American Entertainment 1982

Chapter 307: press conference

Chapter 307 Press Conference

Diane Lane felt that Tommy would not be joking. Halfway through the premiere reception, she quietly called her father and hinted that he might want to change his job because the owner behind the theater was a **** and she did not want to be He has unspoken rules, even if it means paying.

Instead, she learned a shocking news from her father. His father actually held 5% of the theater shares. What was even more exaggerated was that Tommy had made a special trip to visit him when he took Otilia to live in New York. Thanks to him for raising a beautiful daughter and being able to play his girlfriend Otilia in the movie. Those shares are a thank you, and he also asked his father to keep it a secret. The reason is that his precious daughter must firmly believe that without him in Hollywood Mom, a good man, should tighten his belt when facing them.

After hearing what her father said, Diane Lane hung up the phone and looked for Tommy Hawke at the cocktail party that was about to end. In the end, she found nothing until she got the news from Stephen and Susan. After saying hello to his friends, Tommy rushed back to Stanford University with Jason and Suzy to busy with their work.

" father told and Otilia visited him." Diane Lane got Tommy's number from Stephen and dialed it.

 Actually, she didn’t know what to say, but she thought she should say hello.

Tommy smiled and said on the phone: "If you can't offer 700,000 a night, don't think about me asking Paige to turn around and return to Los Angeles to accompany you to book a hotel, Ms. Diane Lane."

"You and my father didn't seem to be talking about the same person on the phone. Maybe he made a mistake." Diane Lane couldn't help but laugh when she heard Tommy's still tone of voice that didn't deserve a beating. The Tommy she knew, the kind and gentlemanly guy, existed only in other people's descriptions, not as a living person.

"Actually, before I went to Los Angeles, I was squeezed dry by an old woman. I'm harmless to humans and animals. You don't have to worry about it. I..." Tommy said with a smile on the phone, but before he finished speaking, Jason next to him shouted loudly. He said into the phone: "Don't believe his lies. He has a small delay pill in his pocket. Before I left, I saw him sneaking to the pharmacy to buy it and removing the wrapping paper! That's what I prepared for you!"

"******!" A series of yelling and swearing words erupted from the phone. Even if Diane moved the phone away, Tommy could still be heard yelling at Jason on the other side: "One and a half million! You Do you know? One and a half million, I gave Diane Lane one and a half million! I didn't even touch her hand! It took a lot of effort for this girl to put on a condom and call, but it was ruined by your ghost scream Yeah! Jason, you owe me six million, remember to pay me back the dividends at the end of the year."

Diane Lane's expression became dull while listening to the phone. She had indeed earned 700,000 from him, but he told his friend that he had received 1.5 million without paying anything, and then Now let the other party repay him six million?

"Why six million? Didn't you say one and a half million?" Jason was surprised at first, then sighed, and finally asked dissatisfiedly.

"In order to pick up girls, I also spent 4.7 million to buy a small theater in New York for her father. So in total, it should be said that I spent 6.2 million for this woman. Seeing as you are My best friend only needs to compensate me six million."

"Shit! You are really willing to spend a lot of money to pick up girls. Tommy, you should stay away from Stephen. You can't forget your origin. You are a complete **** pauper. You must learn to live frugally! Women in Hollywood are not like you. This kind of person can touch it!" Jason opened his mouth and said: "I...Okay, count it on my account."

After Tommy was sure that Jason accepted the account, he counted it on his fingers with satisfaction. Six million minus seven hundred thousand, and then subtracted the two hundred thousand from buying a stake in the theater. He still had five million and one million left. He was right Diane Lane, who was already listening stupidly on the other side of the phone, said with a smile:

"You heard it. According to the price you offered, I can let you chat with me for the next week. After one week, I can still have 200,000 profit left to replenish my kidneys, 700,000...707,000 One hundred thousand and seven hundred thousand... This matter has passed, and I can now say to you calmly, Diane, you are as beautiful and holy as the Statue of Liberty sent by the French in New York to lick America's balls, so if anyone wants Chat with you and tell him that you are worth seven million, you are definitely worth it! Although I will not patronize you, I am willing to testify for you. You can tell everyone casually that I am worth seven million a night. If you don’t believe it, just ask Tang Mi-Hawk! That guy paid such a high price! As long as you give me a 10% commission after selling it, of course, if you are willing to increase the commission to 30%, I can prove it for you with my real name in the newspaper."

