In the second round of the painting competition, in addition to scoring by professionals, the works that passed the first round will also be uploaded to the Internet, and the public will vote to select their favorite works. A total of fifty works are displayed on the official website of the China Art Association. In order to prevent fraudulent canvassing, voters must be registered members of the official website of the Art Association, and each painting is only marked with a serial number, without the name of the artist.

In the final result, the scores of the professional jury and online voting accounted for seven to three.

It not only prevents someone from bribing the professional jury, but also eliminates online canvassing, which better guarantees the fairness and justice of the competition.

The topic of the National Painting Competition has also become a hot topic, but since there are not many people who pay attention to this field, it only aroused less than half a day of discussion, and then quietly fell silent.

Yu Mian's paintings were also displayed among the fifty paintings. At the beginning, she would climb up to look at her votes every day, but such behavior was really meaningless, and she didn't care much about the final ranking. Days later she put it behind her.

The end of the new year is approaching, "Dragon Court" is officially finished, Lin Jianshen is also close to recovery, the crew has released the stills and promotional videos of Dragon Court, and it is going to be released as a blockbuster movie for the Spring Festival next year.

As the Chinese New Year approaches, the whole country becomes more and more lively.

Yu Mian's injury was not serious, and the degree of fracture was also mild, and she recovered in less than a month. When Lin Jianshen was doing rehabilitation training, she took care of him as an escort.

Yu Xing has more things to do at the end of the year, even Yu's father went to the company to help, no one at home is watching, so Yu Mian can stay in the hospital all day.

Originally, Lin Jianshen was also very busy at this time of year, such as rehearsing some channels' Spring Festival Gala programs, promoting new dramas, and so on. It's just that he had a car accident this year, so it's rare for him to have some time to rest.

After another round of procedures, Lin Jianshen's forehead was covered with cold sweat.

Yu Mian took a tissue and wiped it off for him, carefully supporting him with her shoulders. This kind of rehabilitation training was very painful at the beginning. I haven't moved my legs for nearly two months, and I have kept the same posture. Now I have to walk again. Even if the broken bones grow back together, there is still some discomfort.

In order to distract him, Yu Mian pulled Lin Jianshen to talk: "Did you go home for Chinese New Year this year?"

Lin Jianshen was breathing heavily, but his voice was steady: "No, I haven't been back for a long time."

Yu Mian had guessed it long ago, seeing how he got along with Lin Jiahua, it was impossible to go back.

"Then where do you celebrate New Year every year?"

Lin Jianshen lowered his head, looked at her with gentle eyes, and said in a low voice, "Sometimes when I go to the Spring Festival Gala, I just stay at home when I'm not busy with work."

Yu Mian wasn't surprised at all, she thought about it, then raised her face and said to him, "This year, do you want to come to my house to celebrate the New Year?"

Lin Jianshen laughed: "I'm worried that my uncle and your brother will drive me out."

Yu Mian frowned in confusion, thinking that this might really be the case. These days she went to the hospital frequently, and her father and brother's complexion looked bad every day.

Just when he was in a difficult situation, the man suddenly pinched his cheek lightly.

Lin Jian said with a smile in his deep black eyes, "There is no rush to celebrate the New Year. On New Year's Eve, let's watch the fireworks together, shall we?"

There is a firework show every New Year's Eve in City X, Yu Mian agreed without hesitation: "Okay!"

A few days before the Chinese New Year, Lin Jianshen fully recovered and was discharged from the hospital, and Yu Mian also stopped by his home.

Thinking about half a year ago, she had never even met the real Lin Jianshen, and half a year later, she was able to sit in his room, which is unbelievable.

Lin Jianshen's house is very clean, spotlessly clean, with a simple European style overall, it looks like that kind of hardcover room, without much personal atmosphere, as cold as if no one has ever lived there.

"Is this really your house?" Yu Mian walked around in his room and couldn't help but ask in doubt.

Lin Jianshen rubbed her head, with a calm expression, with a carelessness hidden in his brows and eyes: "It's not really, to me, it's just a house to live in."

Yu Mian saw a photo he put next to the bed, this photo was quite old, the paper was slightly yellowed, on it was a young and beautiful woman, wearing a long white dress, holding a two or three year old girl in her arms. little child smiling sadly at the camera.

She had a premonition in her heart, and probably guessed who the person above was.

Lin Jianshen followed her gaze and also saw this photo. He was slightly taken aback, and reached out to pick it up.

His eyelids drooped to cover his pupils, and he said softly, "This is my mother."

Obviously his expression did not change, his expression was calm and indifferent, but when he said this sentence, it made people feel a little sad and mournful for no reason.

Yu Mian bit her lip, put her arms around his waist, and leaned into his arms actively and boldly. In the past, she would never have dared to do this. But at this time, she wanted to hug him and tell him that she would accompany him in the future.

Lin Jianshen subconsciously hugged the little girl who threw himself into his arms. He was stunned for a moment, but soon understood her thoughts, and couldn't help chuckling.

