With Spade eliminated, Lyrian took in a fresh breath. He waved his right hand in the air, the one that blew Spade into the wall.

"Wow... you are even stronger than I imagined."

Glis took a few steps forward as she spoke. Lyrian turned around to face her.

'Silandra, huh? I don't have any specific opinions on her. If she tries to fight me... then I'll just eliminate her as well.'

Lyrian thought to himself, observing the girl walk for a short bit, before stopping. She paused, staring at Lyrian for a split second.

"I see... if I tried to fight you right now, it wouldn't end well for me. It's unfortunate, but I don't care about the core as much as passing this exam. So, can I leave?"

She said, her expression seeming nonchalant, but her words clearly the opposite of that. She was worried inwardly. She didn't know what kind of person Lyrian really was, and if he was like some other guys that she knew, her escape would be impossible from this current situation.

Lyrian was a bit taken aback by Glis's words. From what he saw of her in public, he expected an arrogant humph and her saying something along the lines of, "I don't want to fight you, bye!", or something.

"Huh... smart decision. If you don't want to fight, then leave. I don't see any point in fighting you if you have no desire to do so."

Lyrian blankly stated, as immediately turned around. Enforcing her feet in skates made of ice, she quickly made her way out of the room. As soon as she left, she heaved a heavy sigh of exasperation.

"Freak... he will be dangerous."

Lyrian on the other hand still had some more things to do, but first, he walked to the corner of the room where he had stored something precious to him. It wasn't any of the treasure or anything, but rather, some pieces of dried meat jerky.

He put his hands on his hip as he stared at the meat, his face challenged with a dilemma.

"The storage ring was able to store all of the treasure... but I had to take out this stuff..."
He contemplated for a moment, whether to trade some gold for the meat or not.

"Let's not be too greedy. I have enough gold to last me a lifetime anyway."

He said, taking out a small pile of treasure as he stored the pile of meat jerky in his storage ring instead. With this, he left the room, returning to the first room where the circular platform was located.

As soon as he entered, an unexpected sight shocked him. He saw Glis on the floor, a bit of blood dripping from her mouth, and a boy floating in the air on top of a wooden log.

Seeing Lyrian enter the room, Silvus turned his head toward him like a robot. His expression was savage, like a beast. It held a mixture of anger, frustration, fear, and almost any other negative emotion.

"The core! Hand it over before you die, sheep!"

Silvus didn't wait for Lyrian to respond, swerving over to him at accelerating speeds. As he neared, Lyrian noticed a few new tears in his clothes, and some scratches on his skin through those holes in his robe. The gashes looked to be frozen over.

'He had a full-fledged fight with Silandra before I entered it seems.'

Lyrian thought to himself, as the enraged Silvus quickly closed the distance between them. Seeing the prince's flustered and impatient expression, Lyrian actually felt a sense of disappointment.

"When will you learn that letting your emotions control you will never benefit you."

He said to the boy. Silvus ignored the remark and summoned a giant spiraling ball of wind in front of him.

"Aeras Bomb!"

He yelled, striking his wand forward as the wind sphere flew ahead, cutting through the air.

Lyrian put his hand on the hilt of his sword.


He said, looking at the incoming ball of wind with an unimpressed expression. It sped at him, nearly making contact before being sliced in half by his blade.

The two half-circles of wind collided against the walls, causing some debris to fall from the ceiling.

"I already know your fighting style, so I won't waste time with you."

Lyrian dashed forward with his blade unsheathed.

"Argh! Shut the hell up!"

Silvus suddenly exclaimed.

"I need that core... I need it!"

He waved his wand in the air.

"Take this! Aeras Coffin!"

Lyrian was forced to make a sudden stop, as a wild tornado formed around him. It was the same situation he faced in the preliminaries. This time, however, he wasn't the same fighter.

Last time, Lyrian had used Shock Fist to escape. He had heavily Enhanced his hand, making a powerful weapon. This time, he already had a weapon in hand. Enhancing his hand once again, he slashed his sword upward, slicing straight through the tornado.

Its momentum was instantly cancelled, as it too dispersed into thin air. As Lyrian continued forward, Silvus shakily gasped in the air, becoming more upset.

"Wind Slash! Aeras Blast! Aeras Coffin!"

He screamed, frivolously waving his wand in the air as several powerful magic spells attacked Lyrian. However, with swift ease, he dodged all of them, reaching Silvus in mere seconds.

Finally, he Enhanced his quads before jumping up into the air, right in front of Silvus, who slightly shrieked and tilted his head back.

Lyrian aimed for Silvus' throat and struck with his sword. The prince couldn't react fast enough, closing his eyes as he prepared to be eliminated.

At that moment, his heart pumped out of his chest as a flash of thoughts went through his head. He was horrified at the consequences of failing the exam. Things that he knew no one else in the world but him had to face.

Losing concentration, his log suddenly disappeared beneath his feet. He fell down to the ground and landed on his buttocks, saving him from elimination.

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