Fantasy world

Fantasy world


189 Chapters Ongoing Status


A drop in the ocean, no trace of time. Life is like ants and floating clouds. It comes naked and goes silently, without bringing a drop of rain or dew or taking away a cloud. Who knew it and who remembered it;

I only remember that I have been here, and I also know that I will leave eventually. But I don’t know, nor do I remember, where my life came from and why it ended.

That year and month, I had just begun to have memories, when I was sent to a remote village in Jianghan Plain to join the queue and settle down. Unexpectedly, I accidentally broke into a Zeguo fairyland. He also secretly committed peach blossoms and fell in love with beauties. Those girls from the water town all have "cherry pan mouths and willow waists", with skin like cream and faces like peach blossoms. There is tenderness like water, and there is also passion like fire. My life is irresistibly swallowed up and submerged by these beauties. It turned into a wisp of smoke and floated forever in the mid-air of this water town plain.

A handful of loess has covered up the dust of history; a pile of barren graves has buried so much desolation in the world; since ancient times, beauties have had a bad life, so why is the sky jealous of beauties?


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