After a moment's thought and considering that there was a creature capable of threatening his life, Bai Zemin decided to play it safe instead of trying to show off before Lilith.

He retreated towards the stairs until he reached the second floor and waited for the zombies there. His back was almost touching one of the walls and the left side of his body was against the corner where the staircase wall and the wall of the lower floor met; this way, he could prevent being attacked from behind, he could avoid receiving attacks with his damaged hand, and at the same time he would be able to react with his right hand immediately in case someone tried to attack him from the only possible angle there was.

The first zombies soon reached the stairs and began to descend. However, as expected, they fell on their faces as they rolled down to where Bai Zemin was waiting for them. Because the zombies could not control their own bodies properly and because they only knew how to advance in a straight line, the steps of the stairs became their doom.

Bai Zemin swung his sword relentlessly up and down again and again. The zombies' heads rolled on the floor constantly and blood had begun to accumulate after the escalating slaughter forming a small red pool under his own feet.

But it wasn't just Bai Zemin who was killing zombies.

Zombies coming from behind were often stomping other zombies to death and many other zombies were falling head over heels, breaking their necks after hitting the floor hard.

Two minutes later, all fifty zombies had been completely obliterated by Bai Zemin. Not a single zombie could even react after falling before their heads rolled on the ground.

"You've gotten a little better with the sword." Lilith smiled slightly as she looked down at his crotch and said in a playful voice, "I wonder if you're also so good with that sword down there."

The corner of Bai Zemin's mouth constricted a couple of times. However, instead of remaining silent as usual, this time he decided to ask a question that had been bothering him for several days now.

"Lilith, since you're a succubus, you've probably slept with many men throughout your life, no?"

"You..." Lilith opened her eyes slightly surprised by the rather daring question. However, she felt no shame and responded in a flat voice: "You humans have an imagination that is too wild."

"What do you mean?" Bai Zemin asked as he climbed the stairs again. He decided to talk with Lilith to calm the nerves he felt and to lure the creature that was hiding.

In fact, Lilith's jokes often relaxed Bai Zemin's heavy mood and she was undoubtedly one of the reasons why he was still able to stay completely sane.

"Even though I'm a succubus, that doesn't mean I have to sleep with a man to gain power." Lilith followed him a few steps behind and rolled her eyes as she slowly said, "Isn't it obvious? Just like you, to evolve further and become more powerful I need to defeat powerful enemies and absorb massive amounts of Soul Power."

"Em?" Bai Zemin couldn't help but look back with slight surprise on his face and asked the stupidest question of his entire life: "But, aren't you a succubus?"

"For the love of the devil! Are you dumb?" Lilith couldn't help but smack him upside the head and say in a serious voice, "While among us succubi there are some who are promiscuous, I'm not like that. Do you think that just because I joke with you I have slept with many men? Hard as it may be to believe, in my entire life I have never allowed a man to even see my naked body, let alone sleep with one!"

Bai Zemin's footsteps stalled and he stared at her with eyes filled with disbelief.


"What's wrong with that?" Lilith looked at him with a seductive smile and said in a whisper, "Could it be that you want to take my purity now? Kya~ Little Zemin you are such a bad guy~"

Bai Zemin's breathing became somewhat ragged upon hearing the demon's whisper and he quickly shook his head, regretting asking that.

Lilith also stopped joking knowing that Bai Zemin's life was on the line here and started to explain some things slowly: "What you humans imagine and the stories you create are not exactly correct. For example, we succubi are beautiful by nature, and our sex appeal incredibly high. But that's just it, our charm is higher... Well, although I am probably one of the most beautiful women in existence and even among the Higher Existences I have yet to meet a woman capable of exceeding me. Feel honored, little Zemin."

"Woah... Your humility is truly incredible." Bai Zemin joked as he decapitated a group of three zombies that came out of a room whose door had been kicked down.

"Hey! I'm serious!" Lilith began to act like a little girl who had been bullied. Her innocent act was extremely cute and attractive creating a beautiful contrast to her seductive body.

"Yes, yes." Bai Zemin casually nodded as he continued slaughtering zombies. "Whatever you say, your majesty Beautiful Queen."

"Tsk." Lilith knew that Bai Zemin didn't believe her so she simply clicked her tongue and her eyes glittered with a hint of hesitation. However, in the end, she shook her head softly and decided not to do what she was thinking or things might get out of hand.

On the other hand, Bai Zemin had already finished off over thirteen hundred zombies that were scattered all over the third floor. The female dormitory was huge, as was the male dormitory; after all, the university was extremely large and the number of students simply too many to count.

While it was true that not everyone stayed on campus, at least 40% did. The men's dormitory and the female dormitory were large buildings only four or five stories high but stretching for several yards around.

[You have acquired the Soul Power of Normal Zombie level 5].

[You have leveled up to level 21. You have acquired two status points to distribute freely].

"Phew... Good timing." Bai Zemin was starting to feel a bit exhausted, however, after killing the five hundredth zombie the sweet message telling him that he had leveled up appeared in his retina, relieving that exhaustion immediately.

After about ten minutes, Bai Zemin had finally cleared the way to the stairs leading to the fourth floor.

According to the story told by Ming Shui Shui, Qiao Long had been repulsed by a strange zombie upon reaching the third floor and, so far, almost everything matched as Bai Zemin could not see corpses destroyed by the air cannons of Qiao Long's skill.

But... Where was that zombie then?

Bai Zemin's answer came soon enough, because as soon as he stepped on the top step of the staircase that led to the fourth floor of the building, a horrifying pressure enveloped his body as if it wanted to devour him in one piece.

This pressure was so strong that Bai Zemin had only felt something similar once in his life so far.

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