Bai Zemin had swung the Xuanyuan Sword with such power that the evolved zombie was forced to kneel on one knee while crossing both limbs in an X-shape to parry the blow.

Even the ground had cracked slightly due to the powerful impact!

But that wasn't all that happened...


A very small sound that would normally go unnoticed rang out in the middle of the silent corridor where two beings were struggling to survive and evolve into something superior.

The evolved zombie's greenish eyes twitched softly and a strange growl escaped from its mouth as it looked at the tiny crack that had appeared on both blades.

The Xuanyuan Sword was not a normal Rare grade treasure, it was a Rare grade treasure that was at the peak! With its ability to pierce through almost any defense below level 40 and even being able to pierce through an armored vehicle, even the two blades of the evolved zombie could not withstand being hit with such power by such a weapon!

"Damn zombie!" Bai Zemin spat and taking advantage of the superior position turned his body and kicked the evolved zombie in the ribs, sending it flying over twenty meters.

The evolved zombie rolled across the floor until it hit the wall of the opposite corridor.

If it were any other level 21 living being facing this zombie, that person would undoubtedly die immediately or end up being infected. However, Bai Zemin had been constantly fighting against existences stronger than him and upon defeating them his stats received a certain power boost, so his actual strength was much more than that of any other level 21.

In addition, the current Bai Zemin was under a strange effect in which his reflexes and reaction speed had increased at least two or three times more than normal due to the rapid circulation of adrenaline through his skill Blood Manipulation.

If only one of these factors were not present, Bai Zemin would have already been defeated because although his Strength stat was at least twice higher, his Agility was inferior so he would not even have time to react before being killed.



The metallic sound and explosions echoed throughout the corridors as the evolved zombie tried to use its superior Agility to overwhelm Bai Zemin. However, the creature failed to overcome his reflexes and reaction speed so it was always sent flying after meeting his sword.

Why isn't this zombie using that strange skill it used earlier to parry my attacks? Bai Zemin frowned tightly as he collided with the evolved zombie.

The evolved zombie's blades had small cracks that slowly but surely began to spread wider and wider with each collision. However, the beast was not using that strange barrier that had stopped the blood chains.

Could it be that it could no longer use it? Such an idea flashed in his mind and he immediately activated his Blood Manipulation skill again without worrying about lack of blood as his previous preparations by spreading blood over most of the corridors had made everything simpler for him.


After spending more than thirty Mana points, six huge blood spears floated in the air and shot at full speed towards the evolved zombie that was struggling to stand up after being sent flying.

However, that strange barrier appeared again, causing Bai Zemin to frown. Before discovering the weakness of that skill, he was unwilling to waste any more Mana.

In the end, Bai Zemin once again entangled with the evolved zombie in a fierce dance to the death where a single mistake could cost anyone their death, slowly forcing the creature to retreat to one of the marked rooms where the final phase of the plan would come into play.

* * *

In one of the rooms on the fourth floor.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of metal clanging against metal followed by bangs could be heard inside the room. Four friends were sitting in the corner of the room, moving as far away from the door as possible while looking with fearful eyes in that direction.

"It's been almost five minutes but the sound of fighting still persists." Li Na whispered quietly like the buzzing of a mosquito.

The group of friends had been waiting in hope for the arrival of a person with enough strength to save them from this hell they were locked in. However, while the person who had entered the building had gotten farther than the man who had snuck in several days ago, it seemed that this new person had also encountered an obstacle powerful enough to hold him back for so long.

"It seems we can only pray." Gao Min replied in a whisper as she joined both hands together and began muttering prayers.

The moment all hope disappeared and one could only hope for a supernatural miracle, even the least believing person would start praying to some kind of almighty God in search of salvation.

"If this person is also forced to leave? I don't think I can endure another day..." Fan Wu could not stop her tears from sliding down her beautiful face. She had already reached the breaking point and was probably the worst of the four friends.

Wu Yijun frowned tightly and a hint of worry glittered in her eyes. She had been the only one of the four girls who had glimpsed for a second the person who had charged into the building.

Even such a fast person was forced to stop? Wu Yijun thought inwardly, horrified.

If even a person capable of crossing several tens of meters in a few blinks of an eye had been forced to fight for so long without being able to defeat the other side, then this could only mean that the enemy was incredibly powerful!

Only now did Wu Yijun realize how lucky they had been to continue alive so far and, for the first time in six days, she was silently grateful to be locked up in this place she had previously called hell.


As the group of four friends prayed for the safety and victory of whoever was fighting whatever was out there, the door of the room was suddenly sent flying alongside a body the height of a human being.

"Ah! The door collapsed!"


"It's a zombie!"

"Oh my God, it's over!"


The girls screamed in terror and drew energy from where they didn't know they had it to stand up and run to the other corner as they looked at the blue-skinned zombie getting to its feet with staggering steps.


The evolved zombie opened its mouth and looked at them with eyes filled with murderous intent before taking a step forward.

Seeing the greenish eyes of the zombie staring at them with a bloodshot gaze, the faces of the four girls paled with fear.


A shadow flashed before the eyes of the four girls before a powerful metallic bang made their ears buzz. When the shadow was forced to stop by the two strange blade-like arms of the strange blue-skinned creature, they finally caught a glimpse of the possible savior of their lives.

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