Chapter 276: Beating Vinnie! (2)

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Two horses instantly raced ahead!

The entire crowd in the arena was filled with excitement!

“Go, Vinnie! Vinnie is the best! Vinnie is number one! Vinnie, beat her!” Cheers drowned the racecourse.

Abby, with her childlike voice, was standing by Lu Zhi’s side, cupped her hands around her mouth like a megaphone, shouting, “Go, Sister! Sister is the best! Vinnie is last!”

Lu Zhi was swept up in the enthusiasm too, cheering for Jiang Yining!

Five minutes passed!

The first lap ended!

Vinnie led the way, slightly ahead!

Jiang Yining followed closely behind!

The gap between the two wasn’t significant!

The host also marveled at the equestrian skills of the two riders.

With excitement, he shouted, “Austin’s Vinnie has taken the lead! She truly lives up to her reputation! And our little-known Miss Jiang isn’t far behind! Although she started with a slight disadvantage, she’s keeping up with our Miss Austin! Will Vinnie leave Jiang behind, or will Jiang make a comeback?”

The viewers, although surprised by Jiang Yining’s abilities, still had more confidence in Vinnie!

After all, Jiang Yining was good but only second best!

She couldn’t surpass Vinnie!

As the race progressed, Vinnie, out of the corner of her eye, caught sight of Jiang Yining. She felt a sense of urgency growing within her. She had already given her all and performed at her highest level. Why was Jiang Yining catching up? And worse, she was closing the gap little by little!

If she was really overtaken by Jiang Yining in front of so many people, Vinnie couldn’t accept the humiliation. With her pride, she couldn’t bear to lose to Jiang Yining.

So, she started whipping the horse relentlessly. The horse let out a strained neigh and accelerated once more.

Observing this, Jiang Yining smiled and continued to calmly adjust her synchronization with Thunder. During a horse race, the key was the perfect synergy between rider and horse. Relentlessly whipping the horse only made it agitated.

Another five minutes passed!

The second lap ended!

The gap between Jiang Yining and Vinnie was now less than five meters!

Furthermore, Thunder’s speed was increasing significantly, almost reaching its peak.

The third lap officially began!

The host, holding a microphone, was nearly going mad as he eagerly followed their progress, “Now, there’s only half a lap to go! Miss Vinnie and Miss Jiang’s horses are neck and neck, with no clear leader! Jiang Yining is truly remarkable to turn the tables from a disadvantage! She’s showing top-notch mental fortitude! What kind of exciting performance will she present for us next?”

As he finished speaking, Thunder suddenly let out a neigh.

It raised its front hooves, and with lightning speed, it dashed forward frantically.

On the other hand, Vinnie’s horse came to a halt.

It was panting heavily, refusing to take another step forward, no matter how hard she whipped it.

The cheers from the crowd came to an abrupt stop. All eyes were now fixed on Jiang Yining, with no one paying any attention to Vinnie.

In the spectator stands, Lu Zhi’s voice sounded languid as he said, “Now, do you know who the real equestrian master is?”

Luna knew he was intentionally mocking her and replied in a subdued tone, “Until the very last moment, it’s not certain who will win or lose.”

“Ha, well, let’s see you admit defeat when the time comes.”

Lu Zhi remained silent, focusing his attention on the racetrack.

Jiang Yining, riding Thunder, completed the fourth lap in just two and a half minutes!

This was almost half the usual time!

Vinnie tried to adjust her horse’s state and catch up, but she had fallen behind by a full lap!

The fifth lap…

Jiang Yining managed to reduce her time to one minute and fifty seconds!

This was like setting a world record!

The entire audience held their breath, waiting for the final result!

The last lap!

The host’s voice was hoarse, but he was still enthusiastic, “1 can hardly believe my eyes. Miss Jiang completed the final lap in just one minute and thirty seconds!”

Along with his voice, at the finish line of the racetrack, bang, bang, bang! Seven gunshots in succession!

Jiang Yining and Thunder unquestionably secured first place!

The enormous racetrack fell into utter silence for a few seconds. Then, the entire audience erupted into thunderous applause!

It was truly an incredible spectacle!

I low did this girl from China manage to achieve this?

She had effectively suppressed Vinnie, leaving her no chance to fight back. It was truly admirable!

Lu Zhi rushed to Jiang Yining and gently lifted her down from the horse.

“1 didn’t embarrass you, did 1?” Jiang Yining said proudly.

“My wife is the best!” Lu Zhi’s dark eyes sparkled with astonishing brightness as he gazed deeply into Jiang Yining, filled with pride.

This was the woman he had chosen, someone who could accomplish anything with ioo% effort. Who said she wasn’t worthy of him?

Lu Zhi couldn’t help himself and kissed Jiang Yining on the cheek.

Jiang Yining was momentarily stunned.

In the meantime, Vinnie walked over, leading her horse. She looked embarrassed. She instructed her servant, “This horse doesn’t obey. Later, have it taken away and put down.”

She attributed all the reasons for her failure to the horse. It was the only way she could defuse embarrassment and feel a little better about herself.

The servant was about to lead the horse away, but Jiang Yining spoke up, “I don’t want your necklace. Give me this horse.”

Vinnie’s voice was cold as she said, “No, we agreed to the jewelry, so you get the jewelry.”

Jiang Yining smiled and moved closer to Lu Zhi. She said, “If I’m not mistaken, Ah Zhi also made a bet with you earlier. If I win, you have to agree to something for him.”

Vinnie furrowed her brows.

Jiang Yining raised her gaze and looked at Lu Zhi, saying, “All Zhi, 1 want her horse.”

This overt display of affection deeply wounded Vinnie’s pride..

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