Everyone Wants to Pamper the Bigshot Researcher After Her Rebirth!

Chapter 220 - Chapter 220: What a Ruthless Heart

Chapter 220: What a Ruthless Heart

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After years of experience in the business industry, Song Yi developed his way of reading people. He turned to Meng Yu and said, “Yin Yin might need assistance over there. You should go and check.”

Meng Yu gracefully rose from her seat and said, “I’ll go take a look.”

Once she left, Song Ting spoke up, “Dad, we’ve started investigating the poisoning incident from our sister’s childhood. Although the evidence is not yet complete, we’re certain that she had nothing to do with it.”

Song Yi had great trust in his eldest son and nodded, saying, “I made a mistake in doubting Fan Fan in the first place. I’ll do my best to make amends.”

“It’s not just about doing your best; it’s a definite commitment,” Song Chuan chimed in.

His straightforward remark caught Song Yi off guard, as he was usually a docile son who rarely made demands. Song Yi never expected him to be so assertive.

Nonetheless, when he considered the years of suffering Song Fan had endured, he agreed, saying, “I’ll go along with your suggestion.”

As the four brothers prepared to leave, it was evident that they didn’t want to continue the conversation. Song Yi quickly stopped them.

“While you all care for Fan Fan, it’s essential to show respect to your elders.

You shouldn’t have treated Aunt Meng that way earlier.”

Song Huai responded with a wry smile, “Considering I didn’t say anything at all, I believe I’ve shown her some respect.”

He had a rather independent personality and, were it not for her elder status, would have no qualms about speaking his mind directly.

In the end, Song Yi remained silent. While he was grateful for Meng Yu’s companionship over the years, he had more trust in his children.

What he didn’t know was that Meng Yu hadn’t gone to check on Song Yin but was standing on the second floor, eavesdropping on their conversation. She struggled to maintain her smile, realizing that things had taken a remarkable turn in such a short time.

She had initially assumed that even if Song Fan returned, it wouldn’t make much of a difference. After all, Song Fan had not even completed her education and would surely disappoint Song Yi further.

At formal gatherings, the contrast between Song Yin and Song Fan would become more apparent. If Song Fan attended such events, the distinction would be even more pronounced, showing that her daughter was superior to Yu Wan’s daughter.

However, returning after a brief absence, she was startled by the astonishing transformation that had occurred. Song Fan was not the failure she had imagined.

Not only was she beautiful, but she also possessed intelligence. At her age, she had already become a teacher, far from the uneducated girl she had thought her to be.

The Song sons had also changed their views of her, even beginning to doubt her.

Meng Yu had assumed that after so many years, Song Yi would at least trust her to some extent, but he had quickly embraced their words. She was now feeling increasingly isolated.

Upon realizing she couldn’t passively accept her situation, Meng Yu decided to resolve the matter, preferably by finding a suitable scapegoat.

A terrifying idea had taken root in her mind. The perfect candidate for this scapegoat was her daughter, Song Yin. Blaming everything on her would absolve her of any guilt and might even elicit sympathy for her misguided trust.

Song Yin was her only daughter, and she did have feelings for her, but compared to the life of a privileged lady, Meng Yu’s determination was wavering.

She couldn’t bear to endure any more hardships, and it was Song Yin’s foolish actions that had led to the current situation. Her punishment was well-deserved.

Meng Yu thought about her niece’s beautiful and captivating face. She believed there was no need to persist in finding a husband for Song Fan. Xiao Xia was obedient and equally good, and in terms of appearance, there was no difference between her and her daughter.

After all, men judge women by their looks. Perhaps Xiao Xia would find a better husband, allowing Meng Yu to establish herself in the Song Family.

With these thoughts, Meng Yu slowly walked toward Song Yin’s room. A servant quickly stood up and said, “Miss finally fell asleep after a tiring day.”

Meng Yu gazed at her daughter and remarked, “My dear daughter, you will bear the burden of these accusations for your mother.”

The servant discerned the meaning behind Meng Yu’s words and exclaimed in astonishment, “Are you planning to make Miss Song Yin the scapegoat!”

“Is that not acceptable?” Meng Yu countered, “I gave birth to her and raised her.

Naturally, I expect some returns.”

The servant dared not argue but remained shocked by Meng Yu’s ruthlessness, even willing to discard her own flesh and blood.

Unnoticed by Meng Yu, Song Yin’s eyes flickered, clearly indicating that she hadn’t been asleep at all.

However, she continued to keep her eyes closed and her breathing steady, avoiding detection.

Once Meng Yu had issued her instructions and both she and the servant had left, Song Yin finally opened her eyes. Her gaze was filled with sadness, yet not a single tear fell.

“Mom, you’re so cruel.” Song Yin choked..

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