Final remarks

 It’s over, let’s say something.

 This book, I originally planned to finish it after writing one million words, that is, I would finish it after finishing The Lower World.

  There is no upper world in my outline. After ascending from the lower world, there is modern society.

 But after thinking about it later, I felt that adding an upper bound plot might be a bit fuller, so I added it.

Unfortunately, the core selling point of this book is that the male protagonist marries a wife. As the number of wives increases, the core selling point of this book is basically finished.

 So when I write about the upper realm, the plot is actually no different from that in the lower realm.

 Commonly known as: matryoshka doll.

If the plot is repetitive, it would be boring to write, so I basically just write about Upper Realm simply.

Is this a bad ending?

 It’s not a bad ending.

 Why is it not considered bad?

 Because this book is more of a daily novel, there is no plot to speak of, no foreshadowing, no digging holes, so there is no question of whether it is a bad ending or not. It will end as it should.

As for continuing with water, writing about the invasion of demons and other messy things can only be repeated routines and matryoshka dolls, which is really boring.

 Finishing it now is the most appropriate time.

 Short, perfect.

 If necessary, I may write a few extra chapters as supplements.

 You may not believe it if I tell you.

 Before writing this book, I didn’t even know the level of cultivation of Xianxia. I only knew about Qi refining, foundation building, golden elixir, and Yuanying.

 Because I never watch traditional fairy tales.

Among them, the three realms of building foundation, golden elixir, and Yuanying were known to me from watching "The School Beauty's Personal Expert" when I was in my senior year of high school.

 Actually, I read very narrow types of novels. From the time I started reading to now, I basically only read two types.

 The first is fantasy.

  The second is the city.

Among them, I watch a lot of urban movies, but now I barely watch fantasy movies.

 And I have three reasons why I don’t look at it.

 The first one is historical novels.

  The second is fan fiction.

  The third one is fantasy novels with foreign backgrounds.

In order to force myself to read Lord of Mysteries, I abruptly changed two reader accounts and fully subscribed. As a result, I couldn’t even see the published chapters.

 Judging from this example, you will know that I really can’t stand novels with foreign names.

I have been reading "Spiritual Realm Walker" for a long time.

 Until I got to the third volume, the foreign chapter, I couldn’t stand it anymore.

 Wait a minute, the topic seems to have gone off the rails.

Chat about what I’m doing while reading?

 Let’s get back to the topic and return to the theme. I will write about the urban genre in my next book.

 Of course, it is a city with extraordinary power, that is, urban superpowers.

 It is tentatively scheduled to be released at the end of the month.

 But I’m not sure, it might be released in October.

  I have done a good job of outline, setting, and background.

 The next step is to see how well it is done.

 Send it when you feel ready.

lest it be like this book, where I write whatever comes to my mind every day without any plot at all.

 In short, thank you all for reading this, and I hope you can continue reading the next book.

 (End of this chapter)

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