Chapter 161: Getting Out of Control

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Audrey lay on the bed and picked up the phone to take a look. Just as she was considering if she should find a charger to charge it, the phone’s screen suddenly lit up.

The screen saver photo on the phone was of a young girl.

It was the Host, Audrey.

Audrey silently stared at the photo. After five minutes, she slowly clicked on the screen.

[Please enter the password] A line of words appeared on the phone.

Audrey thought of what had happened today and entered the date with trembling hands.

April 8th.

[The password is correct.]

Audrey looked at her phone in shock. Soon, a video popped up on the page.

In the video, the Host was talking to the camera.

Her attire was identical to the person in Audrey’s dream.

It turned out that after so long, the person who had appeared in her dream had always been the Host. Audrey was stunned.

The Host sat in her original room and smiled at the camera.

“Darling, since you are able to see this video, I am sincerely happy for you,” the original owner said.

“This means that you’ve already escaped the control of the system,” the original owner continued. “I’ve repeated these disgusting fates over and over again. I became a single child and married into the Lance Family with my mother. In order not to lose my only family, I can only follow the plot and mold my evil woman image…”

Audrey looked at the girl in the video in shock.

Tears suddenly filled the Host’s eyes. “I succeeded, I succeeded… Again and again, no matter how many times I was forcibly sent to Africa. Since you are now looking at me, it means that my efforts have paid off. That damn system can no longer beat me, hahaha…”

The Host’s expression turned a little crazy, but Audrey wasn’t afraid at all. Instead, she began to cry.

“Now! ” The Host suddenly approached the camera and shouted excitedly, “I’ve finally found a loophole in that damned system. My dear Audrey, we’ve finally escaped our fate. You must, you must live well!”

The moment the Host finished speaking, the video screen went black.

A sentence appeared on the phone:

[Game over—Please restart your life.]

Restart your life. Audrey suddenly broke down and cried into her phone.

She understood. She understood everything.

It turned out that Audrey wasn’t a transmigrator at all. To put it bluntly, she had always been the character in the book.

In the original book, Audrey had been portrayed as a vicious supporting character by the author. When Audrey realized that her life was being controlled by an invisible force, she chose to resist.

However, Audrey’s repeated resistances ended in failure.

Audrey didn’t know how many hardships she had experienced in her previous lives, but when she saw the video, she knew that she had lived a very painful life.

And all of this was finally over.

Audrey welcomed a brand new life. She no longer had to follow the evil female plot that originally belonged to her. This was also the reason why Audrey later realized that she could change her relationship with Abner and the others.

It turned out that there had never been any situation such as seizing someone else’s body. Audrey had always been herself, and she had never taken someone else’s life.

No wonder she felt that this place was very familiar when she came to Violet Town. It was as if she had been here before.

In her previous life, Audrey had indeed come here. When she found the so-called flaw in the system, she had prepared this phone in advance and placed it at Mrs. Ruth’s house.

Audrey knew that her future self would come here again. Just as she had said, she had finally completely changed her fate as a cannon fodder supporting actress.

Audrey looked at her phone and suddenly smiled with tears in her eyes. She could finally start her life without any scruples.

Audrey flipped through the photos she had taken in the town today and uploaded them to her Moments. The caption: [The world is so beautiful.]

Soon, Abner and Eric liked her post.

After a while, Eric privately messaged Audrey in the WeChat chat window.

Eric: You’ve been in Violet Town for many days, right? When are you coming home?

Audrey: “This movie is quite short. I’ll probably finish filming next month.”

Eric: Next month? That long?

Audrey: What’s wrong?

Eric: Goodnight.

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