Comprehensive comic: Incredible understanding, maxed-out skills!

Comprehensive comic: Incredible understanding, maxed-out skills!


106 Chapters Ongoing Status


Koji Echizen thought that he had traveled to the world of Net King and became Ryoma Echizen’s twin brother, gaining full level of heaven-defying comprehension.

He originally wanted to show off his talents in the world of net kings.

Who wants to.

This is actually a comic book world.

With incredible understanding, Echizen Koji has mastered various skills.

[You can watch Taocheng Wu use bullet balls and understand the sonic power ball! 】

[You watch Fuji Shusuke use his inner eye to create the eye of a god that can predict the future within three seconds! 】

[You listen to the voice of the soul within the Zanpakutō, understand the method of forging the Zanpakutō, and create the method of weaponizing the human soul! 】

[You use the magical power of Xiao Meiyan’s soul gem as the basis to create a void time travel clock and space accommodation magic! 】

[When you have an in-depth communication with Tohsaka Rin, you understand the infinite magic power absorption law! 】



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