Begin Again - Start All Over Differently

Begin Again - Start All Over Differently

9 Chapters Ongoing Status


Begin Again - Start All Over Differently,

Because, sometimes in life, instead of giving up, we should just begin again!


If she was hurt, then he was in no less pain and she knew it more than anybody else did. She could fight with the world but how was she supposed to fight with the one whom she had begun considering her entire universe?

A tear trickled down her cheek looking into his agonized eyes, and staring at the thin layer of tears shining in her eyes, his mask fell off and the inner torment, heartache and immense pain that he was concealing with his anger fell straight in her surrender.

"Why?" He was no longer conscious about his shaky, cracking voice and showing how broken she had left him. He didn't care that he was putting his vulnerable side on display in front of her that he had never allowed anyone to get even a glimpse of. He let her see that Evan Parker was truly shattered.

"Say. Tell me. Why? You know I lo..." He slipped on his knees. Sliding his hand to hold the back of her head, he drew her closer, resting his forehead against her. He went in more, almost touching their noses. "This heart is still not ready to believe -"

"So why did you?" She did not push him, neither made an attempt to get away from him despite their proximity. Having him so close to her, hearing his quavering voice, knowing that his heart was in distress had her lose every bit of her. A fresh stream of tears escaped her eyes, falling on his cheeks before reaching the ground.

His moist skin came as the hitting realization to him, compelling him to pull a little away only to come across her woeful eyes. She was crying. His palms scooped her face in them, wiping her tears, almost as a reflex response. She couldn't hold herself back. She held on to him tighter, circling her arms around his neck as she let her tears soak his shirt with them.


Evan Parker had a rosy, and perfect life. That was what people believed. Being the lead guitarist and vocalist of quite a popular musical ensemble named Precious Four exposed him to the world of fame and craze. Females were in absolute awe of him and his voice. The boy himself, validated them through his cool behaviour and continued hiding his miseries from the world. They were not for the world to see and nobody did. Not even his dearest three friends.

So when one of his classmates, Evelyn Taylor mentioned to him one day that she could see how troubled he was, he was left baffled. The girl intrigued him with her exceptional face reading and human understanding skills.

While a bunch of girls would get lost in his pearl-gray eyes, Evelyn was the first one to grasp the agony and suffering in them. Evelyn Taylor's life hadn't been a fairy tale either.

Evan had his secrets, so had Evelyn but none knew that they had a past connection. The connection that could either bind them forever or break their strings forever.

The choices they make, the faith they keep and the trust they hold would decide if the former would come true or the latter.


This is going to be a slow paced story. I am clearing in advance so that you do not get disappointed later.

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