Chapter 217: Much Better Than You

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Seeing two customers at once, the store attendant’s face lit up with a broad smile. As it was a private jewelry store, the attendants worked on a sales commission basis, so they eagerly served the two customers.

When the customers finished selecting and were ready to make payment, the store attendant felt that their luck had soared today.

The male customer, who seemed quite ordinary in appearance, unexpectedly chose two gold rings at once. The store attendant instinctively nodded and provided attentive service.

Gong Xin watched as Jin Long paid, somewhat mesmerized. Perhaps, men really did radiate a certain halo when paying the bill!

Gong Xin also paid and asked, “Are you buying two rings as a gift?”

Jin Long explained that it wasn’t for him; these were gifts his friend had entrusted him to buy.

“That fatty was too busy to leave the shop and insisted on me helping him to buy and deliver the gift. So here I am, ” said Jin Long.

Gong Xin thought the man in front of her was honest and didn’t take the opportunity to show off. She felt he was quite nice.

She asked, “By the way, could you help me deliver my gifts to Gu Zi too?

Otherwise, I’ll have to give them to her on the wedding day.”

She had planned to do it herself at first, but now that she had met Jin Long, she felt that she could ask him for help.

Jin Long willingly agreed, saying, “As long as you trust me, there’s no problem.”

Gong Xin happily said, “That’s great!”

Having spent over a hundred on a gold ring, Gong Xin handed them over to a man she had only seen twice. For some reason, she felt a sense of trust in him.

She and Jin Long walked out of the jewelry store. At the door, they bid farewell, and Gong Zhan’s car happened to pass by.

He instructed the driver to stop, got out of the car, and called out to Gong Xin, inviting her to join him for the ride home.

Gong Xin had barely settled into her seat when her brother interrogated her,

“Are you in a relationship? He looks so ordinary!”

He had seen the man looking like he was in a hurry, directly getting into an old truck and driving away. Definitely not someone from a respectable profession.

Gong Xin, irritated by her brother’s disdainful attitude, didn’t immediately explain that she wasn’t in a relationship. Instead, she retorted, “He’s much better than you!”

The siblings engaged in a silent war throughout the journey, and their argument continued when they reached home.

Gong’s parents, upon hearing the content of the argument, weren’t entirely convinced by their son’s words.

Mrs. Chen remarked, “If she were really in love, I would be delighted, but it’s impossible. This girl can’t keep a secret; she would have told us about it long ago.”

Upon hearing this, Gong Xin shot her brother a glare, then playfully nestled into her mother’s arms, saying, “A mother knows her daughter best; you’re the best, Mom!”

Gong Zhan coldly uttered a few words, “Flatterer!”

Ignoring him, Gong Xin calmly explained to her parents that the wedding date for Gu Zi was approaching, and she was just buying a gift. She had even taken leave from work to attend the upcoming wedding.

The couple, upon hearing the news of Gu Zi’s wedding, felt a mix of emotions. Gu Zi was finally marrying someone else.

They didn’t know what to say for a moment. Gong Zhan’s gaze was disdainful, and he commented, “What’s there to attend in a countryside wedding? Your lie is not convincing at all.”

Gong Xin, feeling her brother was overly critical, retorted, “Are you suggesting

I’m going there to find a man?”

Gong Zhan, feeling frustrated, spoke even harsher words, “You’re like a man yourself. Better not get into a relationship; you might end up being rejected.”

Mrs. Chen couldn’t bear to listen any longer and gave her son a pat, saying, “How can you say that to your sister? Go to your room and rest, so you don’t argue further. Also, calm down and think about your situation with Lin Miao.”

She didn’t know what went wrong. The wedding had been arranged for her son long ago, and yet, they still hadn’t gotten married.

If things proceeded like this, by the time Gu Zi’s child was born, Gong Zhan and Lin Miao would still be in a stalemate.

She didn’t say it explicitly, but she wanted her son to think it through. If he really didn’t think it was suitable, it wasn’t like he couldn’t find another marriage partner.

Gong Xin took the opportunity to echo her mother, “I actually think he’s quite suitable for Lin Miao. Both are equally difficult to bring into high society!” Gong Zhan ignored her, went back to his room, and slammed the door shut.

Su family residence.

Early the next morning, Jin Long arrived, and Gu Zi obtained three more gold rings. She noted each one in the gift registry before taking them upstairs.

Gu Zi invited Jin Long to have breakfast, and after the meal, Su Shen asked him to leave the delivery truck behind.

Jin Long exaggeratedly remarked, “Sure, just let me run all over the place, right? Good brothers are meant to be used and abused.”

Fine, he would walk back to the pig farm all alone. What else could he do? He couldn’t possibly compete with Gu Zi for favor!

Su Shen glanced at him and said in a deep voice, “You’re so talkative when you’re full. I knew I shouldn’t have let you eat here.”

Gu Zi went to Aunt Zhang’s house and brought Shi Tou over. Then she led the four children into the truck..

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