Crossover in the Anime World

Vol 2 Chapter 3429: Virtue does not match

After the Saints became famous, they had to be exploited. Even if they denied it, there were still believers who thought they should donate money to religion. Even if their money does not reach the hands of the Saints at all, they will still happily give money to the religion.

In this situation, the Saints have no choice but to be exploited. Even if believers send money, nothing can stop them. You can only turn a blind eye and do your job well.

Even the Deep Sea of ​​the Super Seven team has joined the religious organization. Now that the Vought Company is no longer viable, the Deep Sea has found a way out, which is to repackage it through religion.

Deep Sea established a doting wife persona through religion, but secretly fell in love with Octopus, and even his legal wife couldn't stand it.

He doesn't think there is anything wrong with him. He can talk to fish and understand the fish's heart. He feels that fish are much kinder and more beautiful than humans. As amphibians, the deep sea really knows the joy of fish.

Zhuangzi and Huizi discussed, how could Zi know the joy of fish if he was not a fish?

Now Deep Sea can say that although I am not a fish, I really know the happiness of fish. Humans don’t understand the happiness of fish at all. Fish are kinder than humans.

But humans eat fish cruelly, which is simply intolerable.

Deep Sea does things according to the requirements of religion and has gained many supporters. However, the deep sea is not very happy. The happiest time is when communicating with fish, but humans are seafood eaters and cannot accept it.

Therefore, he supports vegetarianism and the protection of the ocean. However, the ability in the deep sea is not strong, especially on land, and the combat effectiveness is very weak. It can only be said that the Lili characters are barely living a life, and there is no way to change anything at all, not even the current situation of humans eating seafood.

He can only escape and not see, but cannot change.

They don't want to change the religion that supports him. They just use the deep sea to expand their influence. They want more capable people and strangers to join them to enhance the power of the religion.

In fact, Shenhai knew it well, but he really couldn't change anything. The most he could do was not eat seafood, not go near seafood restaurants, and not listen to the screams coming from inside.

But sometimes as a being between land and sea, you have to face pressure.

For example, "The Man from the Bottom of the Atlantic" and "Future Water World" both describe the difficulties of amphibious humans on land and sea. It is difficult for them to choose between humans on the one hand and the ocean on the other.

Whether we should protect humans or the ocean, identity is a difficult problem.

Although Shenhai wants to have it all now, the ruthless reality keeps hitting him in the face. Some countries were discharging nuclear sewage, but he could not change it. In just a few years, the nuclear sewage could spread across the world along the ocean.

The protests of marine life can be heard in the deep sea, but it is not known how to stop it. After all, Deep Sea is not DC Aquaman. Aquaman has his own country, Atlantis, and his own army. If humans go too far, they can go to war directly.

Deep Sea is just a superpower who relies on drug mutation. Although he can talk to fish and move very fast in the ocean, his strength is too weak and he can't change anything by himself.

At the same time, religion does not really support Deep Sea, it just uses him. It is impossible for Deep Sea to fight against countries that discharge nuclear wastewater.

A feeling of powerlessness came over me.

At this time, Shenhai learned about the death of Locomotive. He knew that Locomotive had changed a lot, from only caring about himself to trying to change the world, but he died before the start of the mission.

"Once we want to change the world, will we end up like this? In the final analysis, we are not real heroes." Shenhai talked with mixed feelings when he saw the obituary, and he was deeply aware of the shortcomings of his abilities. If he only enjoys himself and relies on You can live a good life with superpowers. But if you want to improve the world, you will die without a place to die.

"The improvement we think is not the improvement that others think, and others will not accept it at all. Locomotive, you want to eliminate racial discrimination, but in the eyes of others, racial discrimination is natural, so you should discriminate." Shenhai said to himself: "Sure enough, Fish are much cuter than humans.”

Deep Sea deeply realizes that superpowers cannot change the world and promote good deeds, because the good he thinks is only his own good and is not recognized by others.

If there is no good that can be recognized by everyone, there will inevitably be resistance. And the resistance was so fierce that even super powers couldn't resist.

Locomotive wanted to fight against discrimination and ended up being shattered to pieces. The deep sea was originally timid. Faced with this kind of pressure, it felt deeply incompetent and chose to ignore ocean pollution.

The locomotive ignored it at first, and as a result, my brother almost died. Deep Sea's cowardice will only make the situation worse. His octopus girlfriend, shark friends, and whale family may all be threatened.

If nothing is done in the deep sea, the entire ocean will be filled with mutant creatures, and even Godzilla will appear.

But he really doesn’t know what he should do yet? Locomotive is a living example before our eyes. A person with superpowers who fights against society is a dead end.

Unless Shen Hai can gather strength, the problem is that Shen Hai is a coward. He is okay as a spokesperson, but he has no ability at all as a leader. So he could only watch as various mutated creatures appeared on the seabed, while the fish friends he cared about died one after another.

Octopus' girlfriend wants him to do something, but Shenhai always avoids him and talks about other things. This makes fish disappointed with the deep sea.

He was also very troubled, but his abilities were limited and he really had no choice.

"If Locomotive had no ambition, he could still live a good life and be prosperous now. But he foolishly wants to change the world. We are just freaks produced by drugs, not real heroes at all. The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. Big ambitions have nothing to do with us." Shenhai said to his girlfriend in the fish tank: "I can't do it, I can't do anything."

Octopus and Deep Sea had a quarrel. Deep Sea came to the courtyard and looked at the blue sky and green grass blankly, feeling very confused.

Duran thought to himself that except for Starlight and Maeve, everyone else in the Super Seven team was really not very good. The two of them know how to endure and look for opportunities, while others like to escape.

Starlight and Maeve know how to find someone to cooperate with and challenge powerful enemies. Although it is shameful and useful for others to escape, they will feel sad when they see others suffering, so they choose not to watch.

"So superpowers are a variable. Without superpowers, these people would not be able to occupy such a high status and would not have such a reputation. It is completely their superpowers that make them different and get them support." Duran knew that there was no such thing. With super powers, Deep Sea is just an ordinary coward.

If you are an ordinary person, that's not bad. Ordinary people can't talk to fish, and they don't need to consider the important proposition between humans and the ocean, and they don't need to think about whether they should side with humans or the ocean. You can happily eat seafood and have fun.

But with superpowers, Deep Sea is like a super-coward. When he is pushed down in front of humans and the ocean, he must take a stand.

It can be said that virtue is not worthy of the title. He does not understand that if he wants to wear the crown, he must bear the weight of it. He only wants the benefits brought by super powers and does not want the obligations brought by super powers.

Sitting in this position is to really listen, see and feel, UU read www. uukanshu. com When encountering something, you need to be brave enough to fight and risk your life.

What is moral mismatch? What is virtue? Virtue is to protect the interests of others. When it's time to take action, you have to fight for others, not just for yourself.

If a person only cares for himself, why should others support him? Of course, it is not ruled out that a few people have masochistic tendencies, just to support a selfish person. But most people are normal people and hope that the people they support will speak up for them and protect their interests at critical times.

To be unworthy of one's virtue is to sit in a position supported by everyone but not work hard for everyone's interests, and the situation will overturn in a minute.

Shen Hai is such a person whose virtue is not worthy of his place.

(End of chapter)


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