Do You Know How to Capture a Villain?

Do You Know How to Capture a Villain?


152 Chapters Ongoing Status


Ji Qingzhou was anthrophobic and foolish. She had no redeeming qualities, except for her face.

Once she transmigrated, she was bound to a Guide System to save the world.

She was tasked with capturing Shen Rongyu, the sinister, beautiful, mighty, gloomy villain and Great Shixiong of Xuanyun Sect, and to prevent him from destroying the immortal cultivation world in the future.

Can Ji Qingzhou, who had been single for 20 years, learn how to capture a villain?

Of course not.

She started off terribly, and muddled through the tasks that the system issued.


Shen Rongyu was practicing swordsmanship, leaving bright and shiny sword glints on the snow. She should have stood by and applauded to show her admiration for her Shixiong1.

However, she was preoccupied with eating cakes, and accidentally fed some cakes to Shen Rongyu’s sword that killed and drank blood without limit.

After she left, Shen Rongyu lifted his sword and shook it several times to make the sword spit out the pastries.

While treating an injured Shen Rongyu, she accidentally discovered another old injury of his. She should have shed tears to show her heart ache for him.

She squeezed her eyes for a long time but could not shed any tears. She only touched his wound and said dryly, “Shixiong, your tattoo is quite cool indeed.”

Shen Rongyu was so angry with her that he became ill for three more months.

She finally had a chance to talk with Shen Rongyu under the moon, and she should have taken this opportunity to further cultivate their feelings.

However, Ji Qingzhou overslept. The next morning, she brought Shen Rongyu breakfast and asked him if he wanted to dine with her.

Shen Rongyu, who had waited all night, said drowsily, “I won’t eat.”

In the end, the orthodox sects were subverted. Shen Rongyu stepped on white bones and blood, covered her eyes with one hand, and shielded her eyes from the scarlet view.

Ji Qingzhou was very nervous. ‘Is it my turn?’ Her long eyelashes trembled uneasily on his palm.

She was about to instruct the system to prepare her funeral, but to her surprise, Shen Rongyu leaned over and brushed his lips past her ear.

In the darkness, he spoke in a low and paranoid tone.

“Ji Qingzhou, now that everything has come to this, can you be more serious about targeting me?”

TL Note:

1 Shixiong – elder martial brother

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