Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse

Chapter 73: First Order is no longer a challenge

Cai Jingyi, Fu Xuefeng, and Zhong De had no idea what was happening but after the previous roar, every cell in their body seemed to have gone crazy as fear had almost completely overwhelmed them. This alone was enough to let them know that whatever roared at that moment was definitely not something they could currently stand against.

What the group of three did was to approach Bai Zemin and stand only a step or two away just behind him as they looked around cautiously, raising their weapons in an effort to make themselves feel better.

Unlike them, Bai Zemin seemed much more relaxed. His body was in a calm posture and even his sword was not on guard to defend against any imminent attack. He just stood there, his tiny pupils absorbing more information about the surroundings than any normal person could imagine.


Suddenly there was a minuscule sound of wind, it was as if the wind had been cut by an extremely swift object. Bai Zemin turned his head slightly to the left and caught a glimpse of a silhouette rounding the corner of the nearby building before charging towards the group at surprising speeds.

This creature was even faster than the First Order's evolved zombie and even after absorbing so much Soul Power and with a speed comparable to that of 12 people, Bai Zemin still could not keep track of the incoming enemy.

However, while speed was one of the most powerful weapons in existence, it was not necessarily impossible to fight against.


Surprisingly, the unknown First Order creature's first target was not to attack Bai Zemin, but aimed at Zhong De probably due to the fact that he was the closest to the corner from which the creature appeared.

Without moving his head, Bai Zemin's eyes moved to the left and for less than a split second his cold gaze met a pair of golden eyes filled with murderous intent.

Just as the strange creature passed by him, Bai Zemin slashed with his right hand from below upwards as he began to turn his body.

The First Order creature quickly realized that if it continued on its current path it would be seriously wounded by the enemy blade, so without hesitation it tilted its body to the side, evading the enemy slash by just a few inches.

However, Bai Zemin already expected something like this to happen given the creature's fast movement speed and his sword movement was just a feint. The real attack was in the turn he had just completed during that small fraction of second when the creature stopped its movements to avoid being cut.

After completing a ninety degree turn, Bai Zemin's body was now right in front of the First Order creature and because the creature had just twisted its body to dodge his sword, Bai Zemin's leg connected fiercely with the enemy's abdomen.


After being ferociously hit by the 96 Strength points that kick contained and not expecting such a thing, the unknown creature was sent flying ten meters before impacting against the wall of the adjacent building.


Amidst the collapsed rubble, Bai Zemin and his subordinates finally caught a glimpse of the body of a tiger that was over five feet tall with grayish-black fur. The beast could not help but raise its head and howl painfully as it squirmed to its feet.

Obviously Bai Zemin's previous kick had caused a fair amount of damage to the mutated tiger's internal organs.

Bai Zemin knew that the enemy's speed was faster than his so he rushed forward like a whirlwind. In less than a second the short distance of ten meters was completely closed.

Raising the Xuanyuan Sword, he slashed again at the same time as his body moved strangely.

The mutated tiger ignored the pain and jumped to the left, successfully evading the slash. However, before its golden eyes, the elbow of Bai Zemin's left arm grew bigger and bigger until it finally connected against its head.


The tiger's body was buried in the ground next to Bai Zemin at the same time as some bones of the skull cracked due to the blow. However, the First Order creature did not even have time to react to the pain before the next attacks came.

Slash! Slash!

With two clean slashes, the two front paws of the mutated tiger were almost completely hacked off. Immediately after, Bai Zemin jumped into the air and positioned himself on top of the tiger's body that was howling in pain. Following this, he stabbed with the tip of the sword and pierced the monster's skull, successfully destroying the brain.

However, although it was already dead, the tiger's body was shaking from nerves and its almost completely severed front paws struck the empty air in front of it. This was precisely the reason why Bai Zemin had positioned himself behind the enemy before killing it or else he would have been hit and probably injured unnecessarily.

[You have acquired the Soul Power of First Order Shadow Tiger level 38. You cannot level up or obtain additional stats before you get the First Order job].

A message similar but at the same time different from the ones he had received in the past flashed in Bai Zemin's retina. However, he was dumbfounded and paid no attention to it.

... Is it over? The Shadow Tiger, a creature of First Order and with such a high level had died just like that? Bai Zemin could not believe it.

Not long ago he had almost been killed by the First Order Blazing Beetle that was several levels lower than the monster he had just killed so easily. For a moment it was hard for him to adjust to the change.

High in the sky, Lilith had a bright smile on her face and her eyes shone like stars in the night sky.

"Little Zemin, big sister loves you to death~" She whispered to herself.

A First Order creature was nothing in Lilith's eyes and just one look was enough to wipe out an entire army. However, when she was still an Unclassified existence, she could not do what Bai Zemin had just done... No, not only she could not; probably no one in all recorded history was ever able to kill an enemy who was in a higher Order in less than three seconds.

Less than three seconds. That was the time it took Bai Zemin to end the life of the First Order Shadow Tiger.

So, if he really gave it his all and gave up the defense to attack, who said it was impossible to slay a First Order existence with a single attack?

Lilith looked forward to it. She looked forward to his growth and couldn't wait to see how far he would go in the future if he didn't fall before he was fully grown.

Bai Zemin was the greatest genius she had ever known in her entire life and most likely the greatest in history. However, Lilith had seen countless outstanding geniuses falling from the sky like shooting stars before they were fully grown.

Therefore, it was better to be careful because even the biggest ones could fall by a mistake or carelessness.

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