Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse

Chapter 95: Fighting the First Order! (1)

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!...

The five mutated snakes blasted acidic orbs nonstop at Bai Zemin. If just one of those orbs hit him, even with his Full Coat he would not necessarily be able to escape unscathed and if he received a direct attack on his hands, feet, or worse yet his head, then that part of his body would undoubtedly begin to corrode.

However, for such a thing to happen, the mutant snakes needed to somehow be able to match Bai Zemin's Agility or at least be able to see his movements somewhat in advance.

Bai Zemin's body flashed across the battlefield like a ghost as he skillfully dodged the acidic orbs flying in his direction, trying to close the distance between him and the five far-off mutant snakes he had identified as the greatest present danger to his life.

With nearly 17 times the speed of a normal human before the apocalypse, a few hundred meters was a distance he could close in a couple of blinks. However, the mutated snakes were not his only enemy, and activating Blood Manipulation from so far away would not give him the result he was looking for.


Suddenly, one of the two Shadow Tigers charged forward and lunged at him with its mouth wide open, revealing sharp teeth with dried bloodstains on the inside.

Bai Zemin advanced instead of retreating and slashed with his sword diagonally.

A split second later, after a sharp flash where the Shadow Tiger and he crossed paths, the beast's head came off its body cleanly and rolled on the ground as blood splattered everywhere.

[You have acquired the Soul Power of First Order Shadow Tiger level 37. You have acquired +17 Agility, +15 Stamina, +10 Strength, +6 Health].

[You have reached level 32. You gain 2 status points to distribute freely].

[Blood Will: 3.2%/50%].

Not even a second had passed when Bai Zemin saw out of the corner of his eye the other First Order Shadow Tiger less than a meter away. The mutated tigers were incredibly fast and in this position, it was impossible for him to move in time to defend or dodge.



The First Order Shadow Tiger roared painfully as more than a dozen blood spears rose up from the blood of the dead Shadow Tiger, piercing its body all over from the bottom up and stopping it in mid-air.

The beast did not manage to give a second roar of pain as Bai Zemin turned 360 degrees and decapitated it with ease, sending its head flying into the air.

[You have received the Soul Power of First Order Shadow Tiger level 38. You have acquired Agility +10, Stamina +6, Strength +4, Health +1].

[You have reached level 33. You gain 2...].

[Blood Will: 4.1%/50%].

Without delay, Bai Zemin jumped to the side to evade the snakes' attacks while his mind quickly processed the previous Mana expenditure.

Approximately fifteen blood spears had consumed about 40 Mana points. If it were in the past, the amount would probably be double or more, proving how useful his previous training had been. If Bai Zemin had trained alone without enemies, the results would not be as good as they were currently.


It had only been less than five seconds since Bai Zemin had engaged in combat with the mutated First Order beasts but three of them had already been killed. Even the naturally well-spoken Chen He couldn't help but curse.

That kind of power... It was simply insane! The terrifying evolved beasts in his hands seemed to be as weak as a newborn puppy!

Chen He raised his crossbow and instead of shooting at the giant bee, he aimed at the five snakes slithering all over the battlefield. He was smart enough to know that he did not have the ability to pierce through those glowing scales, therefore, he aimed for the eyes.

Since the mutated snakes were the biggest problem, then... Chen He half-closed his eyes and relaxed his breathing before pulling the trigger.

His right hand moved strangely and the crossbow shuddered. If anyone saw it they would think it was due to nerves, but they couldn't be more wrong.

The five arrows imbued with mana sliced through the air, moving at speeds almost on par with a bullet. But the most surprising thing was that the five were not moving in a straight line and slowly separated from the trajectory they were traveling.

The five snakes opened their jaws just as the two mutated dogs charged toward Bai Zemin. However, just before they could fire their skill, their eyes blasted out in a bloody mist.

The five snakes involuntarily canceled their skill and hissed in pain as they writhed furiously all over. Their scales were one of the strongest defenses among First Order creatures, yet their eyes were the weakness of any living thing!

As they writhed in pain, four of them collapsed the walls of some nearby buildings while one of them viciously struck one of the green-spotted mutated cats that were also charging towards Bai Zemin, blowing it away and sending it crashing into an adjacent building.

The mutated cat had an Agility-based proficiency, but its defense was among the lowest. Therefore, after being struck by a crazed mutated snake whose scales were incredibly hard and whose flesh was tightly compressed, the internal organs of the beast that did not expect such an attack broke out, killing it immediately.

The wind howled and the two mutated cats that charged towards Bai Zemin suddenly stopped and began to attack the mutated snake that had killed the other mutated cat, becoming entangled in a battle to the death.

The mutated snakes had high defense and great strength; a single blow was enough to end the life of a green-spotted mutated cat. However, the mutated cats were not easy prey either.

One of the cats leaped forward and its claws glowed with a pale green glow. The beast slashed viciously and tore through the mutated snake's defenses with ease, tearing a large chunk of flesh and causing the snake to howl in pain.

The snake hissed painfully and attacked with its tail again. But the mutant cat had already seen the miserable fate of its companion so it hastily jumped to the side, avoiding a certain death by a hair's breadth.

In addition, the other mutant cat also joined the fray and between the two of them began to slowly wear down the mutated snake.

[You have received the Soul Power of First Order Spiny Dog level 35. You have acquired Magic +10, Mana +10, Strength +5, Agility +2].

[You have acquired the Soul Power of First Order Spiny Dog level 36. You have acquired Magic +5, Mana +4, Strength +2].

[Blood Will: 5.8%].

"Nice!" Bai Zemin ended the lives of the two mutated dogs and couldn't help but praise when he saw the mutated snakes that were giving him a headache writhing all over the place with one of their eyes covered in blood.

He couldn't get close before because the five snakes were extremely cunning and surrounded him, attacking from places that made it difficult for him to reach. However, thanks to Chen He's timely intervention, that problem was now gone.


Bai Zemin stomped on the ground and cracks spread everywhere before he disappeared from his position.

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