Aruo said was from the bottom of her heart.

 She never lied to him.

 But whatever she said, she could do it.

 She is a king, she is upright and she will never lie to a young boy like him.

Before the joy of the Protector's Palace and the General's Palace had passed, the capital received news of a snowstorm in the north. Many roads were cut off, many houses were crushed, and many people were killed.

 It snows heavily in March in spring, which is not a good sign.

The emperor urgently summoned all the ministers to discuss matters in the imperial study. Su Qiruo and several other companions who had been given official posts of fifth rank by the emperor were also there.

“The imperial court needs to send someone to check it in person, and the food and cotton clothes should also be brought there..."

Before Prime Minister Bai finished speaking, someone had already stood up.

 “I would like to go to Jinbei on behalf of the Holy Spirit.”

Su Qiruo took the initiative to take on this task. When they were at Taiyuan University, they had discussed how to deal with the cold winter and timely rescue after snow disasters.

The emperor frowned slightly, glanced at Su Qiruo standing below, hesitated for a moment and finally agreed.

 As she gets older, she becomes increasingly unable to do many things.

Although the concubine's health is better, she is still not as good as a normal person, and we dare not give her too much work.

 Thanks to her granddaughter, who has shared everything with her in these years, the court has been stable and the people are happy.

 Her original intention was to wait until her granddaughter turned sixteen to be crowned the grandson of the emperor, and then abdicate in favor of a worthy person when she turned eighteen.

 It’s just that no matter how great your skills are, you still don’t have enough experience.

Whether this opportunity is given to her, even though it is not a big credit, it can always add to her political achievements.

 “I am willing to go with Your Highness.”

Rong Yun and others came forward to ask for orders. They were the companions of His Highness the Emperor's eldest grandson, and they must not fall behind others.

The emperor liked these children very much, and when he saw them, there was a bit of a smile on his eyebrows.

It’s just that Jinbei’s disaster relief does not require so many people, so he can only say: “Then let Rong Yun and Fu Lan accompany the emperor’s eldest grandson!”

 Rong Yun is steady and steady. Fu Lan has the natural martial arts talent of the Fu family. He has good kung fu and can protect Su Qiruo by his side.

Rong Yun and Fu Lan hurriedly bowed and thanked them: "Yes, I will fulfill my mission."

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