Chapter 77: Xue Jingcheng

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After these blood particles entered his body, they seemed to be able to take over his body and devour his blood.


There was only one way to deal with such a strange secret technique.

That was to stop absorbing spiritual energy.

For other cultivators, stopping the absorption of spiritual energy was undoubtedly fatal. After all, the true essence in their bodies could only be released, and their endurance would definitely be greatly reduced.

But Cheng Xu was different, because the Ten Thousand Arts Evil Eye could allow him to absorb spiritual energy from the void.

At the same time that Cheng Xu was actively isolating the surrounding spiritual energy, a huge ball of blood energy was condensing in Xu Lu’s palm.

In the vision of the Ten Thousand Arts Evil Eye, the blood-colored ball of light was constantly emitting those strange blood-colored particles.

“Not bad, you found a way to deal with it so quickly?” Seeing that Cheng Xu was no longer absorbing spiritual energy, Xu Lu was secretly surprised. “But how long can you last without regaining your breath?”

She was already a realm higher than Cheng Xu. If this continued, she would definitely win.

“It doesn’t matter how long 1 can hold on. What matters is how long you can hold on!”

Cheng Xu laughed in his heart. Seeing the blood-red ball of light whizzing over, the Red and White Flames in his body rapidly condensed, and Nine Layers Flame Waves were unleashed.


The blood-red ball of light collided with the first wave of flames, creating a scorching wave of air.

The second wave of flames quickly stacked up and destroyed the blood-red ball of light in one fell swoop. It then swept up the third wave of flames and charged toward Xu Lu.

After the blood-red light ball collapsed, it did not completely dissipate. Instead, it turned into a large area of strange blood-red particles, further increasing the concentration of the blood-red particles in the air.

“These blood-colored particles are very strange. Even the Red and White Flames can’t remove them.”

There were more and more blood-colored particles in the air, as if any attacks were meaningless against them.

On the contrary, the blood particles that entered Cheng Xu’s body were slowly decreasing.

Cheng Xu had fought with many Blood Demon Church Monks before, but this was the first time he had encountered such a strange Blood Transfusion Secret Technique.

From this, it could be seen that there were not many people in the Blood Demon Church who could master the Blood Transfusion Secret Technique.

While Cheng Xu was curious about the Blood Transfusion Secret Technique, Xu Lu was already shocked by the third wave of flames. She looked at Cheng Xu as if she had seen a ghost.

“Damn it, why did this guy have a new move, and it’s so powerful?”

Xu Lu managed to block the attack of the third wave of flames with great difficulty. Before she could recover, the fourth wave of flames had already arrived, and its power was even more terrifying.

“There’s more?”

Xu Lu, who was originally full of confidence, was beaten back by the Nine Layers Flame Waves, completely losing her arrogance.


The fourth level, the fifth level, the sixth level…

The Red and White Flames condensed into waves of flames, not giving Xu Lu any chance to catch her breath.

The fiends below the stage were all flabbergasted. Even the young prodigy from the Black Water Mystic Palace had a strong sense of respect for Cheng Xu. “He’s only at the Early Foundation Establishment Stage, but he already has such strength. I’ve underestimated the younger generation of Little Nantian.

“The power of those flame waves is stacked layer by layer, and each wave is stronger than the last. I’m afraid Sister Xu won’t be able to withstand it.” Jiang Hong said solemnly.

The Blood Demon Cult Master wasn’t stupid either. He could naturally tell that Xu Lu’s defeat was set in stone.

However, he couldn’t understand how Cheng Xu had grown so quickly.

Compared to the time he was captured, this kid’s strength could be said to have advanced by leaps and bounds, turning the world upside down.

On the stage, although Xu Lu could use the Blood Transfusion Secret

Technique to transfer a portion of the damage from the Flame Wave to Cheng Xu, the Red Flame and White Flame were clearly unable to hurt Cheng Xu. Boom!

The seventh wave of flames came, but Xu Lu couldn’t block it. She fell out of the fighting ring like a kite with a broken string.

The Blood Demon Cult Master hurriedly waved his sleeve and sent out a burst of energy, catching Xu Lu firmly.

“I’m sorry, father. I lost.”

Xu Lu’s face turned pale and she secretly blamed herself.

