Chapter 185: Report

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Pei Xin’s eyes finally regained clarity. “Really? Does my brother know? Where is he?”

Sensing Lu Huai’s impatience, she quickly apologized again. “I’m sorry. I’ve been through a lot. 1 just…”

Lu Huai felt a little irritated when he saw her going back into her shell. He got out of the car while Pei Xin looked at him in confusion.

Lu Huai went to the trunk and took something out. When he returned to the car, he had a shirt in his hand.

“You can wear this shirt first.” He stuffed the shirt into Pei Xin’s arms impatiently, then raised the partition between the driver’s seat and the back seat. He also turned his head away.

“Why?” Pei Xin was getting more and more confused. She couldn’t understand what Lu Huai meant.

Lu Huai turned around and frowned. “Are you going to see your son looking like this?”

Pei Xin lowered her head to look at her clothes, then nodded with a red face in embarrassment. Lu Huai snorted and turned around again.

Pei Xin was a little embarrassed, but seeing that Lu Huai had no intention of looking over, she quickly changed into her shirt.

She could tell that this was Lu Huai’s shirt. The shirt was too big, so she had to tidy it up to make it look more fitting.

Lu Huai’s scent was all over her clothes. It smelled somewhat familiar to her, but she could not pinpoint why.

Lu Huai said, “There’s no need to worry. Your son is in the hospital and is no longer in danger.”

“Why is he in the hospital? What happened to him?” Pei Xin’s voice changed as she subconsciously grabbed Lu Huai’s arm.

Lu Huai looked at the hand that was holding him. It was fair and slender, but it was too thin.

He didn’t dodge. Instead, he consoled her stiffly. “He’s fine now. Your brother and Zhang Chao have gone over. Don’t worry.”

Although he had raised the partition, his voice still traveled out. The driver and Liu Yan looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes. Since when did CEO Lu have such a good temper? He offered Pei Xin his shirt and even comforted her!

The driver’s mouth twitched. He was even more shocked than Liu Yan — CEO Lu was sitting in the back row with a woman!

He remembered that last time, a woman pretended to be drunk and fell into Lu Huai’s car. The next day, Lu Huai disposed of the car and fired several bodyguards.

It seemed that Miss Pei had a special place in his heart.

Lu Huai didn’t feel like there was anything wrong with his actions. He felt that he should accompany Pei Xin.

He thought that this was the kind of care that a leader should have for an outstanding partner.

As soon as the car stopped, Pei Xin recklessly rushed out.

Lu Huai grabbed her arm again. “Do you know which ward he’s in?”

Only then did Pei Xin look at him in a daze. She did not know anything.

“Follow me. Don’t run amok.” Lu Huai walked into the elevator, and Pei Xin quickly followed.

There were quite a few people in the hospital at night. There was no private elevator for CEO Lu. Lu Huai frowned and then blocked Pei Xin behind him, separating her from the crowd.

When they reached the fifth floor, Lu Huai waited for everyone to go down before bringing Pei Xin down the elevator.

“Ling Lin, Ling Lin, how are you?” When she saw Ling Lin in the VIP ward, Pei Xin rushed over and held back her tears. “What happened to you? Are you okay? Does anything hurt?”

An old couple looked apologetic. The old woman quickly came over to explain, “You must be the child’s mother, right? I’m so sorry. The two of us didn’t pay attention when we reversed our electric bike today and accidentally hit him.”

The old man’s face was full of guilt, and Ling Jin could not bear to see them like this. The old couple had actually sent the child to the hospital immediately, but they were so worried the child would fall unconscious that they forgot to call the police. That was why they did not contact their family.

“Don’t worry. It was just a small scratch.” Ling Jin patted Pei Xin’s shoulder. “He’ll be fine in two days. He’s just a little frightened. Let’s go home and make some of his favorite food. Moreover, CEO Lu has even arranged for someone to do a full body checkup for him. He’s fine.”

Hearing Ling Jin’s words, Pei Xin was truly relieved. She held Ling Lin in her arms.

“Mom, I’m fine. Look, my arm is okay! The doctor said that it will be fine in three days.” Ling Lin held Pei Xin’s hand sensibly. “1 was so scared when it happened… But! I don’t hate them! They were very nice to me and even sent me to the hospital.”

Seeing that her son was fine, Pei Xin could not bear to let him go. Lu Huai gestured for Liu Yan to send the old couple back.

However, just as he reached the door of the ward, the doctor rushed over. “CEO Lu, Ling Lin’s report is out..”

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