Chapter 648 Technical exchange of alien beasts!

"But I still think Lin Gongshuang is the best!"

"I am a Yangou, and my appearance is more important than anything else!"

"Does Lin Gongshuang only have good looks? She is an all-round woman!"

"Yes, women who are too strong and perfect usually stay alone all their lives."

"Men are too powerful, so how can they not be?"

Everyone seemed to think of one person unanimously.

That's Su Yang!

But if you think about it carefully, it seems that Su Qianqian will follow in Su Yang's footsteps.

Even surpassing Su Yang!

They knew very well that Su Qianqian was only over five years old and was so powerful that even the big guys in the world of cultivation had to bow to her.

Can such a powerful person really have friends?

Of course there is.

The discussion in the Tiandao live broadcast room ended instantly.

Everyone turned their attention to Su Qianqian's live broadcast.

They saw Su Qianqian already playing on the beach.

Instead of swimming in the sea, she played with the sand on the beach.

Not to mention children, even adults can't help but play with the sand when walking on the beach.

No matter how old a person is, his childlike innocence still remains.

Regardless of whether he is an old man who has experienced vicissitudes of life, he is still a young man when he returns.


Su Qianqian built a castle with sand.

She was playing in the sand and looking into the ocean.

Liu Guangwei dived into the sea.

He wants to bind a strange beast in the sea.

As for the Xingxiu beast, it was lying on the side of the beach.

Even though there are other strange beasts all around.

But the Xingxiu beasts didn't care at all whether they would make a surprise attack.

After all, the current Xingxiu beast has advanced to become a rare beast, and its strength level is at level 47.

The strange beasts around, even the rare beasts, are only level 45 or below.

Even if it comes in a surprise attack, the Xingxiu beast can kill it instantly.

Not only is there a gap in strength, there is also a gap in grade.

In the Tiandao live broadcast room.

Many water friends are watching Liu Guangwei's live broadcast.

They saw Liu Guangwei diving 150 meters deep.

This is completely beyond the normal human diving limit.

But Liu Guangwei is no ordinary person.

He is a genuine Nascent Soul cultivator.

Another thirty seconds passed.

Liu Guangwei has dived to a depth of 200 meters.

However, the possibility of alien beasts living in the sea appearing at a depth of two hundred meters is very low.

While diving into the sea, Liu Guangwei also saw many huge strange beasts.

He couldn't recognize some strange beasts at all.

Even if you have read the Mountain and Sea Illustrated Book.

Even the water friends in the Tiandao live broadcast room, with so many pairs of eyes at UU Reading, can't tell what kind of strange beasts they are.

After all, there are many strange beasts in the Mountain and Sea Illustrated Book, but they are not recorded in them.

However, when Liu Guangwei dived to 300 meters, he encountered a familiar strange beast.

It's a salamander!

The strange beast Salamander from the Mountains and Seas looks like a blue dragon, but it has extra wings and a glowing tail.

The strength level of the Mountain and Sea Alien Salamander is not low, at level 45.

But there was no attack on Liu Guangwei.

Except for the rare beasts, the strange beasts that appeared at the fifth trial site were all tame.

As for the reason, no one knows. It can only be said that this is the principle of the trial of the alien copy.

Ten minutes passed.

Liu Guangwei dived to a depth of one thousand meters.

At this depth, let alone humans, even steel would be squeezed to the point of deformation.

This is not the most incredible thing.

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