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Chapter 96 - Chapter 96: Golden Dragon Bloodline! 100,000 Years of Lifespan! (1)

Chapter 96: Golden Dragon Bloodline! 100,000 Years of Lifespan! (1)

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Level 6 of the Foundation Establishment Realm!

Level 7 of the Foundation Establishment Realm!!

Finally, the increase in his cultivation stopped. Ye Xuan was also stunned on the spot.


“Level 7 of the Foundation Establishment Realm!!”

Ye Xuan felt the dense True Essence in his body that was almost overflowing and immediately gasped!!

His 8,000 years of cultivation had actually directly pulled him to Level 7 of the Foundation Establishment Realm!

After thinking about it, he realized that he had made a killing.

8,000 years of cultivation.

Thinking about it carefully, this was a huge loss.

If Gu Qingyao had 8,000 years of cultivation, she would probably become an immortal on the spot, shatter the void, and ascend to the immortal world.

However, he had only increased by six small levels…

Although to a large extent, it was because his Supreme Foundation Establishment Realm was already more stable than others and consumed more cultivation resources than others, it was still a little too little to only reach Level 7 of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

“Forget it. It’s a freebie. It’s a waste not to take it.”

Ye Xuan took a deep breath. He was even more grateful and fond of Ouyang


Although Ouyang Yun could no longer have children, it was almost all thanks to Ouyang Yun that he could reach this level!

It was not an exaggeration to say that Ouyang Yun was half his benefactor.

Furthermore, he was now at Level 7 of the Foundation Establishment Realm. Putting aside other divine powers and secret techniques, it was definitely not a problem for his True Essence to beat the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

The only thing he lacked was combat experience and proficiency in using and cooperating with various divine powers.

After all, if he were in a battle now, if he could defeat the other party, he would fight and kill the other party instantly.

If he could not defeat the other party, he would just hide.

There were almost no opponents who could match his strength.

The main thing was that he was afraid that he would fail.

The man in black in the Trial Tower previously was actually about the same strength as him.

However, he was afraid that his combat experience was inferior to the other party’s, and even more afraid that the other party would become stronger and stronger. In fact, he was afraid that he would fail, so he used a talisman…

Thereafter, he directly beat the other party up…

This could not be helped.

Ye Xuan shook his head gently and threw away these thoughts.

Then, his gaze landed on the last reward. “How do I use the Golden Dragon Bloodline?” “Will it change our human bloodline?”

Ye Xuan asked with a frown.

Although he did not know what level this golden dragon was, it should be pure-blooded. It sounded very impressive.

The only thing that worried him was that it would change his human bloodline.

After all, although the human race was weaker than the myriad races, it had infinite possibilities.

As for naturally powerful races like dragons, they had extremely terrifying shackles which prevented them from reaching the peak.

[It will not change the host’s human bloodline. After fusion, the host will be a mixed-blood and can obtain all the inheritance and abilities contained in the bloodline.]

[The host can choose to use it. Fusing the bloodline will cause intense pain. It is recommended that the host fuse a small amount of bloodline every day.]

The system notification sounded.

“Good fellow, this reward is really not bad.”

Ye Xuan raised his eyebrows and was very happy.

He could obtain all the benefits, and yet not have to be responsible. Only the system’s rewards would have such a good thing.

“With something this good, it’s acceptable for it to hurt a little during fusion.” “And as long as I become stronger, will I be afraid of pain?

Ye Xuan smiled contemptuously and then came to the cultivation room in a flash.

“System, fuse 0.01% first.”

Ye Xuan tried to say.

After all, he had to test how painful it was to prevent any accidents.

[Start fusion—I

As the system finished speaking, Ye Xuan felt the blood in his body gradually boil…


It completely exploded…

“Damn you!! ”

Half a day later.

In the cultivation room, a “bloody man” stared fiercely with his wide eyes and slowly collapsed.

At this moment, all of Ye Xuan’s clothes were soaked in blood, and the entire cultivation room emitted an unpleasant stench.

There was also a large pool of blood on the ground that emitted a stench.

“I was already very careful…” “I didn’t expect to be so careless…”

“It damn hurts…

Two streams of tears rolled down from the corners of Ye Xuan’s eyes.

He cried bitterly.

Fortunately, he was conservative and had chosen to fuse 0.01% of the bloodline.

If he had been a little arrogant just now, he might have died from the pain.

This was mental torture…

The feeling just now was as if his body was being dismembered…

That pain was like torture…

This was probably what one had to endure to fuse with the bloodline.

The only good news was that this Golden Dragon Bloodline was unexpectedly powerful.

With just a 0.01% fusion rate, he felt that his physical strength had increased by a large margin.

Not only that, but his recovery speed had also increased greatly.

At this moment, a large number of blood vessels in his body had exploded because they could not withstand the pressure of the foreign bloodline. Generally speaking, he had to recover from such injuries first. Even if he took drugs, it would take at least a week.

However, only half a day had passed, and most of the injuries in his body had healed.

The large number of exploded blood vessels on his skin had almost completely healed at this moment. The wounds had already begun to scatter and fall off.

“As expected of the dragon race’s bloodline! How terrifying!”

“If I fuse them all, won’t I have an undying body?”

Ye Xuan was overjoyed at this moment, but he was a little afraid of the pain that penetrated into his bones.

“Let’s rest for a few days. I’ll try the 0.001% fusion rate next time.” Ye Xuan took a deep breath and thought to himself.

If it was 0.001% a day, it would take 100,000 days, almost 270 years, to completely fuse.

However, in reality, it definitely did not need such a long time. The pain was because he did not have any dragon bloodline in his body. When he first fused with it, it would definitely cause a huge repulsion to his bloodline.

When the concentration of his Golden Dragon Bloodline increased slightly, he would be able to accelerate the fusion. As his cultivation increased, his resistance to this rejection would also increase..

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