Screams rang out.

A long, scarlet, gasping tongue sticks out of the smoke, engulfing the team members who fired at the beginning.


The team leader was furious and horrified: "That monster, it's not dead!".

The creepy chewing sound mixed with screams resounded in the smoke and resounded in everyone's hearts.

The smoke cleared.

Except that the ground was bombed out of the crater, the monster, the skeleton crawler, it-

No harm!

Yes, no harm!

There were no wounds from the missile bombardment, only dust from the smoke.

Its mouth splattered with scarlet flesh and blood, and it was a member of the team that had been swept away by the long tongue before.

A living man, already dead!

William Landa's gaze was solemn: "Sure enough..."

The bloodlines of these titan behemoths left over from ancient times, their own power...

It's really amazing!

And just as the skeletal reptile approached, the detection device in the hand of the previous researcher exploded.


In the world, everyone was shocked.

"This must be a movie!".

"Flesh and blood are weak, and machinery flies... It's weird!".

"What the hell is this big lizard, it's a ship-based missile, and it didn't even blow up a wound!"

"What kind of emperor has organized the calf. "

"Titans, that's that weird?".



Nick Fury looked at the report of the man below, "300,000 Roentgenium?

"Sir, you read that right. "

Hill's face was a little solemn: "The radiation dose of that skeleton crawler, according to the detection device of the scientific researchers in the video, is 300,000 roentgenium. "

300,000 Roentgenium!

What is this concept?

In the Chernobyl accident that shocked the world, the amount of radiation leaked from its reactor was only 12,000 roentgens.

This is already almost thirty times the size of Chernobyl!

"Those scientists are trying to tell me, that guy—".

Nick Fury pointed to the video, not in a very good tone.

"Is it a big nuclear reactor?".

"I think....

Yes. "


Stark Building.

Tony's gaze became solemn.

Although Roentgen is an old unit, the meaning it represents cannot be ignored.

"Biological reactors?" Tony's brow furrowed, "Biological weapons?".

He couldn't help but think about it.

After all, if it can resist the bombardment of shipborne missiles, it is not a weapon, so what is it?

"Could it be that this is a biological weapon transformation of a prehistoric civilization?"

Tony's mind was blowing.

Compared with the so-called gods, he still thinks that the biotechnology of prehistoric civilization is more reliable.

However, he thought of something else.

If these behemoths appear in the outside world...

Is a nuclear bomb useful?

After all, they can be considered a large reactor.

"Offense is the best defense, and it seems that new weapons are coming up with new weapons. "


The U.S. military.

General Ross, who has been chasing after Hulk all the time, has a bright eye.

"Powerful biological weapons. "

Huge body.

Powerful defenses.

The power of terror.

Numerous quantities.

This is a first-class biological weapon!


"It's kind of like the Hulk. "

General Ross narrowed his eyes: "Radiation? I don't know who is stronger than that gamma monster." "


Sokovia, Hydra base.

Baron Straker watched the performance of the skeleton reptile and felt a thrill.

"What a powerful biological weapon. "

The sworn enemy of the Hydras, the symbol of the American spirit that was active during World War II, Captain America.

It's a biological weapon.

A super human injected with a super serum!

The skeletal reptile in the video is, obviously, a biological weapon of another nature.

And, it's going to be stronger!

After all, Captain America doesn't rely on that shield, but he can't stop the gun.

Not to mention shipborne missiles on top of guns.

"Tell me to go down and find a way to land on Skull Island and catch the skeleton crawlers!".

"Yes. "

Baron Straker thought for a moment and added.

"Let the people over there keep an eye on it, and if S.H.I.E.L.D. has any results, send a copy over. "




Kama Taj.

The Ancient One stared at the video.

More precisely, she focused on the skeletal reptile above the peak, which was clearly the leader, and the place behind it that was pouring out of the race.


Her gaze was solemn: "Inner Earth?".

Is it really a parallel time and space?

After all, this wonderful planetary structure preserves the ancient ecology of the inner world...

At least this world of the earth, there is no one at the moment.


"Sure enough, does time and space overlap?".

She was a little worried.

in the Indian Ocean.

Beneath that terrifying Skull Island, an illusory passage looms.


A gateway to another time and space, the Inner World!

Of course.

For the ancient one.

The behemoths that have emerged so far, though incredibly powerful, are enough to destroy a modern metropolis when thrown into a city.

Even nuclear bombs can't kill each other.

But she can still deal with it, just like cats and dogs.


It's just that this level is not strong for the ancient one.

It can only be said that he is committing murder on the bright side of the earth.


Maybe most alien civilizations can't help each other within the size of the planet

It's just....

"What about the King Kong Titan?".

Gu Yi looked at the video: "It's time for this 'god' to appear." "


Just when the skeleton crawler was about to devour everyone.

A roar rang out.


A roar more powerful than the skeleton reptile leader.

The sound waves alone overwhelmed the trees of the entire island.

William Landa and the others were not very good, and they were directly knocked out by the sound waves, and almost fell back into the shallows.

"This voice!".

William Landa was ecstatic.

"It's it, that's right!".

He looked into the distance, and a huge figure climbed to the top of another peak as if climbing a tall tree.

It was an orangutan.

Huge orangutans!

The huge body of nearly fifty meters, the whole body is like black hair that can absorb light, and it grins with teeth.

Two big hands grabbed a boulder with a diameter of more than ten meters and threw it suddenly.



There was a loud bang, and the sound barrier shattered in an instant.

The boulder appeared in front of William Landa and knocked the skeletal reptile flying.

Plough hundreds of meters deep in the sand.

One of the scientists who followed William Landa tilted his head and looked up at the huge figure.


King Kong Titan?".

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