Demon's Diary

Chapter 1625

Before long, Ximen Xue and Jin Xiaochai came to a smooth cliff near the bottom of the mountain.

Standing in front of the cliff, Ximen Xue's eyes swept around. Then she raised her eyebrows, and a white light flew out of the cliff.

The stone wall suddenly gave out a "click" sound, slowly exposing a hole.

Ximen snow body shape in a flash, straight into the cave.

Seeing this, Jin Xiaochai was slightly stunned and let out her divine sense to explore the cave.

Perhaps because of the black ink stone, the divine consciousness was dispersed after a short distance into the cave, so he gave up his efforts, shook his head and followed.

In the cave, there were long passages, dark and dark all the way. They walked for a long time before they came to the end.

In front of them is a black stone gate about seven or eight feet high, which is densely carved with mysterious patterns, emitting light.

Ximen xuekou recites words and waves his hand to make a decision.

The pattern on the gate lights up in circles. After a flash of light, it opens slowly in a rumble.

Inside the gate was a stone chamber, empty and empty, but separated by a black fence in the middle, which was a prison.

There are runes on the black fence, which seems to be forbidden.

In the prison, there was a girl in a golden robe. She was pale and haggard, but still could not hide her beautiful face.

If Shi Mu is here, I'm afraid he will be surprised to shout out that this girl is not Zhong Xiu, who else can she be!

Zhong Xiuyi saw Ximen snow two people, suddenly stood up, look a little excited rushed to the black fence, shouting something.

However, a ripple suddenly appeared in the void on the black fence, which seemed to trigger some kind of prohibition and cut off her voice.

"Why! Isn't this Zhong Xiu? Why is she here? Cher, did you lock her up here? " Jin Xiaochai was surprised to see the girl in the golden robe inside.

Heedless of Jin Xiaochai, Ximen Xue takes a few steps forward, recites words in her mouth, turns her fingers over and plays out a series of tricks.

"Isn't Zhong Xiu Shi Mu's woman? Xueer, are you making a bad idea when you imprison people here? Oh, I see. Are you going to come back to Shi Mu again, so come and kill her so that she won't pose a threat to you? Hee hee, although this method is vicious, it's just like my appetite. I like it. " Jin Xiaochai held her chin in one hand and said with an evil smile.

Ximen Xue's face did not change. Without saying a word, she played dozens of tricks one after another. As soon as the ripples around the prison subsided, the forbidden light flashed and disappeared.

"Simon snow! You cruel woman! What on earth do you want to do when you keep me here for so long? " When the ban disappeared, Zhong Xiu's voice suddenly came out, furious.

"Why, cruel? Cher, what did you do to Zhong Xiu? She hates you so much? " Jin Xiaochai's eyes were so colorful that she was very interested.

"It's nothing. It's just killing one of their Tianfeng women." Simon snow light said.

"If you kill sister Xuanji, I won't let you go! Even if I'm not your opponent, I'll find elder brother Shi and avenge her blood hatred! " Zhong Xiumei said, biting her teeth, if she wanted to spray fire out of her eyes.

Simon snow smell speech, show eyebrow micro wrinkle, don't know what to think of, temporarily didn't speak.

"Zhao Xuanji? I remember she is not Zhao Jian arranged in the Tianfeng family undercover? Cher, did you kill her Jin Xiaochai said in surprise.

Simon snow is still expressionless and silent.

"Undercover, what are you talking about?" Zhong Xiu heard this, the whole person was stunned.

"Oh, I see about it. What a simple minded woman. I can't figure it out. Let me tell you the truth! Zhao Xuanji, a woman, is not a fuel-efficient lamp. She has long secretly taken refuge in heaven, colluded with Zhao Jian, and succeeded in exterminating the Tianfeng clan. If Xueer hadn't killed Zhao Xuanji, you would have fallen into the hands of heaven and become a chip to threaten Shi mu. " Jin Xiaochai said with some disdain.

