Lin Jianshen's car was parked on the side of the road outside the cemetery, and when the two returned to the car, the warmth came over them, and the chill outside was immediately cut off.

Yu Mian sat in the co-pilot, a little restless. Looking at the man's side face, she still couldn't help asking, "Don't you ask me anything?"

The man in the driver's seat leaned over, his brows were clean and indifferent, he looked at her calmly and softly, he slowly approached her, pulled up the seat belt next to Yu Mian, and buckled it for her.

"Tell me when you want to tell me." After buckling the seat belt, he reached out and rubbed the end of her eyes with his thumb, gently wiping away the remaining tears.

Such intimate actions, in fact, they rarely do. After all, they hardly ever see each other in person, and the one time they met was at Yu's house, and Lin Jianshen was an extremely gentleman. So when he caressed her face with his soft fingertips, Yu Mian's face immediately turned red.

Yu Mian almost couldn't hold back, and wanted to tell everything, but luckily reason stopped her at the last moment.

She still didn't dare to bet, because she was not sure whether Lin Jianshen liked her in person, or her as Yu Mian.

Women in love especially like to think wildly, not to mention their unequal identities, which makes Yu Mian more anxious than ordinary people.

She knew very well that her original self was neither very beautiful nor outstanding, and her family background was even more ordinary. If it wasn't for this adventure, they wouldn't even have the chance to meet each other.

If she was still the same Yu Mian, would Lin Jianshen still like her?

Yu Mian didn't dare to think about this question, let alone ask. And it's not practical at all, and it's a bit of a dead end when you get to the bottom of it.

The car drove in the direction of Yu's house. There were few buildings in the outskirts of the city, and the weather was bad today, so there were not many cars on the road.

The trees on the street had lost all their leaves, and countless branches stretched out towards the sky. Yu Mian didn't speak, for fear of disturbing Lin Jianshen's driving, she leaned her head against the window and watched the scenery outside.

Ahead is a straight road, the asphalt road is flat and wide, from time to time there are vehicles flying past, the gray clouds in the sky are very low, the car air conditioner is humming softly, Yu Mian gradually feels sleepy, Eyelids began to fight.

At this time, out of the corner of her eye, she suddenly caught a glimpse of a hidden fork in the road on the left, and a large truck rushed out quickly.

It came too fast, and it didn't mean to slow down at all, as if it didn't see their car at all.

Time seems to slow down, everything in front of me is like a slow-motion camera, this scene is very similar to the car accident that Yu Mian experienced before, it is also on the way out of the cemetery, the same blue truck, also passing through the side road come over.

Yu Mian's eyes widened uncontrollably, and intense fear swept over her, making her unable to make any sound.

If that car hits, it will hit this car directly, and she will die, she has no doubt.

Is this fate? She was doomed to die on this road, and these stolen beauties were also doomed not to belong to her.

After the extreme panic, there was great despair, but at this critical juncture, Yu Mian calmed down exceptionally.

Beside her, sat Lin Jianshen.

The truck came too fast and suddenly, obviously he also noticed something strange, now it was too late to step on the brakes, he turned the steering wheel quickly, turned the front of the car to the right, trying to make the rear of the car face the side of the side road.

Cold sweat appeared on his forehead, and he turned his head and said to her, "Don't be afraid."

Yu Mian tried her best to smile at him, then unhooked the seat belt without hesitation, and when the red steel beast rushed over, it threw itself into his arms and hugged his body.

If she is destined to die, she hopes to protect him.

But what she couldn't believe was that Lin Jianshen's reaction was so fast, so fast, the moment she rushed towards him, he instantly understood her plan. He held her tightly in his arms, then turned sideways forcefully, pressing her tightly on the seat.

A huge impact followed, and with a loud bang, the car was hit and slid to the right for a certain distance, and then stopped.

Yu Mian's head was buzzing, her arms and calves were in severe pain, the windshield and windows were shattered in an instant, the car door was also twisted and skewed, and the fine shards of glass exploded, piercing into the flesh with unbearable pain.

She looked up at the man lying on top of her. His face was as white as snow, his eyes were as black as thick ink, and she struggled to squeeze out a few words: "Call the emergency, don't be afraid, we will be fine."

After saying this, he closed his eyes, let himself hold her down heavily and silently, and let go of the hands that held her tightly.

Yu Mian's eyes widened, and tears welled up.

She shook her hands, with a blank expression, and she took out her cell phone instinctively. Her cell phone was in her clothes pocket, and he couldn't get it under pressure, but she touched the cell phone he put in his coat.

Taking out the cell phone that belonged to him, she pressed it tremblingly, tears blurred her vision, she raised her hand to wipe her eyes, only to realize that her hand had been shaking all the time.

The phone was locked, and she desperately went to take Lin Jianshen's hand, only to feel a slight wetness on his waist, and the tears immediately fell down in big ones, and kept falling, Yu Mian forced herself to calm down, and finally remembered not to use it. Unlocking can also make emergency calls.

