Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse

Chapter 63: Reaching Level 25: Choosing Job & Evolution Requirements! (3-Last)

After taking a deep breath and calming his emotions that seemed to want to get out of control, Bai Zemin looked directly into Lilith's eyes again and nodded, "Please continue."

"Good." Lilith smiled slightly, seemingly satisfied with his attitude, and continued, "As I was telling you before, the Berserker job is very strong and the power boost that such a human obtained allowed him to become an existence to what is called a World Power since upon reaching the Fourth Order even the weakest existence possesses the power to protect a race or devastate one."

"..." Bai Zemin did not know what to say about this so he simply continued to listen.

Possess the power to wipe out an entire race? Something like that was too difficult for the current Bai Zemin to even minimally imagine. Even nuclear bombs, which were mankind's strongest weapon, did not have the ability to wipe out an entire race.

Something of such magnitude was too distant for the current him.

"However, you obtained a job called Blood Berserker so it is undoubtedly more powerful than that other Lower Existence's, or at least it will be as it progresses since your job even has a distinctive word in it." Lilith looked at Bai Zemin with a serious expression, the most serious he had seen so far, and warned, "If what you desire is power and a path that will likely lead you to a better destiny, then you know what to choose. However, be very careful."

"Careful? Careful of what?" He asked confused but alert.

"If I'm not mistaken, this job appeared as a consequence of your way of using your Blood Manipulation skill. Remember what I told you before? It seemed like you were about to create a new skill during your battle against that First Order zombie?" Lilith furrowed her eyebrows slightly and upon seeing him nod she continued, "It's likely that this unique job is the answer to what you were missing. You'll probably gain a powerful active skill but at the same time, you'll have to pay the price for it... It is also likely that you will have to face an extremely hard trial to advance!"

Bai Zemin closed his eyes and paused to think carefully.

It would be a lie to say that he didn't feel a touch of worry, after all, he was just a human and until six days ago he was nothing more than an ordinary student working part-time to pay for his day-to-day life.

However, it was just that, a touch of worry.

Bai Zemin opened his eyes again and smiled slightly as he said, "It has been six days since the world changed and society collapsed. In those six days I faced thousands of dangerous creatures, I had three battles in which I almost lost my life, in one of them I won with relative ease, in the second I was critically injured, and in the third every second I spent swinging my sword was the same as being one second closer to being infected or decapitated... If it were before all this, maybe, just maybe, I would worry about difficulties or personal losses. But at this point, what difference does it make?"

Besides, there was something else that Bai Zemin didn't say out loud... If he didn't choose a strong job, how could he repay Lilith in the future for all she had done for him so far? And what if, because of his caution, he reached a breaking point where he no longer had the ability to care for the safety of his loved ones? Bai Zemin would regret it for the rest of his life if such a thing happened.

Since choosing the Blood Berserker class was equivalent to walking an unknown path, it would surely be filled with thorns. However, that thorn-filled path would probably lead him to a better destination than if he chose a path that someone else had walked before.

The advantage? Lilith had said it before; a unique job and one with a distinctive word in it would definitely be stronger than a normal one.

However, there were also disadvantages, for example; no one knew what awaited ahead until you got there.


[You have chosen Blood Berserker as your First Order job].

[Berserkers are the existences that fight to the end in every battle without retreat and without fear in the face of death. The path of the Blood Berserker is a path that one who wishes to become the God of War must traverse, a path where defeat is not allowed. This is a job that has only been given to you, who has never retreated from battle and who has never been defeated after facing enemies far stronger than you. To advance to First Order and show that you meet the necessary qualifications to become a Blood Berserker you must meet the next requirements].

[Kill Unranked enemies using Blood Manipulation with a single attack. 0/100].

[Kill First Order enemy using Blood Manipulation on yourself. 0/2].

[Kill First Order enemy with a single attack using Blood Manipulation on yourself. 0/1].

"What?!" Bai Zemin couldn't help but exclaim as his face turned as pale as a sheet.

The first requirement was something he could accept and could accomplish with ease.

The second requirement was naturally more difficult than the first requirement, but the current Bai Zemin was confident that he could accomplish it. After all, he was no longer the same Bai Zemin who could barely defeat the First Order Blazing Beetle; the current him was two or three times more powerful than the him back then as he had absorbed vast amounts of Soul Power purer than his own.

However, the third requirement was simply insane.

Insane to say the least.

To kill a First Order enemy in a single attack? Even irrationality should have limits.

What sense did it make to ask someone whose level was 25 and had not even advanced to the First Order to kill a First Order existence with a single attack? To instantly kill an existence that had officially begun to evolve.

Against the First Order Blazing Beetle Bai Zemin was almost killed and against the First Order Anti-Magic Zombie, he managed to win after a tough battle, and even then he received some help.

But now he needed to kill one of those existences instantly?

Lilith was also surprised and could not help but hold her breath. Even she who had her fair share of experience in life had never seen something similar.

Skipping levels to defeat and kill existences of a higher Order was rare and probably only less than 1% of all creatures in the universe could realize such a feat since the difference between the Orders was like a natural rift.

However, to kill a First Order existence in one strike? Even First Order existences did not have many chances to instantly kill another First Order existence but Bai Zemin, who was still an unranked person had to complete such a requirement or else he would not be able to advance in level anymore.

All Soul Power received by him would be stored in the records of the Soul Record and unless he managed to fulfill the evolution requirements he would also not be able to acquire stats by defeating other creatures so he would stagnate without being able to become stronger.

In short, the risk and loss were immeasurable.

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