Zhongxiu smell speech, immediately mouth half open, Zheng in place, face a change.

She wanted to refute it, but in her mind, she couldn't help recalling the situation when the Tianfeng clan was exterminated. At that time, she was a little surprised. Many of them were really strange. Looking back now, all the signs were just like what Jin Xiaochai said.

Her master, Zhao Linglong, was also on their way to escape from the Tianfeng clan. Suddenly, one day, she was overtaken by the Tianting people and died.

At the moment, only the three of them knew their escape route, which was extremely secret. If someone hadn't leaked the route, the people in heaven would never have caught up with them.

Is Zhao Xuanji really, as they say, an undercover agent in heaven?

Zhong Xiu's heart was in a mess. For a moment, he was at a loss.

Ximen snow took out a piece of black iron plate, recited words in her mouth, and the iron plate flew out, and flashed into the black fence.

Click, click!

A door emerged from the black fence and opened slowly.

"Come out." Simon snow light said.

Zhong Xiu was surprised, but he didn't go out from inside.

"What do you want to do? If you want to hand me over to heaven to threaten brother Shi, I will die immediately. I will never let your treacherous plan succeed! " Zhong Xiuhu's lift palm presses in the top of the head, the facial expression definitely says.

Ximen Xue looks at Zhong Xiu. Her eyes are very clear. It is obvious that what she says is what she thinks in her heart.

Beside her, Jin Xiaochai held her chest in her hands, sighed and shook her head.

For a long time, Ximen Xue's eyes were gloomy, and she sighed in her heart.

"Oh, will you die for Shi mu?" Gold small hairpin eyebrow tip a pick, smile don't smile of say.

Zhong Xiu did not answer, eyes quietly looking at the two.

Jin Xiaochai's eyes flashed a little cunning, and said: "yes, we just took you to the heaven to force Shi Mu to surrender to our heaven

Zhong Xiu's body shakes, and his eyes show a tragic color. Without hesitation, he suddenly takes a picture.

At this moment, Simon snow frowned and pointed out.

A flash of white light came out of Zhong Xiu's body.

Her body was immediately covered with a layer of snow-white light, and her whole body became extremely stiff. She fell to the ground, and her eyes were immediately anxious, but there was nothing to do.

"Don't talk nonsense!" Ximen Xue stares at Jin Xiaochai.

Jin Xiaochai spat out her tongue and made a face.

"Don't listen to her nonsense. We are not in heaven now. You don't have to worry." Ximen snow immediately turns head to see to Zhong Xiu, say.

"What did you say?" Zhong Xiu was stunned at the news.

Ximen Snow once again pointed out that the white light on Zhong Xiu's body immediately dissipated.

"I can die for Shi mu. No wonder he will like you." Jin Xiaochai sighed with regret.

Zhong Xiu looks at the two people, looks uncertain, seems to judge whether the two people's words are credible.

"We are now out of the sky, and we don't want to get involved in the fight between the sky and the stars. You can go." Simon snow finally looked at Zhong Xiu and turned to walk outside.

"I'm sorry. I've just offended you so much. I'll see you later." Jin Xiaochai smiles apologetically to Zhong Xiu and follows Ximen Xue out.

"Xueer, you are really gentle. You specially released your rival from prison. You have a broad mind. You are the woman I like." Jin Xiaochai catches up with Ximen Xue and laughs.

"Long winded!" Ximen Xue's face was cold, and she quickened her steps and went out

Zhong Xiu slowly stood up, watching the two figure away, just about to walk out of prison.

At this moment, a loud noise came from the distance, and the whole mountain suddenly shook.

Two figures shot back from the passage quickly and hit the black bar heavily.

Jin Xiaochai spits out a mouthful of blood. Ximen Xue looks better, but her face is pale and not hurt.

"Hehe, you are really clever! I know Ximen snow is unreliable, so I will let you escape from heaven and find your secret place by following the vine. " A cold voice came from outside.

In the stone room, a man with Yin and Yang faces and double swords appeared.

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