She pressed the dial button, and the beep sounded unhurriedly. She was so anxious that she felt that a long, long time had passed.

The phone was finally connected, and when she opened her mouth, what she revealed was a cry of collapse.

"Hello lady, what help do you need?"

"I, save him, come quickly... I beg you to save him... come and save him..."

"Ma'am, please speak clearly, don't worry, please tell us what happened?"

Yu Mian took a deep breath: "I've had a car accident here, please hurry up, hurry up, please, he's about to die!!"

After saying the last sentence, she couldn't control it anymore and burst into tears.

"Okay lady, for accurate positioning, please don't hang up the phone, we will immediately connect the nearby 120 and the police station..."

The voice on the phone gradually faded away, there was a vague conversation on the other side, but Yu Mian couldn't hear anything, the tide of sadness drowned her whole body, she felt that her world collapsed, and her eyes became a blind dark.

She didn't dare to hug him, for fear of touching the wound on his body, which would accelerate the deterioration of the situation. She only dared to carefully hold his hand on the seat beside her, as if touching a fragile and fragile doll.

Suddenly, a cold finger gently touched the back of her hand.

After crying, Yu Mian hurriedly looked down, only to see Lin Jianshen's hand resting on her palm, moving slightly twice.

She blinked vigorously, blinking away the moisture in her eyes, and looked sideways at his face nestled on her shoulders, his face was still so white, his lips had no trace of blood, his dark eyebrows were getting darker, his eyes were tightly closed, and his long eyes The eyelashes trembled slightly.

"You, are you okay?"

There was a light of hope in Yu Mian's eyes, and she stared at him closely, not wanting to miss any subtleties.

However, there was no change, he didn't open his eyes, and he didn't speak to her, he was still sleeping peacefully like a broken doll.

But his hand, the obedient hand lying on her palm, touched her finger again gently, softly, and slowly.

Yu Mian burst into tears into laughter, and broke down in sobs.

He is still awake, he is not dead, he is still alive, and he will live.

Yu Mian held his hand like holding a treasure. The slender hand that was originally perfect like a handicraft was now covered with bloodstains from tiny glass. The blood stained her palm, but she didn't care at all.

The waiting time for rescue was extremely long. I heard that as long as you stay sane, you have a great chance of being rescued. In order not to let him fall into a deep sleep, she whispered into his ear, telling him what she wanted to tell him but didn't say, those people who had passed by. Memories, tell him all one by one.

She said quietly, and the man listened silently.

"Lin Jianshen, you are not allowed to die, do you hear me, you have to persevere, we will be rescued, and we will be fine."

— we'll be fine.

"You are the light of so many Mori fans, the salvation and faith of countless of us, you can't fall down, you know! If you die, what will the Mori fans do? What will I do?" She kept crying, so many and so There were so many tears, as if she was going to shed all the tears of her life here.

──Don't cry.

"I'm afraid you don't know that I am actually Kapok. I guess you don't remember who Kapok is, but you just need to know that I am your fan, your first fan, the most loyal one who vowed to protect you forever Kapok."

──I know, I remember.

"There is another biggest secret, you must not know, in fact, I am not the current Yu Mian, this Yu Mian died more than two months ago, I had a car accident at that time, and then became the current Yu Mian, just now I went to Those who came to visit were my former family members and myself. Do you think it’s weird or not?”

──No wonder, there is such a big difference between the you you used to be and the you now.

"The original me, also named Yu Mian, was a little girl you sponsored with both parents dead. I was sponsored by you at the age of twelve. I wanted to repay you and became your fan. You never thought that, you have always been a The dawn of a little girl's life, you illuminate her path in life, without you, there would be no her, and there would be no me now."

──…I see.

Her voice was trembling, she was out of breath from crying, and she felt that the big hand that was holding her had scratched her palm twice weakly.

He's been telling her, he's listening, so don't be sad, don't be sad.

"I love you, I love you, I love you more than anyone else in this world, I can't live without you, you mean more than idols and beliefs to me, whether you love me or not, whether you remember or not Me, no matter what you think of me, you are the driving force of my life, the pillar of my life, and the only bond I have with this world for so many years. The little girl who lost all her relatives at a young age once wanted to escape In this lonely world, you held her, are you going to let her go now?"

──I'm very glad that I caught you.

An ambulance came whistling in the distance, and the girl under her body was shaken violently. She stretched out her right hand to open the car door, ignoring her hand that was scarred by the raised iron sheet, and cried loudly to the outside: "Come on!" People! Help!"

Yu Mian's left hand was still holding him, she wept next to his ear, and his heart ached a little from crying.

"We are saved, Lin Jianshen, have I ever said that I have never regretted loving you."

He tried his best to resist the growing gravitational force that dragged him to sleep, and tapped her soft palm three times.

──I... love you.

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