Diane Lane couldn't keep up with Tommy's thinking at all. She hadn't recovered from the cruel reality that this guy could get six million just by blackmailing his companions with white teeth. This guy had already taken the initiative to suggest that she raise money. high price? And if he could give him 2.1 million, would he still be willing to accept a real-name interview with the newspaper and publicly prove for her that she was worth 7 million a night?

 Perhaps there is another question without considering the public at all. If she really made seven million from Tommy, why would she continue to do the flesh business?

She didn't even know how to respond to Tommy's joke. She could only smile in the same angry way that this guy pretended to be at the cocktail party: "When I heard that you were angry with your friends just now, I realized that you behaved badly when I rejected you. Still very gentlemanly.”

The series of angry greetings that Tommy just shouted at Jason made Diane Lane know how crazy he would be if someone caused him to lose a lot of money, and he had caused him to lose more than 700,000 yuan. You can still maintain your sanity when you can still see yourself, which shows that it is not easy.

"Of course, I'm aggressive towards rich people, but polite towards poor people. If I'm being gentlemanly towards you, it must be your problem. That's it, ma'am. I'll think of you when I'm done, and you happen to be You haven’t done anything that disgusts me, so let’s talk about the Jean Seberg biopic.”

 “What do you mean by something you hate?”

 “Like getting a **** boyfriend or something.”

“Black man, boyfriend? Of course it’s impossible, I haven’t thought about it at all.” Diane Lane was stunned for a moment.

 “Good night, Diane, good night, Hollywood.” Tommy said the last greeting and hung up the phone neatly.

 There was no mention of flying her to San Francisco and letting her make money for a week.

 “Good night, rude man.” Diane Lane replied to the phone that had hung up.

After hanging up the phone, Tommy and Jason smiled together and looked at Susie, who had been silent. Susie leaned on the seat of the limousine, enjoying the attention of the two men waiting for the Queen's decision. After more than ten years, Seconds said to Tommy: "If you want to, that woman will definitely not be able to escape from your grasp."

"Of course, I just have this kind of charm. As long as she has been in close contact with me, as long as I want, I can make her have **** with me a second time, no matter what the identity is." Tommy shrugged, not denying it.

"Comeon!" Jason looked at his girlfriend speechlessly: "That woman didn't come after Tommy and go to bed, nothing happened, but I was blackmailed by this **** for six million, I could have used this money Buy us a small winery in Europe and we can enjoy winemaking while on vacation.”

"Jason, falling in love and interacting with men are very, very autonomous behaviors for a woman, OK? I am a woman, and I have the right to decide who can put a club in my body. Recall the last conversation, Tang Mi said that if she didn't do something that disgusted him, they could meet again. What was the woman's reaction? She said black man? Boyfriend? Of course not possible. This was her subconscious reply. Guess why Tommy always likes her? Girls who are not smart but are beautiful? Because it is easy to use words to influence their behavior inadvertently." Susie said to Jason in a positive tone:

“If he hadn’t rushed back to Stanford tonight, that woman would definitely have appeared in his room tonight.”

"AmigaOS is more charming than women in my eyes. It should also be charming to you, because you will accompany her in front of the world." Tommy did not continue to talk about women. He looked at Susie with a smile. :

"Jason is a technical talent, and of course you are also technical, but Jason is a construction worker, and you can become an architect. We have many construction workers here, Jason, Holly, Susan, Mark and even Ted , even Stephen can be counted among them, but there are very few top architects. Jim counts one, Charles counts one, and Benjamin counts half. If a person tries to build an Empire State Building in his mind, he must always remember the design. The drawings can still be adjusted at any time when they are half finished to ensure that there will be no safety hazards in the building. Not everyone has this ability. If you are rational, calm, cruel, and know how to give up, I think you may be half of it, if AmigaOS succeeds."

"How should I respond to you?" Susie looked at Tommy. She understood that Tommy wanted her to be more responsible. She actually liked being a rich woman with nothing to do. If she didn't joke, she would just lie in the mansion and play with hacking skills every day. Let more poor people enjoy free phone calls and accept their worship of themselves as queens in the virtual world. If they want to go shopping, they can drive a sports car to a high-end shopping mall and use Jason's card to spend money, and study how to make their faces look better. , body shape, skin color and plumpness are more attractive.

Jason is a good, cheap man. If Tommy had been around, Jason would have been Tommy's best lieutenant and enforcer, but what Tommy wants is that if he leaves, the business can still remain aggressive, and He may indeed be slightly better than Jason in some aspects, such as cruelty and rationality.

