The night of the sixth day since the beginning of the apocalypse ended without too much noise and nothing of note except for the occasional terrifying roar of some distant creature.

With the descent of the first ray of sunlight, the seventh day since the arrival of the Soul Record on Earth finally officially began, being a week since the world had changed and society had fallen.

When Bai Zemin met with the other group leaders and his subordinates, the survivors were being awakened by the teachers one by one.

Without too much delay and wanting to make the most of the light that the day provided, a simple breakfast was prepared consisting of a steamed bun for those who were not willing to work, two buns for those who were willing to work, and two buns along with a carton of milk for the fighters.

Wu Yijun looked at the milk carton in her hands and could not help but feel bitter inside. In the past, she would never taste packaged milk in China because cases of people getting cancer were common and she absolutely never drank anything but imported milk. However, after six days of experiencing hunger, this little princess had learned that the world of the past no longer existed and with pain at the changes, she drank the milk with pleasure.

Whoever adapted the fastest was most likely to live, and Wu Yijun was not willing to die no matter what she had to do to survive as long as she could maintain her dignity as a woman.

After breakfast, Shangguan Bing Xue Liang Peng, and Chen He chose a group of about fifty or sixty people from among the survivors willing to work and cautiously set off for the pharmacy to start removing the First Order Blazing Beetle's shell and arranging the meat not before checking whether it was ingestible or not.

"Let's go. It's time to get to work." Bai Zemin glanced as the group of survivors disappeared around the corner of a building before looking at the three people beside him.

Fu Xuefeng, Cai Jingyi, and Zhong De were standing as they looked at him with hidden reverence. The three of them had witnessed how horrifying the First Order evolved zombie was and among the four strongest evolved people in the group only Bai Zemin was able to suppress it while Shangguan Bing Xue could barely contain it after the zombie had lost one of its blades.

Currently, Bai Zemin's four subordinates were approximately level five or level six, and the more they leveled up and the more stats they obtained, the more they realized how immense his strength was and the more the respect they had for him increased as well as the gratitude they felt towards him for allowing them to safely obtain such power.

The three nodded with determined expressions and Bai Zemin also nodded in satisfaction before turning around and walking in the opposite direction from where the large group of survivors led by Shangguan Bing Xue had left.

While Shangguan Bing Xue's group worked on the flesh of the First Order Beetle, Bai Zemin and his group would take it upon themselves to start clearing the path to the south of the university, eliminating the zombies and other creatures that might appear in the vicinity.

As for Kang Lan, Bai Zemin left her in the gymnasium to taking care of the supplies since he did not trust any of the survivors. He assured her that tomorrow someone else would take her place and she could level up as well to avoid unnecessary discontent.

Fu Xuefeng together with Cai Jingyi and Zhong De separated from Bai Zemin and began to move as a group in the western area. Fu Xuefeng was using two large kitchen blades as he really wanted to get used to handling dagger-like weapons, on the other hand, Cai Jingyi and Zhong De both had iron pipes that had been polished at the ends so it was extremely sharp to pierce through the low defenses of the zombies.

Even if a level 9 or 10 mutated dog appeared, with the three of them being level five or six teaming up, they could easily buy time for Bai Zemin to arrive on the scene so as long as an agility based monster or a high level creature didn't appear they should be fine on their own.

The three of them did a wonderful job as when one of them exhausted much of their Stamina another person would take the place of the exhausted one to allow them to rest. Slowly and surely, the zombies in the southwest area began to be annihilated one by one by three people who were previously no more than normal survivors but thanks to their bravery and courage were given the great opportunity to become evolved human beings.

Meanwhile, Bai Zemin was taking care of annihilating any enemy living beings on the southeast side of the gymnasium, slowly moving towards the south of the university.

Although he could do a much faster task if he wanted to, currently and taking advantage of the rare opportunity when there was no one around, Bai Zemin was practicing with his Blood Manipulation skill and trying to control the Mana inside his body as optimally as possible.

Three zombies sniffed the air and their ears seemed to twitch before their lifeless white eyes looked forward. With three growls similar to that of a hungry beast, the three zombies began to advance towards the source of life a few meters away regardless of who was stronger or weaker.

Bai Zemin made no effort to hide his presence nor did he try to silence his footsteps, letting the zombies notice him. Seeing the three zombies a bit more than ten meters away approaching, he stopped his steps and slowly took out a bottle of blood from his backpack.

After dropping about 3/4 of the bottle on the paved ground, he stopped and took a deep breath before concentrating entirely on the blood, ignoring the zombies.

He imagined three thin but powerful piercing spears at the tip as he began to circulate the Mana inside. A few seconds later, three red spears of approximately one meter were lying on the ground and the liquid blood was nowhere to be seen.

The three red spears looked like real spears that were forged by the hands of a blacksmith and it would be hard for anyone to think that a few seconds ago they were just a puddle of liquid blood because although they had no special decoration, they were really well formed.

With a wave of his hand, the three spears were enveloped by a wave of Mana and floated in the air before shooting out towards the zombies, stabbing their heads with precise aim.

Bai Zemin frowned in dissatisfaction. In fact, he had spent only three Mana points to create the blood spears and another three more to mobilize them; considering that before he spent at least twenty points, it was a considerable improvement.

However, the problem was the time.

Bai Zemin had taken almost twenty seconds to move his Mana carefully while imagining the process of creating the spears, and that was too long. Under this circumstance, it was fine since the zombies were only three and slow, but in real combat, he could not afford such a thing.

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