Evil Naruto: Ninja girls are all broken

Evil Naruto: Ninja girls are all broken


204 Chapters Ongoing Status


Travel through the Naruto world and replace the protagonist Uzumaki Naruto.

Start the game with a fist bump with Nine Tails, turn on Chakra Mode, and activate the Asura attribute.

Asura buff:

Unknowingly attracting the attention of others, people can’t help but surround him, wanting to walk with him.

However, this Naruto is not that Naruto, and this Naruto does not aim at Hokage, but only wants to be the ninja sea king.

As a result, the ninja girls’ paper styles collapsed one after another.

Naruto: Don’t stick to the small village of Konoha, our goal should be the sea of ​​stars——

All the sisters and sisters who can be named are mine!


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