"My mother passed away very early. In fact, I don't remember the scene with her very well." He slowly, as if he was talking to Yu Mian, or just talking to himself, "My father ...He refuses to admit his mistake, and thinks that I killed my mother, so I don't go to the Lin's house to hinder his eyes, I have never been the head of the Lin family in these years. "

Yu Mian said: "Home is where there are family members, and there are no relatives there."

Looking back at the sky, Lin Jianshen looked down and saw the little girl's round hair below him. He smiled suddenly: "You are right, a place with family is called home."

Yu Mian raised her head, she hugged him tightly, as if holding a piece of driftwood for survival, and asked almost stubbornly: "We will definitely have a family, right?"

Lin Jianshen stared at her quietly, and he saw the uneasiness, the uneasiness, the longing and hope for love in her eyes. The two of them are so similar, and how lucky they are to meet each other.

He lowered his head slowly, kissed her brows and eyes with his lips, and held her firmly in his arms, the two bodies were close together, inseparable.

"Yeah." He said hoarsely, "There will be."

On New Year's Eve, Yu Mian made dumplings for New Year's Eve dinner with her mother at home. The aunt at home also went home for the annual leave, and these days she can only fire by herself.

Yu Xing was finally able to sleep late, but even so, he still got up early and sat in the living room with Father Yu to receive some visiting guests.

In the afternoon, the number of visitors gradually decreased, and the house finally became quiet.

The daughter's marriage has been settled, but the son is still a loner. Yu's mother is always talking, urging Yu Xing to find a girlfriend to fall in love, and even pulling him to show him the daughter of a wealthy wife in the circle of friends.

Yu Xing is very annoying, he is a complete workaholic, and he has never cared about the love of his children. Yu's mother began to urge the marriage, so he hid in the study all afternoon on the pretext of dealing with company affairs.

It was the first time that Yu Mian saw Brother Jing being deflated, he couldn't help but laugh, and even told Lin Jianshen about it on WeChat. She was afraid that he would be alone, so she sent him messages on her mobile phone from time to time, hoping to pass on her happiness.

After a simple dinner in the evening, the family began to watch the New Year's Eve, and the New Year's Eve dinner was not eaten until twelve o'clock in the middle of the night.

Taking advantage of other people not paying attention, Yu Mian quietly went out and got into a car in front of the house.

The man was sitting in the driver's seat, and when he saw her getting into the car, he leaned over, pinched Yu Mian's waist, pressed her on the seat, and kissed her deeply.

When it stopped, Yu Mian was almost out of breath, and Lin Jianshen was also panting slightly.

Before that, they hadn't seen each other for several days, and they could only contact each other on the mobile phone, so they lost control when they saw each other.

Yu Mian blushed, and pushed him feebly: "Let's go, I sneaked out, I can't leave for too long."

Lin Jianshen sighed softly in her ear, put on her seat belt, and said in a low voice, "I really hope you will be twenty years old tomorrow."

He had mentioned the matter of being twenty years old, and Yu Mian immediately understood the meaning. Her eyes were still shining with water, and she glanced at him with her big watery eyes, and began to turn over the old accounts: "You Didn't you say we were just playing around?"

This was indeed what he said, Lin Jianshen had to admit it, he gritted his teeth secretly, his long eyelashes drooped, his expression was low and pitiful: "It's my fault, wife."

Yu Mian's face turned red in an instant: "Who, who is your wife..."

The man's complexion is light, his thick black eyebrows are slightly raised, and his pair of dark eyes are deep, like a bottomless ancient pool in the forest, which is soul-stirring.

He smiled with his thin lips, with a taste of wantonness, and said slowly: "I called my husband on the Internet, don't you want to admit it?"

Yu Mian... Yu Mian stopped talking.

Her check-in is still going on, but there are too many people paying attention to her previous account, so she applied for a new trumpet and checks in with Lin Jianshen every day.

She didn't tell anyone about this trumpet, so she let it go relatively openly...

"How did you know?" Yu Mian was puzzled, she thought the trumpet was hidden very well, how could he still find it!

Lin Jian smiled deeply and said nothing, and Ren Yumian didn't answer any questions.

The two arrived at the Fireworks Square and found a remote and unobtrusive place to sit down. There were a lot of people in the square, Lin Jianshen was wearing a mask, and it was getting dark again, so no one noticed.

The fireworks started on time at eight o'clock in the evening, and the shining light rose into the sky, and huge colorful flowers exploded in the dark blue night sky. Yu Mian looked up at the sky, her dark eyes reflected the night sky like a mirror, looking bright and bright .

She watched the fireworks for a long time, intoxicated by the beauty of the fireworks all over the sky, and turned her head to look at Lin Jianshen after a long time, only to find that he was looking at her quietly.

Yu Mian squinted her eyes, amplified her voice and shouted, "The fireworks are so beautiful!"

In the night, the man looked at her with clear eyes and deep and gentle eyes, as if he was responding to her words.

A beautiful colorful flower exploded in the sky, Lin Jianshen suddenly took off his mask, held her waist, pulled her closer to him, bent down and kissed her lips.

You are more beautiful and intoxicating than fireworks.

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