Becoming a Sage Starts From Condensing the Essence of Time

Chapter 180 - Chapter 180: Ancient Demon Five Animals Fusing into

Chapter 180: Ancient Demon Five Animals Fusing into

Green Mountain, Becoming Number One at the Martial Chief Stone (1)

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The Heavenly Profound Palace was silent, be it in the luxurious and magnificent palace or in the wide square with white jade as the foundation.

The morning sun passed through the yellow glazed tiles on the roof of the palace and reflected a seven-colored rainbow. It spread out and circled above the square, growing sharp horns and breaking out of the invincible dragon aura. It was gorgeous and magical.

The invincible white python aura evolved into the Heavenly Dragon!

This was an evolution of boldness, a reflection on the path of legends.

Invincible aura was a mysterious thing. Very few people dared to say that they could gather invincible aura. Over countless years, there were only a few geniuses who wanted to take this path of cutting off all means of retreat.

They had gambled everything, including talent, cultivation, faith, and future. Once they failed, they would be defeated like a landslide. The price was so high that most people would shrink back.

The brilliant light of the morning sun shone on An Le’s white clothes, and the surging spring breeze blew his wide sleeves. There was a gentle smile on his confident and handsome face.

In the Heavenly Profound Palace, Prime Minister Qin’s expression was incomparably cold. His hands under his luxurious official robe suddenly clenched tightly. He did not know how to face An Le at this moment.

As the spring breeze blew into the Heavenly Profound Palace, the words exploded in Qin Lishi’s ears like thunder. Many officials heard it clearly.

These two words were filled with mockery and disdain.

The Hall Examination was seven days early. The young man was fearless and came as usual.

In the literary examination, he arranged for Qin Hua’an, who was ranked third on the Little Sacred Ranking, to stop him. Similarly, he was not afraid at all. In the Mountain and River Painting, he forcefully defeated, chased, and completely destroyed the other party’s Primordial Spirit. He broke out of the obstruction as the champion of the literary examination and proudly appeared.

It was as if he was stepping on a wave that rose out of thin air, displaying an unstoppable aura.

The officials present knew about the bet An Le and Prime Minister Qin had made.

An Le had killed Prime Minister Qin’s most precious son, Qin Qianqiu. If he could enter the top three of the Hall Examination this time, he would be pardoned and not punished.

However, if he failed, Prime Minister Qin could use the laws of Great Zhao and send An Le to the Dali Temple’s Zhao Prison. At that time, no matter how talented he was in the Zhao Prison, he would be tortured until he was unrecognizable. His heart and invincible aura would be worn away, and in the end, he would end up miserably.

But now, An Le had actually defeated Qin Hua’an, Wang Qilin, and the other geniuses at the top of the Little Sacred Ranking with his fourth-realm Primordial Spirit in the Mountain and River Painting and become the champion of the literary examination.

One had to know that Qin Hua’an and Wang Qilin were both geniuses at the fifth realm of Spirit Refinement who had stepped into Oblivion!

The Oblivion Primordial Spirit had multicolored light on its back and a phenomenon. Its Primordial Spirit was extremely powerful.

No one expected An Le to defeat them in the Spirit Refinement literary examination in the Mountain and River Painting.

This victory… was a miracle in itself!

Wang Qilin’s Spirit Refinement cultivation method was Blazing Prairie Fire. It was also a top cultivation method like the Sword Waterfall Diagram. Qin Hua’an’s Fury of Wind and Thunder was also on the same level.

Under the same Spirit Refinement cultivation method, An Le, who was only at the fourth-realm Primordial Spirit, actually had the last laugh, making many people puzzled.

Matriarch Yu held a dragon-headed walking stick as a look of surprise appeared in her old and turbid eyes.

Madam Hua also smiled brightly.

An Le gave them a huge surprise during the literary examination.

Perhaps An Le could really rely on his own strength to obtain Storm Calming and suppress a storm that should have swept through Lin’an.

“Although he’s ranked first in the literary examination, the Hall Examination hasn’t ended yet. There’s still the martial examination that hasn’t been carried out… It’s still unknown if he can enter the top three.”

Qin Lishi’s hands hung down. There was no joy or sorrow on his face, and no emotion could be seen.

Even in the face of An Le’s slightly mocking words, he was still calm and carried out the essence of the word ‘endure’ to the end.

However, his words made many people chuckle.

If he became the champion of the literary examination, the probability of him reaching the top three of the Hall Examination would increase greatly. Coupled with the fact that Qin Hua’an was at the bottom of the literary examination, he could not fight for the top three.

In other words, as long as An Le was ranked in the top five in the martial examination, he could enter the top three in the Hall Examination.

He even had the chance to become the top scholar that countless people dreamed of!

Qin Lishi clearly knew this as well. The maliciousness and anger in his eyes surged continuously. Qin Hua’an’s defeat had completely disrupted his plans. However, Qin Lishi lowered his face slightly and calmed his emotions. He did not say anything and no one knew what he was planning.

If he wanted to break all the schemes, he had to be strong enough.

This was An Le’s strategy to deal with Qin Lishi. No matter what methods Qin Lishi used, as long as he won to the end, all his tricks would be useless.

On the other hand, An Le had this belief of invincibility and walked the legendary path. He needed to press forward in this Hall Examination.

In the Mountain and River Painting, the candidates who had been assigned to the mountain were still fighting with their Primordial Spirits.

However, the Second Headmaster was much more relaxed. Because An Le had left the painting and Green Mountain was not around, there would no longer be such a terrifying suction force that wanted to suck his Primordial Spirit dry.

When the Second Headmaster heaved a sigh of relief, An Le felt that it was a pity and even wanted to stay longer.

He did not want to leave the Mountain and River Painting so quickly. In the Mountain and River Painting, he could sense that visualizing Green Mountain and the Future Sword Qi had become very easy. He could even clearly push aside the fog on Green Mountain and see the ancient Spirit Refinement scripture on it.

He had visualized more than half of the scripture and was still a little lacking.

Unfortunately, Wang Qilin had come to challenge him, so he had no choice but to accept.

Without the enhancement of the Mountain and River Painting, it was clearly more difficult for An Le to visualize it with his Primordial Spirit alone..

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