Be a Salted Fish In the Harem Text

Be a Salted Fish In the Harem Text


91 Chapters Completed Status


Mu Sheng transmigrated into a male harem article, and became a member who was about to be included in the harem by the male lead.
In this article, the male protagonist fell off a cliff and met the old man with a white beard, and from then on he began to kill the Quartet and dominate the road. Of course, there are beauties everywhere you go.
The master of Taiyi sect, the young master of Tianji sect, the princess of the demon clan, the empress of the demon clan… any one of her identities is more prominent than her, the little junior sister of the outer sect.
Mu Sheng didn’t have any ambition to save the heroine, after knowing the bad news, Mu Sheng just wanted to run away overnight.
Later, the disciples of the Tianyan Sect found out that the junior sister from the outer sect who loved to practice swords the most no longer practiced swords, and volunteered to take care of Lingtian.

The lost ancient spiritual plants and the hard-to-serve high-level elixir filled the spiritual field in a mess.
Mu Sheng originally thought that he could avoid the plot in this way, and be her salty fish with peace of mind, but he didn’t expect that he could make a name for himself by farming any land.

Zhuang Yuyanxiang, the suzerain of Taiyi sect, has a car and a BMW, and his aura is obvious.
——”Give me Lingjiang Grass, and I will accept you as a personal disciple.”
Mu Sheng: “It’s good to be alone.”
Xia Yingying, the princess of the demon clan, stepped on the demon dragon, pampering and unrestrained.
—— “Please get out of here.”
Mu Sheng: “Okay, I will pay the travel expenses.”
Ye Xingyao, the young master of Tianjimen, was in a state of desperation, his white clothes stained with blood.
——”You save my life, and I will make a divination table for you and calculate the secrets of heaven.”
Mu Sheng: “I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in fate.”

She really just wants to be a salted fish, grow crops, make alchemy, and raise furry. She doesn’t want to face all the heroines!

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