Tommy hopes that she can make up for Jason's shortcomings. If he is lazy and refuses to contribute, his life as a rich woman may become further and further away from him.

 “We’ll see.” Thinking of this, Susie said to Tommy.

The AmigaOS press conference was finally held in the auditorium of Stanford University. It was not that WinStar had no other venue to choose from, but that Susie hoped to tie WinStar and Stanford more closely.

Tommy watched the press conference live on TV from his apartment near Stanford University. The only advantage of owning a TV station is that he can let the TV station play whatever he likes to watch. Susie used the increased budget to invite more than a thousand media reporters from the United States to attend. Every reporter who came to the scene could take away the Compaq laptop in front of him that he had experienced at the press conference.

A brand new laptop is much more expensive than ordinary media advertising soft copy fees. It is said that this generous gift has even caused many reporters who have not received invitations to look for colleagues and ask them if they have other arrangements and whether they can transfer their invitations to the conference. .

Sophia went to the scene to help Susie with some auxiliary work. Only Quinn came over specially and said that he would watch the press conference with Tommy.

"****! Can you tell your girlfriend to scream a little lower? Even if you ignore me, the press conference is held at Stanford University. Please show some respect to your alma mater, okay?" Tommy sat on the sofa in the living room. Holding a beer, he turned his head and roared dissatisfiedly in the direction of the bedroom.

When Quinn said she came to accompany him, it was more like she was too lazy to pay for the hotel room with her girlfriend, so she came to borrow his large flat-floor apartment and enjoy the large bubble bathtub that could accommodate three people.

After the bedroom finally calmed down, the press conference began. The scene was dark, there was no host or staff on the stage. Just when the participants in the audience were about to ask whether there was a power outage, Stanford's patented super large theater-style curtain in front of them Finally the light came on.

Just as the screen turned on, the audience exclaimed for the first time, because the face of Hollywood's popular movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared on the screen.

The camera gradually zoomed out, and he was standing behind a wheelchair, holding his hands on the shoulders of his wife Maria Shriver, who was sitting in a wheelchair. The couple looked into the distance quietly, enjoying the tenderness.

  Cinematic camera work, the picture is as beautiful as an oil painting. Even Tommy was a little curious for a while, who helped Susie shoot this short film.

The plot of the movie is very simple. The wife is a photojournalist for VOX. She lost her mobility in an accident and needs a long period of training and recovery. She can no longer see the world with her own eyes with her camera on her back, and can no longer take shocking photos. The wife said nothing. , but Arnold understood that his wife wanted to see it.

So, Arnold took his wife’s camera, packed his bags and set off. He went to one place after another to shoot and interview, including Europe, Africa, Asia, snowfields, rainforests, grasslands, deserts...

Take a photo, then open your laptop, open the AmigaOS system, use the browser to check local information, write information, use e-mail to write to your wife sitting in the backyard at home, and send the photo as an attachment To his wife, in every email filled with love and warmth, Arnold would write: To dear Ms. Shriver, your dear life assistant, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Miss Amiga.

At the end of the short film, Maria, who was in a wheelchair, won the journalist award without leaving home. When accepting the award, she gave a speech and finally thanked the most important person in her life, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Miss Amiga.

The video ended and the lights came on. Suzy White was already standing on the stage in a smart professional dress, looking at all the attendees with a smile.

Seeing that Susie knew the blatant fraud at the press conference, Tommy felt that he was right to choose her.

At present, email cannot realize attachment transmission at all, but it does not prevent everyone from making it seem possible. They are selling AmigaOS anyway. Leave the problem of email to their own professors and Stanford University. They developed this thing.

Susie started from research and development and shaped herself into the creator of Amiga. Because she was lonely, she longed to be with more people who were also lonely, so she decided to create AmigaOS... It sounded quite touching, because Tommy saw When Susie talked about how she ran away from home at the age of fourteen, bid farewell to her beastly family, and came to Los Angeles to make money from body trade to buy hardware and teach herself computer technology, some emotional female reporters in the audience burst into tears.

The second exclamation in the audience occurred when Susie asked everyone to open the computer in front of them and enter the system. Then they entered the browser developed by Stanford University and entered a simple forum. They could post messages to instantly exchange their AmigaOS experience with other colleagues at the scene, and it was Being anonymous, there is no need to worry about getting in trouble for negative criticism.

