"Now let's see what this is."

After calming down, Bai Zemin took the Yellow Orb out of his coat pocket and looked at it with a touch of joy, "I almost forgot about you, baby."

"Why do I feel you like that orb more than me?" Lilith didn't know whether to laugh or cry seeing the warmth in his eyes as he looked at the treasure orb.

"Hmph, you just wait and you will see what is good for you." Bai Zemin merely snorted before forcefully crushing the orb in his hands.

How could he not be excited? This was a Magic grade treasure after all!


After a deep yellow flash of light, a new object appeared on the table in front of Bai Zemin. The object was actually a bronze-colored ring with many strange-looking engravings on it and at first glance, it didn't seem to be anything too special.

"Another ring...?" Bai Zemin was slightly surprised before grabbing inquisitively at the object.

[Rejection Ring (Magic Grade Treasure): Possesses the power to reject elements created by matter. When equipped it automatically increases Magic +15 and Mana +15. For five minutes every day, you can use the active skill Reverse Trajectory. Reverse Trajectory: Creates a barrier that blocks, repels, and returns any object shot to you towards the launcher regardless of the distance. The power of the barrier depends on the magic power of the user and the object blocked. It has a cooldown time of 12 hours].

"Oh?" Bai Zemin raised an eyebrow somewhat puzzled.

The item itself was good as it not only granted a total of thirty stat points but also had a skill attached to it... But the skill was a bit strange so Bai Zemin had no way of knowing how strong it was until he tried it.

Well, we'd better go get something to eat. When this thought flashed in his mind he couldn't help but stop to look at Lilith, but when he was about to ask if she didn't need to eat he suddenly felt a bit stupid so he decided to leave quietly.

She was too distant an existence, how could she possibly need to eat? He hadn't even seen her feel thirsty during these six days together.

* * *

A temporary sort of kitchen had been set up in a corner of the basketball court. A huge pot was being simmered while a group of female students and some male students formed a group to wash and chop vegetables, cut meat, cook rice, and arrange bowls for each person after taking a head count.

When Bai Zemin came out of the cafeteria, some people began to whisper in low voices while looking at him with a touch of fear and caution. However, in the midst of these people, there were also many others who looked at him with gratitude and relief.

While it was true that many feared him after seeing how he unhesitatingly threw a live person into the zombies and the rumor spread with several alterations, many others were grateful that with someone strong like him and the rest here everyone's life was a little more secure.

In addition, when the female dormitory students were rescued, all the other survivors who had been rescued at the beginning of the apocalypse realized that compared to them, there were people who were starving to death out there.

Seeing that the food was being prepared, Bai Zemin stood silently on the side as he thought of ways to become stronger and how he could overcome the challenge that the Soul Record imposed on him.

After he calmed down, he realized that while the mission was difficult, it was not impossible. If it were someone else it would probably be impossible, but for him who had already faced, defeated, and killed two First Order creatures, it was not an insurmountable abyss.

All he had to do was come up with a plan that would allow him to kill his enemy with a single attack and since the mission did not give a clear specification of the method, Bai Zemin could think of ways to achieve that goal.

While he was thinking and deep in thought, a sweet jasmine-like scent approached him followed by a gentle breeze.

"Do you mind if I sit here?"

"Um?" Bai Zemin raised his head and looked at the person who had just spoken to him. "You are...."

"You must not know my name yet, do you? My name is Wu Yijun." She smiled politely and seeing him move to the side to make room she sat down with grace. "During the day I didn't have time to thank you properly for earlier. I would like to give you my thanks."

Bai Zemin raised an eyebrow and couldn't help but remark, "I think I said it before but if you want to thank someone you should thank Shangguan Bing Xue, not me."

Wu Yijun chuckled and shook her head, "While it may be true that the idea was hers and she used that unknown favor you owed her, the reality is that you could have refused and Bing Xue couldn't have forced you. Besides, it's not like saying thank you to the person who cleaned up a zombie nest is a bad thing, is it? That's the least I can do."

Bai Zemin shrugged and didn't comment anymore.

Seeing that he remained silent and didn't try to engage her in conversation, Wu Yijun couldn't help but raise her eyebrow slightly in surprise.

Before the apocalypse, all men regardless their age would try to chat with her; either because of her beauty or because of her family background. Now that the gates of the apocalypse were opened, men were still trying to court her even under these conditions as since she came to this place no less than sixty male students approached her.

Therefore, Wu Yijun could not help but be slightly surprised as she could tell that the young man of the same age beside her was not trying to act interesting or mysterious to get her attention, but really had no interest in her beauty or any kind of side interest.

What an interesting man... Now I understand why Chen He, who was always proud of himself suddenly feels so cautious hehe. Wu Yijun secretly laughed and her impression of him couldn't help but improve a notch.

"Uh? Come to think of it..." Bai Zemin suddenly stood up and his eyes shone brightly.

"This... Are you okay?" Wu Yijun couldn't help but ask with a frown and unconsciously looked towards the door, fearful that it would be knocked down by some creature.

"No... It's nothing." He answered vaguely and sat back down. However, his mouth curved into an almost invisible smile.

Maybe... Just maybe, if I do it that way I can really complete this damn mission! Bai Zemin was excited as his thoughts seemed to have paid off.

His mood improved to the point where he didn't care about anything and started to chat with Wu Yijun informally while waiting for the food to be ready.

If his idea really was valid and worked, then all his worries could be completely ignored! Of course, he had to do a lot of work first and get certain things needed to carry out his plan but having a clear path to follow was good enough considering that an hour ago he was getting desperate.

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