Bai Ertang didn't tell Jin Sisi's parents about these things. After all, Jin Sisi's father was hospitalized with high blood pressure.

At noon the next day, Bai Ertang took the initiative to invite Xiao Qing to dinner, and she planned to talk to him about divorce.

"Divorce?" Xiao Qing didn't seem surprised at all, or in other words, he wasn't afraid of it at all. There was some doubt on his face, but his tone couldn't be calmer, "Why, obviously we were very happy and sweet ten days ago. I don't quite understand, it seems that you have changed since your wedding anniversary. You No longer going home, and always avoiding me."

"Xiao Qing, you clearly know that I haven't changed anything, but you have changed, or in other words, you have been disguising yourself from the very beginning." Bai Ertang was very angry, she was angry with Xiao Qing who had clearly done evil, Can be so indifferent, as if nothing happened.

"I changed? I pretended? I didn't." Xiao Qing still smiled.

This made the white disaccharide even more annoyed. She almost yelled, "I don't know anything about what you think you do?"

[Calm down, he is deliberately irritating you. 】The system's loud voice appears.

Bai Ertang calmed down a bit, only to realize that many people around the restaurant looked at her in surprise.

The waiter also came over, "Miss, noise is prohibited in our restaurant."


She looked back at Xiao Qing, and saw that Xiao Qing was still indifferent, with a smile of watching a good show on her face, which was annoying.

Bai Ertang understands that the male protagonist Xiao Qing in this mission is a guy with a very high IQ and a deep scheming, and the villager Zhang De in the previous mission is two extremes.

Fortunately, now the heroine Jin Sisi is rich, Xiao Qing refuses to divorce, she just needs to find a lawyer, and she is not afraid of trouble.

"Sisi, we'd better not divorce."

"Impossible, I already know that you sold my two properties secretly. The strangest thing is that I have no memory of it. I don't know what you did, maybe what medicine did you give me? In short, your The behavior is unacceptable to me. We have to get a divorce."

"Don't worry, I'll show you something." Xiao Qing took out her phone and showed Bai Ertang a screenshot.

The screenshot is a conversation between Xiao Qing and Wang Ming, who is the director of the company's financial department.

Wang Ming: This is the company's normal tax avoidance method. Part of the profit is counted as an investment. It doesn't matter whether the investment exists or not. In this way, you can pay less tax. Xiao Qing, since you have seen these materials by accident, you should consider them as ignorant, understand?

Xiao Qing: President Wang, I understand this.

Bai Ertang's head is blank, this, what is this?

Bai Ertang is an ordinary person. Her 30 years of experience and experience are not enough for her to understand quickly, but she somewhat understands that this is Xiao Qing threatening her. The reason for threatening her is that there is tax evasion in Papa Jin's company.

"Actually, Sisi, it's not difficult to get this information, every company has loopholes, but I have a good relationship with Xiao Tang from the finance department. Xiao Tang is Wang Ming's nephew, and he knows a lot of inside information. I didn't do anything. Just invite Xiao Tang to drink some wine and take a bath, he will call me a brother and give me some information, in short, it is not a difficult task."

"Are you doing everything with calculations?" Bai Ertang looked at Xiao Qing, angry and calm at the same time.

"I had to do it. Your parents were on guard against me, and after we got married, I didn't get any favors. Everything was pre-marital property, the house, the car, the facade of the investment, all pre-marital. I wanted to work in the company, Your father won't let me, guard me, like guarding against thieves."

"...No benefit? The house you live in and the car you drive belong to my family. And the monthly rent of more than 10,000 yuan, don't you take it all?"

"I tried so hard to please you. If I marry you, you will send me 10,000 yuan a month? Can I get it back at any time? I've spent so much effort, just this rate of return? Do you think this investment rate is high?"

"...ROI? Are you talking about marriage?!" Bai Ertang was so angry that he was about to explode.

"Otherwise?" Xiao Qing snorted.

Bai Ertang turned pale with anger, "Do you think a screenshot can threaten me?"

"Of course it's not just screenshots, I also have information. If you don't believe me, you can ask Xiao Tang. He gave it to me himself."

If this is true, Xiao Qing has indeed found the reason. If he exposes this matter, it will be extremely detrimental to the company.

"…What do you want?"

"I can't get a divorce yet. In addition, I want to go to the marketing department, Director He's assistant. If you don't do it, I will do it." Xiao Qing put forward conditions.

"You shouldn't take this handle and keep making conditions." Bai Ertang frowned. In this case, she might as well come to a dead end. After all, she is a rich second generation and is not afraid of Xiao Qing.

"Of course not. I just want to get something useful, for example, an important position in the company. This is more attractive to me than 10,000 yuan a month pocket money."


It was Xiao Qing who had ambition. If it was Bai Ertang, she would be satisfied with 10,000 yuan in pocket money a month.

Bai Ertang didn't tell Dad Jin about this. Dad Jin's body hasn't recovered yet, so he is afraid that he will be stimulated again. In addition, Bai Ertang wants to figure out what Xiao Qing has done before he can deal with him.

At present, agree to his conditions first and fool him.

[To fool Xiao Qing? Can you? 】The tone of the main system is very questionable. [The male protagonist of this mission, Xiao Qing, is not someone who is easy to deal with. 】

No, if it was Jin Sisi, she would have become addicted at this time and completely controlled by Xiao Qing. In other words, the system is huge, don't you think this task is too difficult?

[Too low is not challenging and boring, isn't it? 】

Is it fun to watch me scrambling? Bai Ertang rolled his eyes at the air.

[Indeed, interesting. 】

The next day, Bai Ertang went to find Dad Jin.

Regarding Bai Ertang's request, Dad Jin had some doubts, "Transfer Xiao Qing to the marketing department? Is this his request?"

"Well, Xiao Qing has always wanted the marketing department, so let him go, Dad."

"You, you listen to what he says? I think it's good for him to stay in the administration department." Father Jin was always worried about Xiao Qing. In fact, he was right.

"But, I have already promised Xiao Qing, Dad, just listen to me this time." Bai Ertang had no choice but to act like a spoiled child.

"Okay, just this time, let him go to the marketing department." Father Jin couldn't stand up to Jin Sisi's coquetry, so he had to agree.

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