Farmer’s Wife Has Magic Skills

Chapter 1025: 1025.End of the full text

   Chapter 1025 1025. End of the text

Chu Qingzhi was startled, and immediately made a formula to disperse the flames with spiritual rain. Just when the flames were extinguished, a breath of gunpowder broke into her nostrils. The people on the road were transferred, and as soon as they were removed, the fire exploded...

  At this time, Chu Qingzhi's spiritual power was almost exhausted, and a powerful impact hit her back, blasting her back to a **** mess.

  Blood was left at the corner of her mouth, and her body and soul were separated. The soul flew into the sky like a wisp of white mist, and her body slowly fell to the ground like a piece of paper.

  Tang Jinghong saw this scene, his eyes turned red instantly, he rushed over like crazy, caught Chu Qingzhi, "Qingzhi!"

  Meng Shengdong drew out his knife and shouted angrily, "Kill Xia Yunjian!"

  The soldiers who followed Tang Jinghong immediately drew their knives and chased down Xia Yunjian and the others. In a fit of rage, everyone except Xia Yunjian was beheaded.

  Meng Shengdong tied Xia Yunjian over and kicked him at the crook of the knee, making him kneel in front of Chu Qingzhi.

  Xia Yunjian laughed desolately when he saw this, "Hahaha, hahaha—"

   "Tang Jinghong, you are so lucky, Chu Qingzhi will die for you, she will die for you!!"

  Tang Jinghong slapped Xia Yunjian on the face, "Shut up, Qing Zhi's name is not something you can mention!"

   He tilted his head to stare at Xia Yunjian, and said heavily, "Break his lute bone, his limbs, his ribs, I want him to die!"

  Tang Jinghong burst into tears, took off the cloak and wrapped it around Chu Qingzhi's body, and carried her back to the barracks.

  He put Chu Qingzhi on the bed, covered her with a quilt, and carefully wiped her hands and face with a handkerchief.

  Tang Jinghong's whole figure was like a puppet whose soul had been sucked out. His back was bent straight all the time, and his energy was gone.

  Zhan Hongjun and Bao Linjiang rushed over after hearing the news.

  The two of them took Chu Qingzhi's pulse together, then knelt down in front of the bed, their eyes were red, and they lost their minds.

  How could such a powerful master be possible?

   Tang Jinghong said, "Go down, let me accompany Qing Zhi quietly."

  Zhan Hongjun and Bao Linjiang went outside the tent, knelt down in front of the tent, bowed their heads, and were sad all over.

  Seeing this, Meng Shengdong couldn't help but knelt down on one knee. Seeing this, the rest of the soldiers knelt down facing the camp where Chu Qingzhi was.

   "Fifth Sister, Fifth Sister—" Chu Qingning screamed and ran towards Chu Qingzhi's bed, crying until she passed out.

  The news that Chu Qingzhi died for the country quickly spread throughout Daling, and the emperor ordered that he be buried with the ceremony of a national scholar.

  Chu Qingzhi's body was brought back to Chu Family Village by Tang Jinghong.

   "Xiao Wu!" Li Qingyu lifted the cloth with trembling hands, she couldn't believe it, her lively daughter turned into a cold corpse at this moment, "No, this is not Qingzhi, not..."

  Li Qingyu burst into tears, "Xiao Wu, Qingzhi—"

  Chu Xuhua, Shen Ruyue, Chu Qingyue, Ning Yuting and other brothers and sisters of Chu Qingzhi all knelt in front of Chu Qingzhi's coffin, crying loudly.

  The people under Chu Qingzhi's jurisdiction also knelt down and cried bitterly.

   Everyone who watched this scene cried loudly.

  Chu Rong's eyes were red, he grabbed Tang Jinghong's skirt, and asked viciously, "Why did Xiao Wu die, and how did she die?"

  Tang Jinghong knelt in front of Chu Rong, his body slumped like a walking corpse, "I'm sorry, Uncle Rong, Qing Zhi died to save me."

  Chu Rong slowly let go of Tang Jinghong's lapel. Even if he killed Tang Jinghong now, Qing Zhi would never come back.

  He also knelt down and buried his head. It was they who lost money to Qingzhi, and only took her home for two years, and the good girl was gone.

