Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse

Chapter 45: Kang Lan: Lesser Healing

"Fu Xuefeng!" Bai Zemin shouted loudly without worrying about attracting other creatures or more zombies; in fact, that was the idea.

Fu Xuefeng approached him quickly and with a look filled with adoration and gratitude asked, "Big brother Bai, do you need anything?"

"That's enough for now. Have Cai Jingyi, Zhong De, and Kang Lan return to rest." Bai Zemin ordered in a deep voice.

Zhong De was the other man who had decided to follow Bai Zemin. His body was in good condition due to being part of the university's substitute basketball team in the past.

As for Kang Lan, she was the girl with glasses who also stood up, being the last of the only four who dared to accept Bai Zemin's tempting but dangerous offer. In the past she was very studious and generally did not distinguish herself in anything, however, beneath her quiet appearance was a very brave and tenacious woman.

When the four of them returned, Kang Lan handed the Xuanyuan Sword and the Full Coat to Bai Zemin. She had been the last of the four to kill zombies.

"What levels are each of you?" Bai Zemin asked as he received the skill rolls they had obtained after hunting their first zombies. In order to have the people under his command more under control, he had requested that before using a skill they should be shown it to him; this was an idea he had come up with after what had happened with Fu Xuefeng.

"My level is 5. I distributed equitably my points in Agility and Stamina." Cai Jingyi announced while staring at him.

"Level 5. My choice was Strength and Agility." Zhong De responded in a serious voice before remaining silent.

"My level is also 5 but..." Kang Lan seemed to want to say something but hesitated. However, in the end, she slowly explained, "I haven't distributed my status points yet, I have ten free."

"Oh?" Bai Zemin looked at her a little confused and slowly asked, "Why is that so?"

"If you look at the skill I got you'll understand." Kang Lan pointed to the scroll she had handed to Bai Zemin.

Bai Zemin said nothing and nodded silently before he began to inspect the skill scrolls.

[Agility Boost (Unclassified Passive Skill) Level 3: After learning this skill increases Agility by +20 points permanently].

[Power Boost (Unclassified Skill) Level 3: To activate this skill you need to consume 3 Mana points. After activation, it increases Strength by +35 points for 5 minutes. After the effect is finished, the skill has a cooldown time of 20 minutes].

[Lesser Healing (First Order Skill) Level 1: To activate this skill, 10 Mana points must be consumed and the user must possess at least 5 Magic points. It can heal minor wounds and its constant use can accelerate the healing of bone fractures. Magical power influences the healing. It can be used twice a day and after that it goes into cooldown for 12 hours].

Agility Boost had been acquired by Cai Jingyi.

Power Boost had been acquired by Zhong De.

... And Lesser Healing had been acquired by Kang Lan.

For the first two skills, Bai Zemin's reaction was quite casual. However, upon seeing the skill obtained by Kang Lan he could not help but be surprised.

Even when Fu Xuefeng had incapacitated the zombies, Kang Lan actually obtained such a good skill, this was something Bai Zemin did not expect.

According to what Lilith had told him a few days ago, even if they hunted stronger monsters they would get the same as they would get in case of killing a zombie since the Soul Record seemed to be able to distinguish when a person received outside help and when they did something on their own. It was for this reason that Bai Zemin did not bother looking for more powerful monsters.

Little did he expect that Kang Lan would obtain a skill of such quality. Although she wasn't useful in combat by any means, with this skill, as long as someone protected her she could take care of healing from behind! Of course, for such a thing to be possible Kang Lan needed to have a lot of Mana, and the more Magic the better.

Although there was still a long way to go, Bai Zemin couldn't help but look at the girl with glasses as if she was some kind of treasure.

Perhaps sensing the change in his gaze, Kang Lan couldn't help but squirm a little as she blushed slightly.

"Kang Lan, what are your current stats?" Bai Zemin asked after thinking for a moment.

"This..." Kang Lan's eyes moved as she looked at the personal status window that only she could see and carefully said, " Strength 4 / Agility 5 / Stamina 8 / Mana 20 / Magic 35... That's what it says here."

Bai Zemin's eyes lit up and Lilith's voice sounded beside him, "Oh? This girl has a decent amount of magic power."

In fact, while she was not that impressive when compared to Bai Zemin and while the rest of her stats were average at best, Kang Lan possessed at least twice as much Mana as a normal person would obtain after the advent of Soul Record and her Magical power was also at the level of a human genius.

"I see." Bai Zemin outwardly remained calm without letting the surprise he felt show on his face and slowly said, "Allocate all your points in Mana and Magic. You decide the distribution."

"Alright." Kang Lan nodded immediately before allocating the ten points to both stats.

She also understood Bai Zemin's intention and was secretly delighted. While it was true that her battle power would be extremely low compared to Cai Jingyi and the rest, if she managed to get her hands on an active magic skill then her power would also skyrocket through the roof, becoming a fish that jumped through the dragon gate. Besides, as long as Bai Zemin was there, Kang Lan knew that her safety and well-being would definitely be guaranteed.

As for if Bai Zemin died? Then Kang Lan would have no hope of surviving against an enemy capable of defeating him; therefore she also did not worry about problems about which she had no solution.

"Each of you learn your respective skill." Bai Zemin handed back the skill scrolls before looking at Kang Lan and commanded, "Kang Lan, use your skill on my left hand."

The scroll in her hands turned into countless white light particles that entered her body. Deep within her soul, a transparent colored rune with strange white lines formed.

Kang Lan stretched both hands forward and as if she had done it all her life, she activated the skill. A faint pale white light flashed in her hands and enveloped Bai Zemin's broken hand.

Kang Lan's face turned a little pale after the abrupt loss of half of her Mana reserves. However, seeing Bai Zemin still staring at her, she gritted her teeth and activated her skill once again, thus expending all her Mana in a matter of seconds.

Bai Zemin felt the changes immediately as he could clearly feel his broken wrist being repaired and the sound of bones clinking together once again was extremely clear, sending a shiver down everyone's spine.

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