Entertainment: top brokers

Entertainment: top brokers


542 Chapters Ongoing Status


This year, Yang Mi has just become top class;

This year, Concubine Liu Yi fought on the big screen;

This year, Zhao Liying was still a little transparent.

This year, Di Lieba was still a college student;

Liang Lin, who became their manager, was going to have a big head, because if he was not careful, he would be comparable to the Shura field.

In the eyes of others, Liang Lin held four top-notch women, and he was a well-deserved gold broker in the industry.

But who knows, these four people put together, that is the Asura field.

“Have you ever seen the scene of pulling each other’s hair for a script?”

“For a song, the scene of tearing each other’s clothes, have you ever witnessed it?”

“For the sake of a movie, have you ever seen the scene of scolding each other for a movie?”

“For a red carpet look, rock-paper-scissors, can you believe it?”

“Such a Shura field happens to them every day. Do you think it’s easy for me as a manager?


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