  Grandpa Chu and Grandma Chu fainted from grief, and the girl of Cardamom Nianhua passed away like this. The heaven must be joking with them. After a while, Qing Zhi woke up, and Xiao Wu will come back.

  Three days later, Chu Qingzhi was buried in the ancestral grave of the Chu family.

  In addition to the people of Shuiyun County who came to the funeral in linen and mourning, the emperor and empress and dozens of ministers from the court also came to the funeral together.

  It was cloudy and rainy, and the drizzle seemed to be in mourning.

  After the burial, there were people saying goodbye in front of the tomb from day to night, until late at night, before they all dispersed, leaving only Tang Jinghong alone.

  Tang Jinghong knelt in front of the tomb, with a resolute silence in his eyes, he reached out and stroked the tombstone gently, "Qingzhi, it's too lonely to walk the Huangquan Road alone, wait for me, I'll accompany you right away."

  He drew out the dagger and slashed towards the neck...

  Chu Xuhua and Chu Xujin quickly ran out from behind, Chu Xuhua said loudly, "If you die, wouldn't the fifth sister sacrifice in vain?"

  Chu Xujin hurriedly knocked out the dagger in Tang Jinghong's hand, "You must not die. If you die, Fifth Sister will definitely die with regret."

  Tang Jinghong's neck had already been cut with a long and thin cut, and blood poured out from the wound, soaking the snow-white filial piety clothes, which was particularly dazzling even in the dark night.

   "I won't seek death, you go back, let me accompany Qing Zhi well." Tang Jinghong waved to the two weakly.

  Chu Xuhua and Chu Xujin looked at each other, and slowly backed away.

  The night was eerily quiet.

  After dawn, Chu Xuhua, who accidentally fell asleep, woke up and shook Chu Xujin, "Brother Jing Hong is gone."

  The two hurriedly searched around, and searched the entire Shuiyun County but could not find Tang Jinghong.

  The sad love story of Chu Qingzhi and Tang Jinghong defending their family and defending the country and separating Yin and Yang was recorded in books, and later generations gradually became legends.


   One month later, Tiannan Temple.

   Tang Jinghong, who was too thin to be human, knelt in front of the Buddha, looking at the Buddha with sad eyes, "Master, please shave me."

   "Amitabha." The master presided over a slap in the face, "Has the general considered it?"

  Tang Jinghong nodded, "Master, I have considered it."

   "Amitabha." The presiding master ordered the accompanying monks, "burn incense for the almsgiver, take a bath and change clothes, and prepare to be ordained."

   "Yes, host."

   At the same time, in the Heavenly Court, Fairy Peony came to Fairy Haitang's fairy palace, "Congratulations to Fairy Haitang for returning to her fairy position."

  Chu Qingzhi completed the calamity and became a true fairy. Her past and present lives have all returned to memory. She is the begonia fairy in the fairy world, one of the twelve flower fairies.

  Chu Qingzhi was leaning against the window of the fairy palace, looking at the crabapple outside, in a daze.

  Although she became a fairy, she couldn't help feeling lost.

   Fairy Peony looked at Chu Qingzhi left and right, and understood a little, "Fairy Haitang is someone who can't let go of the mortal world?"

  Chu Qingzhi seemed to be awakened, "Thank you Peony Fairy, I want to know why I am like this."

  Peony Fairy hesitated to speak, "You want to go down to earth..."

   "I promised him that I would either accompany him for a hundred years, or take him to the fairy world." After speaking, Chu Qingzhi flew towards Lingxiao Palace.

  Chu Qingzhi knelt on one knee in the center of the Lingxiao Palace, begging for orders, "Jade Emperor, I want to go down to earth to fulfill my promise."

The Jade Emperor was silent for a moment, "You died to save the people in the mortal world, you are deeply loved by the people, your incense is more prosperous than all the gods, and you are going to fulfill your promise. If this emperor fails to fulfill your promise, you will appear to be heartless and ungrateful. You can go now." , the emperor will give you a hundred days to end the mortal world."

  Chu Qingzhi kowtowed, "Thank you, Jade Emperor."


  Tiannan Temple.

  Chu Zixi, dressed in a wedding dress, with creamy skin and beautiful flowers, held a wedding dress in her hand, and walked towards the temple step by step.

