Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse

Chapter 36: Bone-chilling coldness

-In a building north of the university campus, fourth floor.

This place was previously used as an important meeting room by the teachers and directors of the university, therefore, the decoration was quite elegant, the glass windows were almost two meters high; which provided a beautiful view from the fourth floor to the outside. However, while the view was beautiful, the danger was also high because in this new world such a place without any protection was definitely not a good place to stay too long.

A young man of about 21 or 22 whose face was quite handsome and whose body was very fit was sitting in a leather chair while drinking a glass of whiskey.

While students were not allowed to drink alcohol within the university grounds regardless of their age, the teachers had their own stocks so it was not easy for him to find several bottles.

On the young man's lap was a beautiful female student about the same age as him. This young woman smiled every time the young man said something and was clearly trying to curry favor with him in any way possible.

This young man was Qiao Long.

"That little dog Su Min sure is arrogant." Qiao Long spat as he clung tightly to the woman's slender waist in his embrace. "Does he think that just because he's a teacher he can give me orders? Let's see if now that I've broken his legs he'll learn to be more careful next time!"

The girl in his embrace shuddered imperceptibly at his words. With a flattering smile, she kissed him and praised, "King Qiao, why bother with little flies? Who doesn't know that your power is the only reason we are still alive?"

"Hahaha... My little Xiao Xiao is still the best!" Qiao Long laughed approvingly before giving the beauty a deep kiss.

He loved the feeling of dominating the life and death of others. Even the women he had slept with had to call him 'King' or else they would have to suffer his anger.

The girl's name was Xiao Xiao and she was a fourth year student. She was one of the few women who was willing to give herself to Qiao Long of her own free will; she just wanted to survive and lead a better life. Moreover, although she was scared of Qiao Long and his wild acts, Xiao Xiao had also become accustomed to giving orders and looking down on others with arrogance after only six days of apocalypse.


The office door was opened with a bang and one of Qiao Long's cronies walked in with a pale face as he urgently shouted, "King, those two little bitches Xu Fen and He Yuhan are back!"

Qiao Long was about to curse this student for interrupting his moment of happiness, however, when he heard his words, his eyes flashed viciously.

"Those two puny ants finally couldn't stand the hunger? Just wait until I get my hands on them and let me watch them run away again!" Qiao Long gently pushed the woman he was about to have a good time with and stood up as he walked to the exit.

The student buddy was surprised and quickly followed him as he hurriedly said, "King, those two puny ants are not alone! There is a group of survivors of about twenty or thirty people and among them is the number 1 beauty of our university!"

Qiao Long's footsteps stopped abruptly and he looked at the student with red eyes, "Is that right?"

The student naturally understood the meaning behind that question. After so many days of seeing Qiao Long's arrogant and confident attitude, this student knew that he was not afraid of crowds.

"It's really her. I saw her with my own eyes! Shangguan Bing Xue was together with that pretty face Chen He and two other guys I don't know!"

A huge smile appeared on Qiao Long's face and he walked out taking long strides as he daydreamed about delighting with the body of the arrogant woman that countless men were dreaming about; even teachers were secretly looking at the beauty Shangguan Bing Xue.

As for Chen He and the other two strangers, Qiao Long ignored them completely.

Chen He came from a powerful family, this was something that everyone knew well and it was also for this reason that no one dared to touch Shangguan Bing Xue, thinking that he was her safeguard. However, few knew that she never trusted the protection of anyone but herself.

But what good did it do to have a powerful family now? Weren't they all in the same situation? Qiao Long was confident that as long as he did not meet that monster who killed the beetle there was no one capable of defeating him in this university!

'However, that guy should be dead or at least seriously injured right now.' Qiao Long thought as he headed for the exit of the building.

That night three days ago, Qiao Long was terrified when he saw the giant elephant beetle; his whole being was screaming to run away and not to appear before that creature. However, to Qiao Long's surprise and horror, one person actually dared to face that beetle and actually emerged victorious... Qiao Long did not even dare to think about what would happen if that person appeared before him one day as his enemy.

Therefore, taking the opportunity of the fact that this person was injured after defeating the elephant beetle, Qiao Long attracted a large number of zombies to surround such a person. In fact, Qiao Long was so scared at that time that he did not even dare to approach and left after attracting more than a hundred infected undead.

But Qiao Long did not believe that that unknown person would have survived and even if he survived his injuries should be critical considering that fierce battle in the middle of the storm.

* * *

Bai Zemin and the rest of the survivors advanced under He Yuhan's guidance.

Although He Yuhan was scared and did not want to see Qiao Long again for the rest of his life if possible, under the death stare Shangguan Bing Xue was giving him he did not dare to say no and could only lead the way obediently.

"Bing Xue, why don't you calm down a moment?" Chen He walked beside his best friend and at the same time the only woman he had ever loved, trying to appease her with a soft voice.

Unfortunately, all his efforts failed miserably.

Shangguan Bing Xue's gaze was fixed on the road before her and every time a zombie dared to appear in her vision it was miserably slaughtered even before it could growl twice.

Bai Zemin was quite surprised. Although in the past he was indifferent to everyone and did not pay attention to anyone in particular, the reality was that it was impossible not to know Shangguan Bing Xue unless one was not a student or teacher of this university.

However, that cold and indifferent Shangguan Bing Xue from the rumors and whom he had known for a week seemed to have disappeared at this moment. While she was still cold, that elegant coldness had disappeared and been replaced by deadly coldness that no one would be willing to get too close of.

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