Bound To The Divorce System

Chapter 59: Life Pursuit

"Dad's health is dying. As for the company, someone has to take over. The company's management team is actually perfect, but it's not enough, because it needs a person who really cares about the fate and development of the company. I hope this person is you. I I have also thought about selling the company's equity, leaving a large amount of money, and making some financial investments that preserve your value and make you worry-free for life, but... In this case, you may have a good life, but spiritually, It's wasted. In one's life, it's better to do something out."

Bai Ertang was deeply shocked by Daddy Jin's remarks. She herself is not a rich second generation. As far as Bai Ertang herself is concerned, it is her highest pursuit to have a large amount of wealth, and to live without food and clothing for a lifetime or even several lifetimes.

With such a sum of money, she can achieve what she wants to do but can't, travel around the world, go to a flower shop, adopt small animals, write books, and in short, do whatever she wants.

But for the rich second generation, perhaps, this is not enough. They don't worry about money all their lives. They are tired of traveling, eating, drinking, and having fun. As for the adoption of animals in flower shops, it is not ideal for the rich second generation, and they can do it easily.

Then, behind the worry-free life of the rich second generation, they will also feel troubled. What should they pursue in their life?

Father Jin took this into consideration and hoped that Jin Sisi could do something practical. After all, starting a business is too difficult, so he hopes Jin Sisi can inherit the family business.

In fact, Bai Ertang inherited most of Jin Sisi's memories, and she could feel Jin Sisi's confusion. There seems to be no pursuit in life. Jin Sisi is twenty-eight years old and seems to be happy all the time, but it seems that she has never been happy.

Because her happiness is given by her parents, she does not have the happiness that she obtains as her own person.

What is Jin Sisi going to do next, she doesn't know, maybe have a baby? Be a stay-at-home mom?

Would a life like that be too much of a failure?

And this remark from Dad Jin woke up Bai Ertang, maybe it's time for Jin Sisi to cheer up.

Bai Ertang nodded, "Dad, I understand, after playing for so long, it's time to work hard."

Dad Jin was very relieved, "Sisi, I'm so happy you said that, I've always been worried that you wouldn't, no matter what, after working hard, you won't regret it. When you enter the marketing department, go to the marketing director. Assistant, she's a very successful woman, and I hope you can learn something from her."

"Okay, Dad."

Director He, the director of the marketing department, was very indifferent to Jin Sisi. She looked down on Jin Sisi at all. However, she did not deliberately embarrass Jin Sisi. She let Jin Sisi understand her work throughout the whole process according to the requirements of the chairman.

Bai Ertang is not angry with the treatment of the director of the marketing department. She is not Jin Sisi, and she has not been held by others since she was born, so she can understand the mentality of the director of the marketing department. It is normal for an incompetent person to be looked down upon. All she needs to do is study silently and understand the operation of the most critical department of this company.

At noon, Xiao Qing went to dinner with Jin Sisi. Jin Sisi wanted to go to the cafeteria to eat with the employees, but Xiao Qing took her to the restaurant outside.

"Sisi, how are you in the marketing department?"

"Dizzy, I have never been in charge of the company's affairs before. Now I am studying with Director He, and my head is big. She has to deal with too many things every day."

"It's too hard for you. The marketing department has always been the most complicated and troublesome thing in the company. And you just became Director He's assistant, so it's inevitable that you won't be able to handle it all at once. I'm very relaxed in the administration department."

Xiao Qing is an assistant to the head of the administrative department in the administrative department. Although the daily affairs are trivial, they are all procedural matters.

"Actually, I think it's better to go to the marketing department, but I also want to challenge myself."

Xiao Qing repeatedly said that he was going to the marketing department, but Bai Ertang actually understood what he was thinking. He wanted to occupy a place in the company. Get yourself some real benefits.

Xiao Qing's thoughts are actually nothing. However, Jin Sisi's father seemed to guard against him.

"This, I'll talk to my dad later. By the way, I'm not going back tonight. After I went to the hospital to see my dad, I went back to the company's apartment nearby."

The day after Dad Jin was hospitalized, Bai Ertang went to the company to report. Dad Jin had an apartment near the company, which was specially convenient for work, and Jin Sisi immediately lived in it, thus solving the problem of purity required by the system. Avoid close contact with Xiao Qing.

"Ah? You haven't been home for several days. You don't delay work when you go home. I also have to come to work in the company. We can drive together in the morning, and we won't waste much time. Why live in the company? Nearby?" Xiao Qing was extremely puzzled, Jin Sisi hadn't come home for the past few days, and he was a little uneasy.

"Because there are so many things to learn recently, I want to study alone." Bai Ertang gave a reasonable explanation, "Husband, you also want me to be a hard worker, right?"

Xiao Qing smiled reluctantly, "Then, of course. You are willing to work hard, and I am the happiest."

What an understanding Xiao Qing.

Bai Ertang wiped off her sweat, looking like this, how can you get a divorce? There is absolutely no reason for divorce.

After get off work, Bai Ertang went to the hospital to see Dad Jin as usual, and told Dad Jin what she didn't understand and didn't understand that day, and Dad Jin analyzed it for her.

Bai Ertang is actually a novice in business, but after a few days of practice, he has learned a lot. After all, with teachers like Director He and Dad Jin, she can learn something.

Saying goodbye to her father, she did not go back to the apartment to study hard, but to experience the life of a rich second-generation.

For example, go to eat luxury snacks, buy luxury clothes. Anyway, Jin Sisi's money is too much to use up, she doesn't have to use it for nothing.

She went to eat a piece of black swan cake, which cost a few hundred yuan a piece, and it tasted like a cake that cost more than ten yuan, so she was lonely after eating so much money?

【Do you like this kind of life? 】The loud voice of the system suddenly appeared, making Bai Ertang stunned for a moment.

In the past few days, she has been busy avoiding Xiao Qing's intimate contact, and at the same time busy learning about the company's affairs. The busy people turned their backs, and she hadn't heard the system's voice for a long time. For a moment, she felt that she was living in real world.

OK, very special experience. Being a rich daughter is much better than a rich wife, and Dad Jin doesn't care how much I spend on him.

【Does it feel good to be rich? 】

Better than no money. However, this kind of cake for hundreds of dollars is not worth it.

【You are not short of money now. 】

But I'm basically a jerk. It's uncomfortable to spend too much money.

[…] The system was silent for a while, and then asked again [Your ideal is to travel around the world and flower shops, which are all very romantic ideas. However,] the system changed the conversation, seemed puzzled, and seemed to be mocking, [How did you engage in the profession of Jian Huang Shi, and you have been doing it for four or five years? 】

The author has something to say: use the collection to prove that I am not cold enough. . . Someone should see it.

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