“It’s fine. It’s not a big deal.” The Blood Demon Cult Master smiled indifferently and turned to look at the spectating area. “Fellow Daoist Chi Yao has taken in a good disciple. Now, it seems that this kid is indeed worth that Cracking Pill.” “Thank you!” Daoist Chi Yao is secretly proud of himself.

“Keep it.”

The Blood Demon Cult Master could afford to lose, so he threw the Energy Splitting Stone to Perfected Chi Yao.

At the same time, the Righteous Sect disciples below the stage were already excited and jubilant. Everyone was shouting Cheng Xu’s name.

Little did he know that Cheng Xu was not feeling well either.

On the surface, he did not seem to be injured, but the strange blood-colored particles in his body had not been completely removed. He was still in an inexplicable discomfort.

“It seems that the black substance was devouring the blood particles.”

It was obvious that the blood-colored particles were not so easy to remove, but the black mucus hidden in his body seemed to be very interested in these blood-colored particles.

“Strange, what exactly were the black substance and the blood-colored particles emitted by Xu Lu?”

He kept feeling that there was some kind of unique strange power behind these Demon Sects.

While he was puzzled, the young man from the Black Water Mystical Palace had already gone up the stage.

“Cheng Xu, right?” The young man from the Black Water Mystic Palace appeared proudly. He revealed his strong confidence and said, “I am Xue Jingcheng of the Black Water Mystic Palace.”

The demonic cultivators seemed to be full of confidence in Xue Jingcheng, and they all had a well thought out look on their faces.

However, to their surprise, Cheng Xu had no intention of accepting the challenge.

“Cough cough… I’m still injured, so I won’t embarrass myself.” Cheng Xu pretended to be weak and looked at Yan Changfeng, Liu Qiao, and the others for help.

“You should be able to fight again, right?” Xue Jingcheng asked in astonishment.

“I can’t, I can’t,” Cheng Xu continued to pretend, “The Blood Transfusion Secret Skill of the Blood Demon Church is so powerful. I need to recuperate.”

With that, he pretended to be weak and returned to the Medicine Celestial Valley team.

Seeing this, Liu Qiao from Shenluo Hall immediately flew up to the stage. “Brother Cheng, rest assured and leave the rest to us.”

On the Medicine Celestial Valley’s side, Miao Changsheng and the others were still worried about Cheng Xu’s condition a second ago, but in the next second, Cheng Xu had recovered to his full health. He did not look injured at all.

As for the blood-colored particles in his body, they had long been devoured by the black substance.

Seeing that Cheng Xu was fine, Miao Changsheng and the others did not know whether to laugh or cry.

At the same time, the battle between Liu Qiao and Xue Jingcheng had begun. However, the result and process of the battle left everyone dumbfounded. Liu Qiao had just used the Array Disk to set up a few array formations when he was instantly killed by Xue Jingcheng, so much so that the crowd could not see what had happened.

Liu Qiao suddenly screamed and fell off the stage in a sorry state.

“Tsk, it’s better to let Cheng Xu do it.”

Xue Jingcheng stood proudly on the stage, sneering disdainfully as he looked provocatively at the Righteous Sect.

For a moment, the entire place was silent.

Fu Yunzi and the others in the spectating area were also shocked speechless.

This prodigy of the Black Water Mystic Palace was clearly much stronger than Jiang Hong, and his attacks were decisive and ruthless, not giving Liu Qiao any chance at all.

It was also at this moment that they realized where the confidence of the Demonic Sect people came from.

“The strength of this Demonic Sect junior can probably be compared to Yan Changfeng, right?”

The Sect Leader of the Exquisite Spell Sect gulped in shock, while the other leaders of the other sects also wore solemn expressions.

“How is it, everyone? Is this prodigy of our Demonic Sect worthy of your attention?” The Blood Demon Cult Master had a playful look in his eyes.

“Sir, don’t be too pleased with yourself.” Fu Yunzi looked at him coldly. “This genius of the Devil Sect is indeed powerful, but it’s not certain who will win or lose until the end.”

“Oh, really?” The Blood Demon Sect Master was secretly surprised.

On the Medicine Celestial Valley’s side, Cheng Xu and the others were also shocked.

“So strong!” Tang Xuan was bewildered, and his eyes kept trembling.

Jian Yuxiang subconsciously clenched her fists. “I didn’t expect the Demonic Sect to have such a genius?”

Miao Changsheng was secretly glad for Cheng Xu. “Thank goodness Senior Brother didn’t continue fighting..”

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