   This scene was so beautiful that the monks who passed by all forgot to react and stared blankly at her.

  Chu Zixi held a wedding dress in her hand and went straight to the lobby where Tang Jinghong was shaved.

  Tang Jinghong had finished bathing and knelt in front of the Buddha. The presiding monk walked towards Tang Jinghong with a razor, ready to shave him.

  Chu Zixi held the wedding dress, stood in the middle of the gate, looked at the man kneeling in front of the Buddha, and said Qing Wan, "Jing Hong..."

  Tang Jinghong's body shook, and he turned around slowly. When he saw the girl behind him, his vision blurred instantly, "Zixi."

  He stepped forward in three steps and hugged him tightly in two steps, feeling the body temperature of the person in his arms like a dream, "Am I dreaming?"

  Chu Zixi said softly, "It's not a dream. I went back to the fairyland and saw that you were going to become a monk, so I hurried down to find you. If I'm late, my groom will be gone."

   Tang Jinghong couldn't help but smile, "Then let's get married!"

  Chu Zixi smiled and said, "I brought you the wedding clothes. Choosing a day is worse than hitting the sun. Let's pay homage in front of the Buddha."

  Tang Jinghong said hoarsely, "Okay."

  Chu Zixi gave the wedding dress to Tang Jinghong, and Tang Jinghong took it to the back room to change it. Witnessed by all the monks of Tiannan Temple and the Buddha, the two worshiped three times in front of the Buddha and became married.

   Tang Jinghong stretched out his hand to Chu Zixi, his eyes were as gentle as water.

  Chu Zixi put his hand in Tang Jinghong's, and the two left Tiannan Temple hand in hand, and wandered the world ever since.


Three years later.

In a small border town south of Daling, a family of three came. The girl is beautiful, the boy is handsome and the boy is cute. The key point is that the child is riding a big white tiger. On the head of the big white tiger stands a fat white parrot, and other parrots follow nearby. The wolves stayed in Chujia Village to guard the home, and would blow up the streets as soon as they came.

  Tang Xiaobao shook Chu Zixi's hand, "Mother, mother, there is a shop for sale over there, shall we buy it?"

  Chu Zixi looked at the remote and withered small shop, "It's okay to open a bun shop, let's go."

  Tang Jinghong rubbed his forehead, "Will there be business if the shop is opened in such a place?"

  Chu Zixi blinked at Tang Jinghong, "Try and you'll know."

   Half a month later, the shop opened, and there were two long queues in front of the door. Tang Jinghong was soft when he collected the money.

   Tang Xiaobao came over, "Daddy, have you seen the charm of mother?"

  Tang Jinghong hugged Tang Xiaobao on his lap and counted the money together, "I see, your mother is definitely a God of Wealth, so many people give her money wherever she is."

  Tang Xiaobao smiled, "Following mother, there will be countless money every day."

  A small shop was busy until noon. Tang Jinghong hurriedly let Chu Zixi rest, and he came to clean and prepare lunch.

  Chu Zixi hugged Tang Jinghong who was cooking in the kitchen from behind, "You don't want a daughter, this time you can get your wish."

   Tang Jinghong paused, ecstasy welling up in his heart, he turned around and hugged Chu Zixi tightly, "You gave me all the joy in my life, Zixi, thank you."

  The two had a son and a daughter, traveled all over the country, and traveled around dozens of countries. Chu Zixi stayed in the mortal world for fifty years, Tang Jinghong passed away, and she returned to the heaven.


  In the extreme sea desert, tens of millions of years ago, there was a crabapple here, and there was a fairy stone next to the crabapple. The fairy stone has sheltered the crabapple from wind and rain for thousands of years.

  But the two failed to survive the catastrophe, and Xiange was reincarnated.

   Haitang was reincarnated as Chu Zixi, went to the modern cultivation world, and practiced for hundreds of years to become a fairy.

  Xianshi was reincarnated as Tang Jinghong, and after ten lifetimes of suffering, this life is Tang Jinghong's last. After his death, the fairy status returned to the fairy world.

   Haitang and Xianshi met again in the fairy world.


   "Cloud cover!"

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  (end of this chapter)

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