Everyone tried, and found that their posts quickly appeared on the page. The whole place was filled with the sound of keyboard tapping, and no one spoke. There were only constant exclamations, because these text workers witnessed intuitively that text has the ability to be delivered in a timely manner. What a convenient experience it is after gaining the ability. They don't need to call their peers. They only need to turn on the computer and open this program called a browser, and they can exchange work experience with more than a thousand peers and speak freely.

The third time the audience exclaimed, they were asked to open the email system, which had already been stored by the staff with the email numbers of people the reporters were familiar with, so that they could communicate in a timely manner.

Through various camera shots and large-screen displays, people can see that some people at the scene sent emails to their bosses in New York, some to their wives and daughters in their hometown, and some to friends after college. Friends I haven’t met yet, and then I received their replies very quickly.

Those people watched the press conference from another part of the world, and then completed instant communication with the people at the scene through email, and the distance seemed to no longer exist.

The fourth time, Mr. Donald Kennedy, the president of Stanford University, took the stage. He exchanged emails with the former Secretary of Education online through live operations. The signal was broadcast live through the camera crew in Washington. At this time, the former Secretary of Education was clearly displayed on the big screen. I was clumsily operating the keyboard in my study. In the end, because my hand speed was too slow, I called my granddaughter to help me angrily complain to the president of Stanford University. One email after another helped the two convey their anger to each other.

Of course, this is also a lie, because Donald has never slandered each other since he retired as the Minister of Education. This time the two old men were able to stand up and act out their years-long feud as a live reality show, mainly because the former Minister of Education accepted WinStar The platform fee is generous enough, and this exchange of words does not involve academic or educational issues, it is just a show.

However, the large screen displayed the contents of the two people's emails in real time, and the humorous exchanges between the two made everyone laugh. The frequency of thirty-seven emails in ten minutes also allowed everyone to see the real-time and efficiency of online mailboxes.

The fifth time happened after a break performance. Suzy invited Guns N' Roses to help create and sing the theme song "Aslong as you are willing, Girl" for AmigaOS. This song is built into every set of AmigaOS, and users can enjoy it without paying.

At the end of the show, Susie invited Guns N' Roses to talk about their opinions on the Internet. The band's lead singer Axl Rose said with some disdain that he felt that the press conference was all fake, just like they were here to perform. , not because I like WinStar at all, but because the fee for this performance is enough.

Susie said that all this is true, just like the theme song sings, as long as you want, you can do everything you want to do.

Then Axl Rose took the microphone and asked Suzy a very difficult question: Some people say that we are the best rock and roll group in the United States. If you say that I can do anything through the Amiga, then, Just let your Amiga lady tell me if there is a rock band in the Soviet Union on the other side of the world. If so, I would like to compete on the same stage with the Soviet rock band.

This question made many people at the scene applaud loudly, and some even felt that with Guns N’ Roses’ unruly character, all this could not have been arranged in advance.

After all, not everyone knows now that the United States is inviting the Soviets to visit the United States. Most of the time, in the eyes of the American people, these two huge countries still maintain a very dangerous confrontation.

Susie opened AmigaOS in front of everyone, opened the browser, checked the website, and kept jumping from one web page to another. Finally, the picture was frozen. She turned around and pointed to the final page on the big screen, and said affirmatively: "I said , Amiga can do anything for you as long as you want, this is the answer you want, let me tell you, the Soviet Union has rock music, and AmigaOS found them, see, this is a Soviet URL, the string above shows The number is the phone number of the manager of the most famous underground rock band in the Soviet Union. Boys, are you ready for a rock war with the Soviet Union? I can help you give you tactics."

"This press conference is so cool!" Quinn didn't know when he sat in the empty seat next to Tommy wearing a revealing suspender belt. He curled up his legs and put potato chips in his mouth. He looked at the TV screen and said, "Then the band number is Really? Or did you find a few Russians in exile in the United States to pretend to be a rock band?"

"The webpage is fake. We can't connect to the Soviet website at all. I don't even know if the Soviet Union has a public node website. But the number is real. It is a very well-known Soviet rock band. You are right, Suzy. The level of counterfeiting is very cool." After Tommy finished speaking, he turned his head, looked at Quinn, moved his **** to the side, and said in disgust:

“Ma’am, can you take off that thing you’re wearing around your waist before you step out? Please keep it away from me and stop getting wet on my legs. I’m scared.”


 (End of this chapter)

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