Chapter 256 Truth of the Unknown Death

Corki sped up and followed the young man. As a professional assassin, he had the impunity to commit murder even in broad daylight.

Suddenly, the young man veered into a three-story equipment store. Corki hesitated momentarily before following him in. He despised the likelihood of unexpected occurrences in cramped indoor spaces, but deemed it an unnecessary concern when dealing with a mere youth.

— (If the Heavenly Ghost had hired a long-range sniper or curse-type assassin, they would have been powerless the moment the target took refuge in a building.)

— (But I'm different. No matter where the target goes, it won't impede my assassination.)

Corki attempted to keep pace with the young man, but his serpentine movements around the equipment store impeded Corki's progress.

— (The way this guy moves is strange...)

— (Could he have detected me?)

— (No, he couldn't possibly detect me. And if he did, he should have attacked me by now.)

For safety, Corki deliberately halted his "steps" to ascertain if the youth's movements would change. However, the young man continued his erratic trajectory, reassured, Corki resumed his pursuit.

Before long, both of them had reached the top-floor room, an empty warehouse with only two windows to the outside.

Outside the windows, the nearest structure was a small building about five meters away. Corki doubted the youth had the audacity to jump out of the window.

— (Excellent, you have nowhere to run!)

Corki lunged with confidence! But in that blink of an eye, four things happened almost simultaneously:

The young man threw out an unidentified orb emitting white smoke, and a sleek black sword. At the same time, a shadowy humanoid figure rose from the young man's shadow, and the young man vanished without a trace, his whereabouts undetectable in any corner of the room.

— (Damn it, it's a trap!)
Corki immediately turned to run, but the blue flames that chased from behind were much faster than him!

The relentless blue flames pierced through Corki's body. Under the extreme heat, Corki was ultimately burned into a small pile of black powder.

As an invisible assassin, Corki's final death was also invisible and silent.


— (I see, the truth is an invisible enemy.)

Seeing the prompt that had killed the "Invisible Assassin, Corki", Tyler finally learned the truth behind his "unknown death".

Using his mind-reading ability, Tyler, after hearing from the sparrows that the "assassination target is here", turned and entered a building he had selected earlier.

In Tyler's speculation, the enemy could fall into two types, one that could attack from a distance using skills, and another that could approach silently.

If the enemy was of the "invisible person" type, then Tyler's mind-reading skills would not work, as being able to see the opponent is a prerequisite for the use of mind-reading skills.

So after entering the equipment store, Tyler continued with his original plan of snaking his way up to the top floor of the store, and regardless of whether the enemy had followed him up or not, he launched a multi-pronged attack, finally using Shadow Step to teleport to a building nearby.

When the smoke bomb exploded, Tyler could vaguely see something in the air, but for him, the difference between seeing and not seeing was not significant, as the skill "Shadow Sword Dragon Steed" was enough to cover the entire room.

In the end, Tyler, safe in his hideout, watched as the shadow duplicate released the "Blue Flame Steed", bringing this counter-assassination operation to a close.


By the time the cooldown period for "Shadow Step" had ended, Tyler had returned to the third floor of the equipment store to reclaim the "Shadow Sword Dragon Steed", and then leisurely exited the building.

Even if he were seen by the Heavenly Ghost on his way out, it would not reveal Tyler's "Shadow Step" skill.

Upon exiting the equipment store, Tyler was quite content to see that the three sparrows were still waiting outside. Tyler believed that the Heavenly Ghost must have expended considerable resources and effort to hire the "Invisible Assassin, Corki".

After the failure of "Invisible Assassin, Corki", according to the modus operandi of the Heavenly Ghost, he should lie low for a while, re-plan, and then proceed to assassinate Tyler.

The best proof of this was that Tyler's next death was unrelated to the Heavenly Ghost and the Earthly Ghost - at least, that's how it seemed for now.

(Alright, having conquered the "Death Crisis", it's now time to save Heloise.)

As for the method of treating Heloise, Tyler had an idea in mind.

The situation this time was somewhat contradictory.

The "Stellar Oracle" given by the divination rabbit granny was indeed correct, but if he acted according to the "Stellar Oracle", the outcome would be to avoid Heloise's "trouble" and form some kind of alliance with Vanessa.

However, Tyler's action was to adhere to the "Stellar Oracle", but not entirely.

He was still "entranced" with the butterfly's dance. He had once ignored the crying of the deer, but now he had arranged for the deer to "deliver itself".

Without the "Stellar Oracle", Tyler estimated that he would spend a lot more time and energy looking for clues. He kept the kindness of the divination rabbit firmly in his heart.


The scene switches to the Temple of Myriad Demons in the Abyssal Empire, where the Serpent Mage Earthly Ghost and the Falcon Mage Heavenly Ghost are staring at each other.

According to the Earthly Ghost's plan, Heloise should have been completely infected by the Parasitic Blood Serpent today and died of self-detonation. However, whether it's Heloise or Banning, they are all alive and well.

Heavenly Ghost was also confused. Why was it that after "Invisible Assassin, Corki" went into the equipment store with Banning, Banning was able to come out safely? Could it be that Corki failed? Wasn't it said that he had never failed before?

Heavenly Ghost immediately contacted his informant, hoping to ask Corki what happened, but he had a vague feeling that Corki might already be dead.

Neither of the two demons wanted their failures to be known by the other, but given that they both had some surveillance capabilities, finding out the truth was only a matter of time.

Now, the Heavenly Ghost and the Earthly Ghost finally understood why the "Eternal Winter Lord's" assassination attempt on Banning failed.

This young man was truly unpredictable.


In the evening, in Delis Town, Vanessa was walking down the street in frustration.

It appeared as though she was taking a walk, but in reality, she was looking for someone.

From the moment "Labyrinth Instructor" Ice Polestar Sheryl announced the captain selection this morning, she hadn't seen Felix. Now, Vanessa had no choice but to start looking for Team Captain Garvit. After some search, she finally found him in the stables.

"Hey, regardless of whether your name is Moto or something else, without my permission, you're not allowed to approach Sasa again!"

When she entered the stables, Vanessa saw a ridiculous scene.

Like a protective father, Team Captain Garvit was standing in front of the Pegasus horse Sasa, glaring fiercely at a tall and majestic warhorse.

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