Today Bai Zemin had also made sure that Kang Lan spent the two daily activations of her Lesser Healing skill on his left hand and although she had again exhausted almost all of her Mana, the results were as surprising as the first time since his wrist had recovered between 80% and 90%, which meant that he only needed to be treated for 1 or 2 more days before fully recovering.

Less than a week to recover from such a serious bone fracture... In the previous world, such a thing was simply unthinkable even with the most advanced medical treatments. But now, thanks to Bai Zemin's constant evolution, Kang Lan's high magical power and her Lesser Healing skill, it was something that was happening before everyone's eyes.


After a sleepless night, there was still a lot of work to do so everyone woke up very early in the morning as soon as the first ray of sunlight came out.

Just like the day before, after breakfast, the group of evolved fighters split into two; one group led survivors to work with the flesh of the Blazing Beetle and the other smaller group began to clear out the larger zombie waves blocking the way to the exit.

The only difference was that this time the formation of the groups was different.

The day before, because they were still unsure of the effect of the mutated insect meat, Shangguan Bing Xue, who was the person who had come up with the idea of eating it and conducting an experiment, had to be present all day. However, now that the doubts had been cleared up and they finally realized that the area around the pharmacy building was relatively safe, there was no longer any need for such protection. Therefore, Shangguan Bing Xue had also begun to clear the road leading to the parking lot where the school buses and other cars that in the past belonged to students or teachers were located.

After a full day, the group went back to rest, and when they woke up the next day they split up again to continue working.

* * *

Tenth day since the arrival of the Soul Record on Earth.

After a little more than three days of cleanup, Shangguan Bing Xue, Fu Xuefeng, Cai Jingyi, and Zhong De had finally wiped out all the zombies in the southwestern area north of the university.

Moreover, after being constantly healed by Kang Lan and thanks to his high Health, Bai Zemin's broken hand had finally recovered completely and he could move it so normally that no one would believe him if he said that a week ago his bones had almost turned to dust.


"Oh! This will make the trip so much easier!" Chen He exclaimed happily as he looked at the more than ten buses and hundreds of cars neatly parked.

Because the parking lot was underground, the zombies in this place were very few and after some easy work, the area was cleared. If it weren't for the lack of amenities that prevented a human being from wanting to live here, this place could be considered the most suitable in the entire university.

"In fact, this solves a big problem." Bai Zemin nodded in agreement and sighed with secret relief.

In order for his long-term plans to work properly, Bai Zemin needed help from other people. Besides, if he didn't help human beings whenever possible, then who was going to run the factories, water dams, and power plants as well as many other systems when the world recovered? He couldn't do that; therefore, even if the safety of other people was not especially his concern, it was a task he had to accomplish.

So far, the group of survivors rescued by Bai Zemin and the rest numbered around 500 or 600. However, getting them all out of the university would be too great a challenge. But with the addition of this fleet of buses, this problem had been almost completely solved.

"Hey guys, bring those things and the tools!"

Liang Peng waved his hand and shouted toward the other corner. His loud voice echoed everywhere and if there was a zombie hiding it would undoubtedly have been attracted.

Under his call, a large group of men dragged several metal pieces over a meter long that contained other smaller metal pieces inside. These metal pieces were, naturally, the shell of the First Order Blazing Beetle; after several days of work and effort, the more than three meters tall and more than five meters in length of the beetle had completely disappeared.

Its flesh was being properly preserved, the shell had been saved and even the large legs had been taken to the gymnasium to be turned into weapons later.

As for the meat, everyone was surprised the first time they tasted it. The mutated elephant beetle meat was not only delicious and tender, but when they consumed it everyone received some stat points increasing their natural Health by a couple of points; even Bai Zemin received 1 Health point back then. Although it was a pity that it only worked once, as they ate more of that meat a normal person's body would become much healthier naturally, which was amazing.

Seeing the amount of shell parts, Bai Zemin stretched his body and his bones thundered as he said, "All right, time to start working!"

More than twenty male students nodded and began to inspect the buses together with Liang Peng and Bai Zemin; this group consisted of people with some experience in mechanics and all of them came from working backgrounds.

"I think we should remove the front bumper which is practically plastic and exchange it for a metal one."

"No, why don't we better create a pointed platform that covers the front and leave just the front window uncovered?"

"But that would waste too a lot of material and I'm not sure it would be enough with the shell we have now."

"Mmh... Not only that, the gears could come loose if we take the whole carcass apart."



As he looked at Bai Zemin and Liang Peng fervently arguing with the other male students and naming words unknown to him, Chen He couldn't help but feel uncomfortable.

Before the world suddenly changed, Chen He was a model student who aimed to become someone important in the government in the future. In addition, because his family had enough money, he also didn't need to get a job so he didn't have any knowledge about mechanics or automobiles.

In the past, he drove a car that cost over two million Chinese yuan and if it needed to be repaired Chen He would take it to the best service. How could he understand what they were talking about then?

In China, a mechanic was a job generally chosen by unschooled people and people generally did not look favorably on them. However, in this new world, knowledge of mechanics was countless times more valuable than the political knowledge Chen He had acquired.

What was previously viewed with somewhat disdainful eyes was now needed and praised while what was once praised and a symbol of pride was now useless.

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