Comparing the two Narutos, Neptune Naruto’s understanding is incredible

Comparing the two Narutos, Neptune Naruto’s understanding is incredible


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During the Chunin Examination, the ninja world came to the comparison live broadcast room, and the person being compared was Uzumaki Naruto, Konoha’s Nine-Tailed Jinchuuriki.

One platinum and one gold, two Narutos are online.

Naruto in the original world believed in the will of fire and was full of bonds.

I followed Sasuke for hundreds of episodes, but I ignored Hinata who was all eyes on him.

Although he became the Seventh Hokage and married Hinata, his life was not as he wished.

Naruto from the parallel world has incredible understanding.

He was recognized by Kyuubi at the age of 3, learned multiple shadow clones at the age of 5, understood the advanced version of Flying Thunder God at the age of 7, created the spiral shuriken at the age of 9, graduated from the ninja school at the age of 12, and almost killed Orochimaru with his own hands.

In addition, Naruto relied on the heaven-defying charm he realized to have wives and concubines, making great contributions to the population of the Uzumaki clan.

During the Fourth Ninja War, Naruto stepped on Uchiha Madara: “Is this your power?”

Behind him, there were a group of Yingying Yanyan cheering for Naruto.


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