Deadly Doting Marriage

Deadly Doting Marriage

534 Chapters Ongoing Status


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In a car accident, he lost his loved ones and a leg, causing him to be handicapped. The day the perpetrator of the accident was executed, he adopted his enemy’s eight-year-old daughter.
For over ten years, he tried every means to torture her and make her pay for what her father had done.
Due to a conspiracy, she was trapped in a fire and never woke up since then. He lost his mind too with her charred body in his arms.
Four years later, she made a triumphant and gorgeous return, together with a boy who could see nothing but her.
On a snowy night, he removed his prosthetic leg, got down on his knees on the snowfield and pulled at the hem of her clothes, begging, “Kathy, what do I need to do for you to come back to me?”
“Only if you die!” She shrugged off his hand and left with great strides



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